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December 5, 2016
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Weekly news: Othercide, Fae Tactics, Imperiums, Fairy Tail, Banners of Ruin, Monster Crown, Dual Gear, Cardaclysm, Total War, Disgaea

A sharp black/white/red art style, an innovate tactical layer, a roguelike layer adding replay value, the option to sacrifice one of your daughters: these are only some of the reasons you should check out Othercide.

Fae Tactics
Here's a new colorful JRPG. I don't know much about it, feel free to present it in the comments or on our forum!

Imperiums: Greek Wars
The one-man-army developer of Aggressors: Ancient Rome has gone indie (bye bye Slitherine) and launched his very own game: a 4X set in Ancient Greece during the rise of Philip II of Macedonia. It comes with a load of content: 30 playable factions, multiplayer campaigns and a map editor supported by the Steam Workshop.

Fairy Tail
The official JRPG adaptation of the famous anime series is out. And you might want to wait a bit before buying it: not only is it priced as a AAA console game, but the PC port seems also surprisingly buggy and poorly optimized.


Banners of Ruin
Here's a new roguelike deckbuilder striving to innovate and improve on the formula created by Slay the Spire. Lead your band of anthropomorphic animals into a series of card-based tactical combat and unlock permanent passives and extra cards.

Monster Crown
This dramatic take on Pokémon spices up the monster taming genre with a dark fantasy setting and an advanced crossbreeding system.

Dual Gear
After a long development, this Mech-themed indie JRPG has entered Early Access and offers a free demo on its Steam page. The English translation looks a little rough on the edges but shouldn't prevent you from learning the ropes.

Card collectors, this is for you: a new single player CCG available in EA with about half (150 cards) of its total planned content. Don't forget to share your feedback with the developer.


Total War: ELYSIUM
The Creative Assembly team has certainly grown a lot since the days of the first Total War games. According to their latest blog post[], they're about to:
- release Troy
- add two expansions to Three Kingdoms
- add a Wood Elves expansion to Warhammer II
- (personal conjecture) unveil Warhammer III which has been hinted at a couple of times
- and start a closed beta of their newest side project, Elysium.
Elysium will be a free-to-play card game focused on multiplayer matches. It'll feature many of the historical characters presented in Total War games. Unfortunately the first screenshots look frankly awful, and CA's previous free-to-play multiplayer project (Arena) was cancelled before launch, but we'll see what becomes of Elysium. You can request access to the upcoming playtest on its Steam page with a single click.

Disgaea 4 Complete+
This reference JRPG was originally launched in 2011 on PS3. Its remaster has been released on PS4 and Switch last year, and a PC Steam port has just been announced for the fall.

Have you spotted anything else this week? Lets us know in the comments!

Weekly news: The Feud, 8-Bit Attack, Taskforce, Vagrus, Blocks, Against the Moon, ArmCom, Root, Slimesphere, Gladiators Manager, Echo Generation, Obsidian Prince

The Feud: Wild West Tactics
After a lengthy development, this indie tactical RPG has finally been released. The visuals are dated but it's rich in historical Western-inspired characters, events, weapons, and comes with three game modes: a story campaign, an empire building sandbox and a skirmish mode. A free demo is available from its Steam page.

8-Bit Attack
We've missed the Steam release of this Cthulhu-themed digital board game last week, fortunately our favorite youtuber Sampstra made a great introduction video to remind us about it.

Taskforce: The Mutants of October Morgane
Nostalgic about the sharp polygons and evil scientists from the games of the 90s? Travel back in time with this squad-based tactical game made by a single developer. A free demo is available from its Steam page.


Vagrus - The Riven Realms
This indie tactical RPG will have you explore a sandbox world mixing post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy influences. Storytelling, caravan management and tactical combat are on the menu. The early game can feel overly complicated due to the amount of reading and gameplay systems to go through. If you'd like to learn more, check the free prologue on Steam or Sampstra's helpful video series on YouTube.

Blocks!: Hammer of the Scots
After Caesar and Richard III , it's time for William Wallace to enter the Blocks series of digital board games. And once again, our super active Sampstra has recorded a let's play video.


- Against The Moon: Prologue: weird monsters from the Moon have devastated our Earth. All that's left to defend the last human stronghold is a handful of superheroes and your deckbuilding abilities.

- Armoured Commander: the 2017 tank combat roguelike is now available on Steam - for free! if you enjoy it, have a look at its sequel currently going through Early Access at the speed of a blitzing Panzer.


The devs from Dire Wolf are specialized in digital ports of board games, and they've recently announced a partnership with Leder Games to bring multi-awarded Root[] to PC and mobile. Factions of cats, birds, rabbits and racoons are vying for dominance over the woods, each with their specific playstyle. This assymetric gameplay makes Root a little hard to grasp at first, but gives it a fantastic replay value.

This indie tactical game is planned for release next month. It offers 12 levels to beat in three turns or less, which will require a good exploitation of the environment: traps, crossbows, treadmills, launchers, etc. A level editor will be included - though it's not clear if/how players will be able to share their creations.

Gladiators Manager
Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant. You're the owner of a school of gladiators in Ancient Rome. It's your job to manage its staff, facilities, training, weapons, and when ready, send your gladiators to an arena and fight in simultaneous turns.

Echo Generation
It's the mid-90s and a bunch of kids decide to investigate the paranormal events happening around their sleepy town. Obviously inspired by Stranger Things, this promising indie game will combine investigation RPG with tactical combat, all wrapped in a unique art style.

Obsidian Prince
Let's end this week's report with a roguelike promising a generous amount of content such as three game modes, multiple dungeon biomes, base building, deckbuilding, class unlocks and more.

Stay tuned - the flow of good news will continue next week!

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