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December 5, 2016
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Weekly news: Wildermyth, Roguebook, Dark Deity, UFO2, Valor & Victory, Deck Adventurers, Wartales, Songs of Conquest, Mechajammer, SacriFire

Attention: this tactical RPG is one of the best games of the year. It includes a great atmosphere supported by its art and writing, an innovative magic system and a unique character development weaved with storytelling. Its heroes are genuinely changed by their adventures. Starting as young villagers, they may transform into werewolves or dryads, gain permanent wounds, grow older, become bitter or brave, get in (or out of) relationships, meet a tragic end in battle or retire, raise kids who may become adventurers themselves... Do yourself a favor and give it a shot.

The devs of Faeria have returned with a single player deckbuilder, set in the same fantasy universe than their digital board game. It looks polished and rich in mechanics and content. Count on us to test and review it.

Dark Deity
Inspired by the Fire Emblem series, this SPRG offers plenty of content such as a 28-chapter campaign, 30 playable characters with access to 54 classes, and hundreds of upgradable weapons and spells.

UFO2: Extraterrestrials
After 11 years comes finally the sequel to UFO, sharing the same influence from the original XCOM (1994). Squad combat against aliens, tech research, base management, prisoner interrogation... We plan to review it.

Valor & Victory
Here's a WW2 digital board game which may appeal to wargamers with its hex grid, unit counters and detailed combat mechanics. It also comes with multiplayer modes and a scenario editor.

Deck Adventurers - Origins
The final release of the week is an indie deckbuilder with a single player campaign and an affordable price tag.


The devs of Northgard have announced a turn-based, mercenary-themed tactical RPG during the E3 conference. It looks pretty promising and comes with two extra good news: it'll be released later this year, and a free demo is already available from its Steam page.

Okay how about a dirty, gritty cyberpunk atmosphere? Gang skirmishes in simultaneous turns on a hex grid? Vehicules? A run-down settlement populated by smugglers, hitmen and other choice recruits? Oh, and a free demo to get a first-hand experience?

Songs of Conquest
Have you been waiting twenty years for a successor to the first couple of Heroes of Might and Magic games? Rejoice: you may only have to wait for one more year! Have a look at this exciting project mixing tactics and management with a unique art style.

The devs of Warsaw and Regalia are working on a 2.5D JRPG with elements of both fantasy and sci-fi. Combat will include combos, attacks aimed at specific body parts, attack-type weaknesses to exploit and an arsenal of upgradable weapons. You can support the project and claim your copy for €20 on Kickstarter:

Weekly news: Edge of Eternity, Rise Eterna, Fuzz Force, Mercenaries Blaze, Infinite Dungeon Crawler, Metal Slug Tactics, Archquest, Ignis Universia, Manafinder

Edge of Eternity
Kickstarted in 2015, released in Early Access in 2018 and finally fully launched this week, this JRPG features an original setting where fantasy clashes with sci-fi, decent visuals and plenty of tropes as required by the genre.

Rise Eterna
This old school JRPG presents itself as a tribute to the classics such as Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics. However the first reviews seem to indicate that it has missed its target.

Fuzz Force: Spook Squad
This one-of-a-kind dice and card game offers you to play as a ghost-busting, gun-toting fox.

Mercenaries Blaze
Do you want more JRPGs? Because the Mercenaries saga has finally arrived on Steam.

Infinite Dungeon Crawler
The final release of the week is an indie, free-to-play, combat centric game.


Metal Slug Tactics
WAIT, WHAT? The cult arcade series from the 90s is getting a turn-based spinoff made by the devs of Rogue Lords. It could be a lot of fun.

This indie project will mix traditional dungeon crawling and tactical combat on a square grid. It'll use a homebrew version of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition ruleset. We'll keep an eye on it.

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress
Eternal Sisters Saga is getting a longer, better looking sequel. And yes, it's another JRPG.

Finally, this indie JRPG has received an updated demo, free to download from its Steam page.

Thanks for reading! We'll return a more diverse selection of turn-based genres next week.

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@LuGus Studios: interesting looking game. Look forward to reviewing the full release when it's available!
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Guys. Can some one please tell me IF there is / are a game(s) TBS Multiplayer or MMO?. Like Temple of The Elemental Evil, but, with multiplayer or MMO. Regards!
LuGus Studios Apr 4 @ 4:36pm 
Happy to do so :) Thank you!
Saint Scylla Apr 4 @ 1:46pm 
If you're seriously looking for feedback, maybe create a thread on the forum rather than post here?
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