[AWG] Anzu's War Games [A.W.G.]
[AWG] Anzu's War Games [A.W.G.]
September 13, 2011
United States 
ABOUT [AWG] Anzu's War Games

Official Steam Group for Anzu's War Games

Anzu’s War Games is a public gaming group whose main focus is providing a fun gaming environment for all to enjoy. We started in the ArmA military simulation series by Bohemia Interactive, but we have branched out to other games as well including Squad, DayZ, SCUM, GTA, Star Citizen, Minecraft, and more. We have fast pings and fun times, so come join us for a game! =D

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Discord: or

News: Join our Discord to stay up to date with the AWG community :)

AWG Official Website[]
AWG Discord[]
ArmA Reforger Server Under Development!
☠☢️The Dark Zone☢️☠ - $50k StartMoney Promo - Missions, GunsGunsGuns, Hordes, Drugs, Events, Helis, Boats & More!
  • Zombies & Custom Zombie Spawns (LOTS OF THEM & VERY dangerous!)
  • Search feature in Traders! (Search for things to buy or sell instead of scrolling endlessly)
  • Extra Vehicle Spawns (More vehicles spawn in more places, even some nice ones. You won't have to walk far unless you want to).
  • Extra weapons and gear, in loot tables and at traders (literally hundreds of different guns and outfits).
  • Modified loot spawns (more loot spawns in more places, but not too much).
  • Survivor Missions - Use the Radio to complete a wide variety of different missions across the map, some of which will pay you very well!
  • 25,000 Rubles Start Money (Get it at the ATM near the traders).
  • Earn Rubles just for being on the server! (Deposited to your ATM every 15mins)
  • Various custom fixes for known bugs and errors in DayZ Expansion and other mods.
  • Helicopters and boats (You will need them to get to certain custom places on the map).
  • Helicopters also won't explode on you, as they normally do, we've fixed that issue ;)
  • Active admins who are helpful and will regulate.
  • Gather Poppies and craft cocaine! (They grow in forests, chemicals in industrial areas).
  • Custom bridge to Storozh prison island (This is now a supermax facility with zombie HORDES).
  • Advanced Weapon Scope system with mounts that are compatible with nearly all weapons.
  • Server restarts every 6 hours (12 & 6 am/pm EST) with 15min warnings.
  • Epic Base Building capabilities! (BaseBuildingPlus, DayZ Expansion building, & extra base objects).
  • Public Issue Tracker for the server. (Found a bug? Got a suggestion? Let us know!)
  • More custom scripts and mods to come! (We try not to go overboard with clientside mods, especially if they cause problems, but we're always looking for new stuff to add to make the game more enjoyable!)

Platform: PC

Join Port: 2302

Steam Query Port: 2305

Server name:

Map: ChernarusPlus

BattleMetrics Server Page:

Server Issue Tracker:

AWG Website:



Steam Group:




Required Mods (Downloads automatically from Steam Workshop):

* AWG DayZ Modpack (Contains all required mods) -
It is recommended to just subscribe to the Steam Workshop Collection above. This individual mod list is subject to change at any time, due to issues we may add or remove certain mods from time to time.
* CF -
* Community-Online-Tools -
* DayZ-Expansion -
* DayZ-Expansion-Licensed -
* ZomBerry Admin Tools -
* zSpawnSelection -
* BaseBuildingPlus -
* Expansion Code Lock Expanded -
* Modular Vest System -
* Munghardsitempack -
* WeaponReduxPack -
* Remastered Arma Weapon Pack -
* Cl0uds Military Gear -
* Cl0uds Military Gear Expansion -
* FIDOv PACK 4 -
* MoreGuns -
* MassManyItemOverhaul -
* CPBWeapons -
* Advanced Weapon Scopes -
* RaG_Hummer_Refresh -
* IRP-Land-Rover-Defender-110 -
* Dingo Truck -
* MRAP 4x4 -
* Devils Dandruff -
* MG_Colorful_Lights -
* No-Vehicle-Players-Damage -
* BetterSuppressors -
* BulletStacksPlusPlus -
* Banking -
* HeliPad -
* FlipTransport -
* AWG Server Mod -
* InventoryPlus -
* InventoryPlusPlus -
* Trader -
* VPPNotifications -
* KillReward -
* Time Is Money -
* TraderFixesAndFeatures -

DVRTH LΞX XVRDVS Apr 11 @ 5:03pm 
ill be there i think,thx
Verberos Apr 11 @ 4:43pm 
Attention All Players! Our Arma 2 Server is back. Come test it out for us.

Port: 2302

-A2/A3 Admin Verberos
PlausibleDeniability Jan 18 @ 2:08pm 
thank you, 🪐 new future 🪐! I don't have Star Citizen, but there's several ppl in our community that play. Check out our Discord and maybe make a post in there about it and you will probably get some ppl interested! =)
PlausibleDeniability Mar 4, 2020 @ 7:37pm 
Our ArmA 2 servers are still up! Glad to see ppl still enjoy them :) Join our Discord and check our website for server info:
deathdealer3-34 Oct 19, 2019 @ 1:38am 
Thank you for still having servers for Arma 2. I just downloaded today, this is my first ARMA game. When will people be online playing?
КаBоОn! Sep 16, 2019 @ 11:56am 
Are the servers still open?
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