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ZomBerry Admin Tools
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 9:55pm
Oct 19, 2022 @ 7:43am
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ZomBerry Admin Tools

DayZ 1.21 Compatible!
Simple and customisable Client/Server admin tools with GUI (works in both SP and MP)

Need help? Discord:

v0.6.4 - Fixed: script warnings, calling refuel & repair on M1025 now adds all wheels at once. Updated: heal now removes all effects including diseases and broken bones. Added: partial heal, in-hands item repairing function. Removed: map styling - feel free to use other mods for this. It was added as a crutch when DayZ crashed without map style specified ages ago. Now that everything works correctly, there's no point in overriding it. If you want this back, please let me know in #feedback channel :)

v0.6.3 - DayZ 1.16 crash fix, map position persistance (thanks, @inkihh!), admins.cfg will be generated in correct place automatically from now on, Config folder is removed from mod package to avoid any confusion (legacy stability update)

v0.6.1 and v0.6.2 - Hotfixes for map config and menu overlaying bug

v0.6.0 - DEFAULT KEY IS "O"! Admin menu key setting was moved into game keybinding menu; Both item classnames and names are now displayed in spawn menu; Added Safe and Expert filters into spawn menu; Special for mod developers: ZOMBERRY_AT defined, ZBGodMode bool and ZBIsGod() method are available in playerbase;

v0.5.9-prep - What was expected to be a transitional 0.5.9/1.0 update

v0.5.9x - DayZ 1.02 compatibility update

v0.5.9s+ - Updated Repair and refuel func for 1.02, unbanned scout scope, fixed config loading sequence a bit

v0.5.8 - Steam64 support, FreeCam and chat fixes, separate log files, JSONized main config file, custom filters for spawn menu (don't forget to update your server!)

v0.5.7 - Added god mode, fixed update notifications

v0.5.6 - Fixed search input in "Spawn menu" tab, little UI adjustments

v0.5.5 - Fixed possible errors when function is being executed on disconnected player, some server-side optimizations, adjusted map looks based on feedback

v0.5.4 - Changed default item spawn type to OnCursor, minor fixes, 1.1 map fix (yep, map IS working!)

v0.5.3 - User defined KeyBinds added

v0.5 - Major under-the-hood changes, little UI upgrades, added "Installation mode" for initial server configuration (-zbryInstallMode=true launch option)
Don't forget to update both server- and client- side, as version mismatch might cause problems.

Documentation on GitHub:
GitHub link[]

Reuploading & repacking this mod without permission request is allowed under the following conditions:
1. pbo containing the mod mustn't be obfuscated in any way (ZomBerry is licensed under GPLv3, source code should be accessible. If are going to add custom functionality and don't want to share its inner workings, please use API and do that from either a separate pbo or mission)
2. Leave a link either to this workshop page or GitHub page[] in your workshop item description
3. Repacking under this conditions will only be allowed for mod versions up to v1.0

FAQ & How to install in discussions
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Apr 19 @ 10:03am
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20 hours ago
No config folder in Zomberry..
Aug 27 @ 3:17am
Game Crash
< >
Vaker  [author] 3 hours ago 
TheColdWhiteRose, yes answering to your first question. As for the second one, did you add your SteamID to the config file?
TheColdWhiteRose 21 hours ago 
I tried pressing O, doesn't work. Change it to a diff keybind, still doesn't work. Cool. Anyone else have the same problem?
TheColdWhiteRose Oct 1 @ 5:10am 
Can this be for Lan as well?
꧁ ༒ Dato YD ༒ ꧂ Aug 21 @ 7:13am 
why i dint found zomberry in my file ?
yuni5 Aug 16 @ 6:02am 
I am most positive it is this mod, because I have no other mod for adding items, but randomly train carts and broken down cars spawn near me but in really weird positions, like I have TWO train carts sticking out my base, and while exploring i found a vehicle in a building. Idk annymore LMAO
doddrk Aug 8 @ 11:24am 
anytime I teleport and then go back to normal view the game crashes. All admin commands work fine except when I teleport somewhere and go back to my normal view
Mystic_Raven Aug 4 @ 12:37am 
Is there any way to hide the text messages whenever you do a command with ZomBerry ?
Vaker  [author] Aug 1 @ 5:39am 
Leeston, you can add as many admins as you need, make sure the SteamIDs are correct and there are no extra spaces or other junk before and after ids, these should only be separated using newlines
Leeston Jul 31 @ 2:18pm 
Have only been able to add up to 2 admins, is this a thing or can i add more, if so how should the uid's be spaced please?
Oldboy Munro Jul 31 @ 9:36am 
@Dragon: You are welcome!