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ZomBerry Admin Tools
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 9:55pm
Aug 8, 2019 @ 1:23am
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ZomBerry Admin Tools

DayZ 1.07 Compatible!
Simple and customisable Client/Server admin tools with GUI (works in both SP and MP)

Need help? Discord:

v0.5.9-prep - a transitional 0.5.9/1.0 update (you guys are probably bored of 0.5.9, huh?)

v0.5.9x - DayZ 1.02 compatibility update

v0.5.9s+ - Updated Repair and refuel func for 1.02, unbanned scout scope, fixed config loading sequence a bit

v0.5.8 - Steam64 support, FreeCam and chat fixes, separate log files, JSONized main config file, custom filters for spawn menu (don't forget to update your server!)

v0.5.7 - Added god mode, fixed update notifications

v0.5.6 - Fixed search input in "Spawn menu" tab, little UI adjustments

v0.5.5 - Fixed possible errors when function is being executed on disconnected player, some server-side optimizations, adjusted map looks based on feedback

v0.5.4 - Changed default item spawn type to OnCursor, minor fixes, 1.1 map fix (yep, map IS working!)

v0.5.3 - User defined KeyBinds added

v0.5 - Major under-the-hood changes, little UI upgrades, added "Installation mode" for initial server configuration (-zbryInstallMode=true launch option)
Don't forget to update both server- and client- side, as version mismatch might cause problems.

Documentation on GitHub:
GitHub link[]

Reuploading & repacking this mod without permission request is not allowed ^^

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Sneer 20 hours ago 
Someone might have mentioned this, but would it be hard to add quantities, say I want to spawn 100 100Ruble bills, if I could do this I wouldn't need any other tools.
Nash "Cowboy" Ville Feb 16 @ 8:31am 
Id vote for the interface to be a bit "shorter" - its a serious pain in the ass to always have to toggle quickbars on and off to use the buttons and search box on the UI, I mean, doesnt this drive every single one of you nuts when you start typing, and the quick bar is over the entry box, and you type a word with the UI hotkey letter in it and the UI closes and then you have to go remember to turn off your quick bar, then go back in to zomberry then click spawns, then start typing again... That kinds sucks, when the UI could just be an inch shorter with more obvious and functional scroll bars on the items list
S1ckZV Feb 16 @ 7:12am 
how can I set the mod so that you only need ZomBerry as admin to join.
Normal clients should join without mod
Vaker  [author] Feb 15 @ 6:09pm 
Yep, that's a right thing to do :)
I'll make sure it won't cause any more problems
Taedious Feb 15 @ 5:27pm 
It doesn't appear very much at all but I thought I would send it to you in case 1.07 started MORE new issues =)
Vaker  [author] Feb 15 @ 3:52pm 
Taedious, seems like player either player logged out during player synch process, but it's also possible that something is now broken about PlayerBase::GetCommand_Vehicle(), so:
1. How frequently do you see this in logs?
2. Does it affect the mod or game in any way?
3. If server crashes and you find it in crash log, is it the latest thing in it?
Taedious Feb 14 @ 10:16pm 
NULL pointer to instance
Class: 'ZomberryBase'
Function: 'SyncPlayersRequest'
Stack trace:
IntrepidAF Feb 13 @ 9:50am 
when troubleshooting "I can't open admin menu on my server, what should I do?" i found "Find messages containing [ZomBerry]" but cant find any mention of "[ZomBerryConfig] FATAL: admins.cfg was NOT found, please check previous logs and read FAQ."

My steamuid is in the admins.cfg file.

what else do i need to check?
Daze Feb 12 @ 10:21am 
Vaker OK thanks
mouse doesnt work when in inventory screen. as an admin, opening the admin menu gets this to work again but as a non-admin player you only get a message. mouse still istn detected in the inventory