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Cl0ud's Military Gear Expansion
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Feb 17, 2020 @ 3:02pm
Sep 23, 2020 @ 12:14pm
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Cl0ud's Military Gear Expansion

In this mod I will retexture other mod stuff!
This mod won't work alone!

- Partizan-M
- Duckhunter
- Multicam
- Partizan
- Skol
- Splinter
- Dark Splinter
- Tiger
- Woodland
- Tropic
- Yeger

Content/Supported Mods:
- Mass Ruck Bag
- Mass Bag
- Mass Molle Bag
- Mass Sling Bag

- Shemagh (Full / Facemask / Scarf)

Modular Vest System
- MVS Vest
- MVS Magazine Pouch
- MVS Admin Pouch
- MVS Utility Pouch
- MVS Medical Pouch
- MVS Pack

For server owners:
Types V1.2[]

You can put the mod in your Steam Collection.
You are not allowed to reupload or use it outside of this mod.
I do not give anyone permission to modify this mod.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below
and don't forget to rate my mod ;)

If you want to support me (so I can get some more coffee):

My Discord

If you have suggestions/ideas or bug reports, join my discord and send them there!
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Oct 31, 2020 @ 12:30am
Trader.cfg for MVS and Mass
May 25, 2020 @ 5:58am
New server running this mod
< >
ZERO DEGREES C Jun 12 @ 11:40am 

Read description

No repacking
xSPITSFIREx Jun 12 @ 7:09am 
please can we use your mods and repack them on our new server please :) great mod
Mozrow May 6 @ 11:22am 
Any update on fixes?
drakev23 Apr 23 @ 11:26pm 
idk if it this mod or the expansion ,but you have a glare bug, it messes up part of the screen when looking in direction of sun . also the people who cant get the mod to work on 1.12 you have to put the mod name exactly like this in the file and mod reader "@Cl0ud's Military Gear" without the " of course 1.12 changed how servers read mods you have to put the mod in exactly how it looks on the mods on steam.
drakev23 Apr 23 @ 11:25pm 
the glare bug makes it unplayable i had to delete ur mod , also all camo ponchos turn red when u put them on and a few mvs packs have no cammo they are rendering gray/white. great mod hope you fix bugs soon.
Калашников Apr 22 @ 4:16am 
Eighty percent of the code you provide doesn't work
Yonkou ✖ Kleenex Mar 3 @ 9:29am 
I get a partial data mismatch when installing this mod. You know a way to fix this?
Game Time Feb 8 @ 5:59am 
normal mod that's just what to make it dependent with other mods. are you a normal person or do you not have many deviations in your head ?
ZERO DEGREES C Jan 13 @ 2:16pm 
Anyone else having problems with pouches despawning?

We have Mass'sManyItemOverhaul and Modular Vest system installed on the server, then we installed Military Gear V10 and Military Gear Expansion, they are placed after Mass's and MVS in mod load order.

But after installing these two mods that we really do like we are noticing that pounches have started to despawn even when they are placed inside comtainers. I added them all to the types file since the provided typesfile isn't complete.

<type name="MilitaryGear_MVSMedicalPouch_Multicam">
<flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="1" deloot="0"/>
<category name="clothes"/>
<usage name="Military"/>
ZERO DEGREES C Jan 10 @ 5:51am 

I have a close to complete types file if you want me to send it to you just so you can add it to the mod or make it available for others to download.