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Over 250 Unique Items!!!
Please do NOT unpack/repack this mod without permission, I will DMCA any mods that contain my files.
Пожалуйста, НЕ перепаковывайте этот мод без разрешения, я буду DMCA модов, которые содержат мои файлы
Dresser Update! The first 'base building item' in MMIO!

There's now too many items for me to add everything to the front page, So instead I'll open a new thread for classnames.

The Mini14's Base model that I modified from Created by OmgItsStallin
M1 Carbine by
the Kivaari dmr made by the wonderful
Stew bowl model made by
the fantastic .408 intervention model made by
the shotgun suppressor model from
the armsan from
the PPSKN42
B52 Modified from
The M417 Model is thanks to Jordan447, Or Chris P Bacon.
body armor plates by
Survivor bag by, Low Poly By Mass

Q . Will I continue basic clothing retextures?
A. Maybe, But for the most part? No. I may create retextures here and there if I'm inspired by something, if your idea is really good 'll do it. but for the most part my retextures from this point on will need to be advanced including making new materials for models, in example, leather pea coats and stuff.

Q. My gun has a magazine stuck in it, Is this a bug with your mod and can you fix it in an update?
A. No, This isn't a bug with my mod and every mod that adds guns has this problem one time or another, I've spoken with other authors about the same problem and they also have it. Some vanilla guns even have this issue. It's a bug with the game.

Q. Can you help me install your mod on my server?
A. No. If I helped everyone install the mod on their server I wouldn't have any time to continue updating the mod, However. This mod isn't 'hard' to install. It's the same as any other item mod, The types.xml is located in the mod folder so you can properly set up item spawning. I'm sure if you look online you can get all the help you need with properly installing mods on your server.

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LewPerkz 1 hour ago 
is this the mod that includes the juggernaut vest?
Mass  [author] 23 hours ago 
@Shum you need to add it to your types.xml
Shum Jun 1 @ 2:24pm 
Hello friend. Why Mass_ImprovGunRacr disappears after the server restart. Or did I do something wrong ?
Imp0815 May 31 @ 10:06am 
Sorry if this question was already awnserd but what do i do with the Mass_TraderCFG.c ?
Mass  [author] May 31 @ 8:06am 
@Bleff Sorry we have no plans for that right now.
Bleff May 31 @ 1:57am 
@Niphoria: I would like to ask you, if you can prepare really light version of your mod? I will appriciated mod with only two things: Makeshift Gun Rack and Dresser. Thanks in advance.
Niphoria  [author] May 30 @ 5:01pm 

Its a problem on your side - Bad installation or mod compatibility problem
XxDoctorShowstopperxX May 30 @ 4:47pm 
the mod needs an update guys its not working for half of us :(
BEAST_II_X2X May 30 @ 1:25pm 
Hello Everyone,
I am wondering if there is a price reference sheet you may have for your mod. I am an admin from Coffee with Zombies, and we are developing our second server, this will also be a hardcore server. We would like to base the trader prices on an item's weight, slot size, if waterproof and so forth. Any information you may have would be wicked helpful. Cheers!
vhewitt29 May 29 @ 9:50pm 
Im getting "Bad version, server rejected connection, after installing, and setting up config files. I tried to verify steam files, and deleted the mod folder on my local pc.