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Update: May 16, 2022 @ 7:02am

Remastered the SlingBag
Fixed some bugs that I've forgotten to list

Redid the stew texture to a wooden bowl

Lots of HandIK work for mres and the stew bowl can now be sipped on.

Update: Apr 29, 2022 @ 10:28am

Fixed Kivaari Magazines not fitting in the Kivaari

Added Marpat Texture for the camonet Ghillie. Remember you can craft them with the red paint can.

Added more slots to the Barrel for mod compatibility

Update: Apr 24, 2022 @ 9:27am

Added The Airborne Mask, GP5 Mask, Combat Gas Mask, And Windstride's Gas mask. As well as the gas mask filters to the Acceptable NBC Bag Inventory.

Update: Apr 22, 2022 @ 10:45am

Fixed a literal page of script warnings and errors from all of the pbos

added NBC and Clothing Backpacks to SmershBag Attachment slot, allowing you to use them on the smersh vest.

Update: Apr 20, 2022 @ 4:41am

1.17 hotfix 2
'Fixed' Shinigami not being able to be scoped into the ironsight. Unfortunately it's no longer possible to have variable zoom with ironsight optics. Meaning the shinigami is now ironsight/6x magnification only. the 4x mode has been removed until the devs fix this mechanic

Fixed M417 Magazine not fitting in the m417.....oops.

The Savage stevens super shorty has been updated to use the Long Horn Animations.
Savage Stevens SuperShorty has been deprecated and a new classname will now be craftable called "MassStevens301SuperShortNew" All coloreed variations now have 'New' Added behind the _color suffix. If you're confused, The XML was updated to include this change.
All previous Super shorties crafted will automatically be converted via script to the new ones when loaded into the world.

Update: Apr 19, 2022 @ 8:43am

Hotfix for 338 Ammunition script conflicting

Changed 338 Ammunition classname to

Update: Apr 19, 2022 @ 6:15am

Overhauled MassGuns PBO thanks to MDC including lots of bug fixes in scripts and general organization of pbo
Added SVT Mount. Allowing the SVT to fit a rail that opens it up for NATO Optics

Added the German MP40 Sub-Machinegun, adding to the WW2 Arsenal.
Added the Russian OTs-03 SVU, An Integrally suppressed bullpup SVD

Renamed all Magazine classnames to better fit in with vanilla classname prefixes (Included a script to automatically convert all previous magazines into the new ones so DW. Just update your Types.xml to the new one for magazines.)
affected magazines
"kivaarimag" to "Mass_Mag_Kivaari_10Rnd"
"Mass308STANAG" to "Mass_Mag_M417_20Rnd"
"Mass338M24Mag" to "Mass_Mag_M24_5Rnd"
"Mass357M1911Mag" to "Mass_Mag_Coonan_7Rnd"
"Mass9x39Palm" to "Mass_Mag_9x39Palm_30Rnd"
"MassG18Mag" to "Mass_Mag_G18_30Rnd"
"Massm300mag" to "Mass_Mag_M300_7Rnd"
"Massppshbox" to "Mass_Mag_PPSh_30Rnd"
"Massppshdrum" to "Mass_Mag_PPSh_71RndDrum"
"MassSVTmag" to "Mass_Mag_SVT_10Rnd"

Fixed Shotgun Suppressor Textures
Fixed the Drying Rack breaking farming plots
Added Pressure Bandage and Pressure Bandage Wrapper
A Continuous action Bandage that continues bandaging until your bleed sources are fixed or you run out of bandages.
no longer do you have to deal with that awkward pause between each bandage action.

Added A Craftable Camo Net Ghillie Suit, Custom modeled by me using ArmaRig to get near as professional weight painting as I could.
There's 4 variations, The default being the only one that you can craft without the MassPaint (Red Paint Can) The first uses the vanilla camo net texture and can be crafted by using any bladed object on a Camo-Net.
The second is a Green variation that uses the Nato Camo Net texture that's in the game files but is otherwise unused. Craft it by using MassPaint(With Rag) On the Default.
Third is the Winter variation which is crafted the same way as the green,
Fourth is a dark urban textured one that can be crafted the same way as the ones above.
You can reset it back to default by using the paint can on the colored variations as well, so you can repaint to fit any situation.

Fixed Various newer medical items not fitting in the Advanced Med kit Container.

Added Zbytek selection to 'MassCatEars' Allowing it to be Retextured
fixed cat ears not having a view pilot (they now no longer show in first person)

Update: Feb 20, 2022 @ 11:50pm

Fixed Barrel proxies not being visible on other mods.
I needed to create my own inventory slot for this fix to function correctly whilst keeping my original functionality.

If you experience the inabiltiy to put barrels into slots after this update please send me the config overriding the Barrel_ColorBase adding custom slots in your mod and I will add them to my version for mod compatibility in the future. You can contact me through my discord on my modpage. New Dawn DayZ I have a channel you can post to.

If you would rather add compatibility yourself, My new slot for the Barrel_Colorbase is simply "massbarrel"

The above also applies to the seachest, My new inventory slot for the seachest is "massseachest"

I'd like to thank RaG Tysonson for helping me fix this issue.

Update: Feb 20, 2022 @ 2:17pm

Had to update to get some files out of the folder. expect a bug fix update later today/tonight for the Barrels.

Update: Feb 15, 2022 @ 12:48pm

Welcome to the new Era of MMIO. MMIO : Redux
With this new update the mod has been completely overhauled, All of your favorite items still exist however now there are some changes to the way things work.
Server owners now have access to a configurable json in their profiles folder under the directory MMIO.
Inside that folder you'll have a few jsons based on the versions of the mod you have installed, It will allow you to configure whether or not you want to enable/disable sprinting on certain items like the ratnik level 5 or ruckbag, Or disable certain recipes based on previous feedback throughout the years.
If you don't want the entire package you can unsubscribe to the original mod on the workshop and download the new sub-mods I've released that are categorized based on the types of items they introduce into your server. Each mod has configurable settings just like the main one does. so you don't lose out on any customization.

The mods are named -

MMIO Clothing
MMIO Foods

With this Update I've also included a lot of new content from my work on my server that eventually died out, So months and months of content is being added ontop of bug fixes and general quality of life Changes.
MMIO was one of the first mods of its kind, And was one of the most popular content mods on the entire DayZ Workshop. It deserves to go out with a bang. and that's what I'm doing.

New Clothing Items.

Gun Mittens of various colors. Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, Brown, And Grey. The models and Textures were created by LAD
Mopp Inspired NBC Set.
Color Variations on the Tanker Helmets. Green, Tan.
The Barrel Rig (Haul Harness). A craftable rig that you can make from metal pipes and duct tape, allowing you to haul heavy objects around the map with your hands free.

New Guns.
Ruger Precision 308 Sniper
Barrett M98B
Barrett M98B Short

With the Addition of new weaponry added there's also an adjustment in the behavior of certain weapons like the Kivaari and 408 Cheytac, they now have reduced recoil when in specific stances like when prone or crouched.
same applies to other snipers in the pack like the ruger precision and barrett. and it especially applies to the PKM.

Base Building / Storage
The Lunch Box (Allows More food to be stored inside than it takes in your inventory)
The Pistol Case ( The Lunch Box but for ammunition and Pistols/Mags)
The Rifle Case (Like the Pistol case but big enough to fit basic Rifles)
The Thicc Weapons Case (Like the Rifle case but even bigger, Can't fit inside of backpacks and needs to be carried on a haul harness or in your hands back to your base. Recommended use is to store them in your tents/cars.)
The Lucky Zed's Junkbox (Your new Go-to Underground Stash Item, 140 slots, so 40 more than a Sea chest and can be burried. goes well with the other rifle cases.)
Drying Racks (Can be Crafted to dry food in your base after a while. Made by Lad)

Various colors, Heals all cuts and applies a reasonable health and blood regen to the player as well as morphine and epinephrine.

Fixed weapon muzzle arrays for the mp153 - MassSchotti Error

If you don't report gameplay mechanic problems i can't fix anything.