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Jul 9, 2019 @ 2:30am
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Windstride's Clothing Pack

This mod pack will bring to life clothing items that i think fits the post-apocalyptic Chernarus.

All the items in this pack feature ground models, damage states textures, LODs, male and female models, and some of them, texture variants.

All the items are made from scratch, some of them based on existing concepts.

I do take comissions in my free time.

Wet Textures
Available for most of the pieces, now on v5.0
Originally posted by author:
Credits to Helkhiana for providing the script for it to work

  • Leggings

Color/Material variants:

  • PMK-5A Gas Mask

  • Poncho

Color Variants:

  • Military Sweater

Color Variants:

  • Fingerless Gloves

Color/Material Variant:

  • Knee High Sneakers

  • Layered Shirt

Color Variants:

  • Shemagh

Originally posted by author:
Huge Thanks to Ammo from DayZ Underground Staff, for making the script so we can switch between styles with the Shemagh, this guy is a beast!
The bandit wrap of the shemagh clips with most headgears, i might or might not find a solution for this in the future.

Color Variants:

  • Canvas Backpack

Originally posted by author:
Big thanks to the people from the Dayz Modding Discord for adivising and helping.
A special thanks to:
Not a Banana for writing the script to make a few melees attachable to the same slot on the backpack and helping out with the straps selections.
Helkhiana for writing the script for the compression straps to work with different models when items are attached or not to the backpack, refactoring some of my config and advising me a lot!


Color Variants:

  • Pins
Pins that can be attached to the canvas backpack for the sake of customization.

  • Ragged Eyepatch

  • Kneepads Jeans

Color Variants:

This mod is not allowed to be monetized, repacked or reuploaded, unless i give you permission directly.

Retextures of my mod are allowed.

Class Names
Blue_Leggings Latex_Leggings Latex_White_Leggings Adidas_Leggings Red_Leggings Purple_Leggings PMK_5A_Gas_Mask Poncho_Red_Checkered Poncho_Blue_Checkered Poncho_Yellow_Checkered Poncho_White Poncho_Brown Poncho_Green Poncho_Red Poncho_Black Poncho_BlackAndWhite Poncho_BlackAndWhite2 Military_Sweater Military_Sweater_Red Military_Sweater_Blue Military_Sweater_Green Military_Sweater_White Military_Sweater_Black Fingerless_Gloves Fingerless_Gloves_Brown Fingerless_Gloves_Wool High_Knee_Sneakers Layered_Shirt_Base Layered_Shirt_Cheburashka Layered_Shirt_White Shemagh_Brown Shemagh_Green Shemagh_Red Shemagh_White Shemagh_Bandit_Brown Shemagh_Bandit_Green Shemagh_Bandit_Red Shemagh_Bandit_White Shemagh_Facemask_Brown Shemagh_Facemask_Green Shemagh_Facemask_Red Shemagh_Facemask_White Shemagh_Scarf_Brown Shemagh_Scarf_Green Shemagh_Scarf_Red Shemagh_Scarf_White Canvas_Backpack_Base Canvas_Backpack_Black Canvas_Backpack_White Canvas_Backpack_Red Canvas_Backpack_Blue Canvas_Backpack_Purple Golden_Winged_Pin Button_Pin_Radioactive Button_Pin_Daisy Kneepads_Jeans_Base Kneepads_Jeans_Black Ragged_Eyepatch

How to make the items spawn in the world? / How to install the mod on the server?

Inside the mod folder "@WindstrideClothing" you can find a "Types.xml" file, copy the contents of this file.

Go to your Dayz Server folder, and then go to DayZServer/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus/db/

In this location you will see a Types.xml file, paste the contents you previously copied into this file.

You can always adjust the values to your liking.

Do you want to support this mod to keep going with new updates?

Consider donating!

Every bit helps


Servers that are allowed to monetize this mod:



If you need any help or want to talk to me regarding anything, contact me directly on Discord: Windstride#3774


Originally posted by author:
Huge Thanks to OP from OP_BaseItems, he helped me so much with everything regarding coding and Dayz Tools, if it wasn't for him i wouldn't be modding, check out his mod if you don't know it, it's awesome!
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Runicheskaia Aug 3 @ 1:28pm 
Hello. I'm from Russia and don't know English, so I write through a translator. I hope you can understand me. I'm a girl and just love your mod for your cool sweaters, leggings and ponchos! And I just dream that the colors of leggings - camouflage and leopard print - will appear in your fashion! Maybe this is not really the subject of your mod, but I really hope that you will add colors to things in your mod! Love, kiss the creator of the mod! Well done!
Windstride  [author] Jul 24 @ 7:51am 
@Eva Obrigado!! Fico feliz que goste, Abraço!
Eva Jul 23 @ 8:02pm 
Orgulho de ter essa modificação com a nossa bandeira. É excelente! Continue com o ótimo trabalho. Abração!
alexey_haprov Jul 21 @ 7:12am 
Hello. We liked your mod and we would like to ask you for permission to repurpose your mod into our server mod pack. In the description of the mod pack, we will indicate you as the creator of your mod. There will be no motenizations and changes with the mod. We need this so that if the mod is updated in the incentive, our players do not feel difficulties in the game, since we have one admin and he works and can update the mod only after work. We are ready to donate to your mod to continue working on it. Thank you for the mod.
Windstride  [author] Jul 10 @ 11:22am 
@Drizit_ Yes.
Drizit_ Jul 10 @ 8:07am 
This working with 1.08?
_Bartzabel_ Jul 4 @ 1:39am 
nice mod pack
AkiKay Jul 1 @ 3:20am 
Ohh maybe we replaced the vanilla types.xml with this mods, removing all previous loot and only spawning these Mod Items. Thanks
Windstride  [author] Jun 30 @ 6:26pm 
@AkiKay i have never seen such an issue, you might have done something wrong in your types.xml file, but it shouldn't be a problem from the mod
AkiKay Jun 30 @ 6:12pm 
Hey so i love your mod, the clothing is perfect and i love the texture getting darker when getting wet. Thats so great. But me and my friend have a big issue. Once we activated this, all loot disappeared from the map and only your Mod items spawned. We aren´t sure what we did wrong.