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Thanks for checking out the new improved BaseBuildingPlus!

-Updated for 1.09

Discord Server:

Watch these videos for a demo of how it works.

How to craft/build Items:

Server Config:

Key features in this build
- Easier to use snapping system, active by holding one of the BBP kits in your hand and pressing B.
- Simple UI for crafting the base building items, active by attaching the blueprint to the workbench and pressing the K key.
- New and improved models. All done by the wonderful Turdless the Turdle!
- Building up system is now step up like the vanilla game base-building objects... (fence/watchtower).
--- ..this includes, adding materials, constructing, dismantling and destroying.
- Once you deploy the object a blue hologram will be displayed of the frame, this allows easy planning of your build.
- You can now change the keybindings in the settings, all thanks to @wardog <3
- Land claim flags and admin no-build zones.
- New base lighting options.
- Solar panels for silent electricity.
- Carpets, wallpaper and plaster for interior designs.
- Christmas tree and xmas light attachments.

BasebuildingPlus (BBP) is based on a 3 tier system. T1(Wood) T2(Metal) T3(Concrete)
Here are the following objects you can build...

✓ meaning currently in. ✗meaning coming soon.

Half Wall
Floor Hatch
Roof Hatch

Visit the discord for more information and or help!

How Does Snapping Work?
Walk up to the object you want to snap to, and make sure the objects icon name pops up.
Press B (while holding a BBP kit), then select the SnappingOn/Select button.
Step away from the object (press the ESC key or Exit button to close the menu).
Left click to begin placing, press B again and click any of the snapping icons to switch positions.
Click the Lock button to enable mouse wheel rotation.
Deploy the object.

How Does Raiding Work?
Raiding times for each tier can by adjusted in BBP_Settings.json which is automatically generated in your server profile folder. If you want even more control over raiding times we recommend using TimeDestruction mod. This mod will allow you to set individual raiding times for each buildable part and each different raiding tool. Just install TimeDestruction and replace Config_TimeDestruction.json with the one we have provided.

You can also use the excellent Breachingcharge mod which has built-in BaseBuildingPlus compatibility. I recommend using with Breachingcharge3in1 mod to add all the classnames, if you require. It also includes classnames for Simple Base and Base Fortifications.

[RU/CN] Translate Base Building Plus
(Русский перевод/中文翻译)
[CZ/DE/HU/PL] TranslationBasebuildingplus
(Český překlad/Deutsche Übersetzung/Magyar fordítás/Polskie tłumaczenie)

Server Owners
1. Copy the @BaseBuildingPlus folder from !Workshop to your server root folder.
2. Copy BBP.bikey file from the keys folder to your keys folder.
3. Add "-mod=@BaseBuildingPlus" to your server startup parameters.
4. Merge types.xml in your mission folder with the types.xml provided (in the info folder).
5. OPTIONAL: Edit your configs following these steps:

1. Replace the @BaseBuildingPlus folder in your server root folder with the new one from !Workshop.
2. Check the Change Notes for any instructions. Update types.xml if new items were added.

This mod is completely free to use. If you want to contribute towards the future development you can do so by donating via PayPal or our official Patreon page. Any donations are much appreciated, thanks :)
PayPal Donations[]
Patreon Donations[]

No reuploads or repacking allowed. Please use in a server collection.

Copyright 2020 BaseBuildingPlus. This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Chopper, Hennessy, Turdless the Turdle, Jest, FourthDZ or Wardog
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NOVA 10 hours ago 
i tried the validator as you suggested and at the bottom says "Valid XML". i also double checked the lifetime and its set to 3888000
Chopper  [author] Oct 25 @ 3:45pm 
@Johnny Not currently, but there are many new sizes coming in the next big update.
@NOVA @Goose613 @NewYork718 Despawning issues are usually caused by errors in your types.xml file. Try the xml validators in this link:
Johnny Oct 25 @ 3:33am 
can i make the wall around the door not so big somehow?
if i wanna mak a door in a hallway, 2/3rds of the wall around it might end up outside the building
NOVA Oct 24 @ 11:28am 
I'm sure the devs know of the massive despawning issue. Soon enough I'm sure there will be a fix for it
Goose613 Oct 24 @ 12:03am 
same lol despawning
NewYork718 Oct 22 @ 9:21pm 
Ive tried it all, i went over the instructions, had others go over my files, I dont see what im doing wrong. My walls and bases keep despawning. Would really appreciate some help.
WarGeek07 Oct 22 @ 11:29am 
@Chopper Hi! Wonderful awesome hard work on a mod we love! Question, you have a mod named @PlaceAnything with that mod we seem to be having difficulty putting things on walls as such that are basebuildingplus walls ect. Is this a known limitation or something that shouldn't happen? Thanks
FoxDeadEyes Oct 21 @ 6:56pm 
@Chopper hello, can i put a T2 stair on a T3 roof hatch please ? cause i try but not snap correctly.
Pheoxin Oct 21 @ 5:30am 
@Chopper I see, well thanks for info :) We love the mode, hope it will get even better :D Keep up great work and thanks for such a cool thing!
went Oct 20 @ 9:10pm 
I modified the one you said, but it can still be removed from the inside!