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Code Lock
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Code Lock

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If you cannot re-attach the lock after removing it, completely remove the fence and build a new one!
Server Owners: If you want to enable the ability to add locks to tents, add <"m_CanAttachtoTent": 1> ( remove the carrots ) to your CodeLockConfig.json! This feature is disabled by default.

Don't advertise your server on my mod. There's places where it's appropriate, and my mod page isn't it.
Consider joining my DayZ server! Information posted below.

This is a completely re-vamped, UI-based, Combination Lock.
When placing the lock onto a fence, a UI will appear allowing you to set a code for that fence, same goes for unlocking, removing the hassle of dialing digits over and over again.
Enjoy the Arma 3 days of UI based locks.

Note: if you drag the lock onto a gate, the UI will not immediately appear. You must then choose "Set Pin" on the gate.

Questions? join my discord to ask questions, share feedback, or report bugs! Everyone is welcome. ( Invite posted below )


Installation Instruction:

- Copy the mod to your server directory
- Copy key from mod folder to Keys folder
- Copy snippet from types.xml to your current types.xml


Thanks to WarDog for the new UI! :
Thanks to OP for implementing the custom model!:
Model used for Lock:


Configuration Instruction:

- Locate the mod config file in your servers profile folder ( Name is CodeLockConfig.json )
If this file does not exist, run the server, it'll generate itself.
- Change the m_CanCutLock boolean to either a 0 or a 1.
- Change the m_CanAttachtoTent boolean to either a 0 or a 1.
1 - true, enables the ability to cut off the lock.
0 - false, disables the ability to cut off the lock.
Anything other than a 1 or 0 will break the config file and potentially break the mod and the locks in the server!


Donation Link:
Not asking anyone to donate, but here's the link if you're interested.


My Server:

- Server Name: GangstaDayZ
- Discord:
( Join using DZSALauncher to ensure you have all the mods )



- Code can be any string, including letters and symbols.
- You must have RPCFramework installed on your server for this mod to work.
- This will not break the current combination lock in the game, nor wipe the locks.


Future Intentions:
- Add compatibility for BaseBuilding+ Doors through another mod.
- Admin privileges to Open/Change combination.
- Have codelocks work on all tents.


Current Issues:
- CodeLocks don't like being reattached to fences randomly. Rebuild the fence. Still looking into the isuse
- Animation state doesn't update until a pin is set on the codelock


[[ I do not authorize this mod to be re-packed, re-uploaded, or modified in any way ]]
( Changing variables while still using my code is considered re-packing. )
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Jun 7 @ 4:30am
PINNED: New UI - Feeback
< >
RAKETA 4 hours ago 
add the ability to close the vehicle:steammocking:
Dingo Jun 18 @ 5:49pm 
Yes, we enabled the ability to fit locks to tents and then realised that it didn't suit our server, our mistake and certainly not any fault of your mod. Was just hoping that there was some way to remove the locks on tents other than relying on players.
Room Service  [author] Jun 18 @ 4:05pm 
Yes, that's not an issue. I'm not making it so it removes all locks considering the config can be updated without a server restart. if you don't want locks on tents, don't enable the feature. That's why it's disabled by default.
Dingo Jun 18 @ 3:55pm 
@Room Service, Sorry to trouble you but have a question concerning Code Locks on Tents.

When you added to option to fit code locks to tents this was activated on our server which was all fine and caused no issues. Since then it has been decided to remove the ability the fit code locks to tents from our server.

Upon doing this on our test server it was found that the lock remained on the tent and you could still utilise the locking of the tent by entering your code. As long as you did not remove the code lock from the tent it stayed there. Once you did remove the lock from the tent you could not refit it.

We also have the no damage option for locks turned on.

Is there any method to overcome this issue and remove all locks from tents?

Thank you for any assistance you can give us.
Alessandro Jun 18 @ 1:41pm 
when I drag the lock in the tent it does not make it connect
@Room Service
Room Service  [author] Jun 18 @ 9:28am 
Close the tent and cut the lock off.
Dr.Day Jun 18 @ 12:15am 
Hey now we have a little problem when character open the tent with codelock and somebody kill him and wonna take his tent but cant do it (even if tent opened he cant turn it up) Can we fix that???
Alessandro Jun 17 @ 4:47am 
hello, I have installed everything but the lock is not around, not even increasing the spawn, have I done something wrong?
Wardog  [author] Jun 16 @ 5:40pm 
@egg it's completely possible, but can be quite dangerous as it could become a griefing hazard.