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Nov 7, 2018 @ 4:13pm
Mar 31, 2020 @ 6:22pm
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Official support channel for Weapon Redux Pack:

This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have never been in game until now.

Not all guns are in yet, but we will hopefully have all of them in within the next week. The animations are all placeholder, we are learning how to use the animation tools and will have weapon specific animations soon.


For any problems you have with this, you can contact us on discord: Not A Banana#9930, Clarkycal#7013.

Weapons this adds: Colt 1911 (And engraved variant), AK101, AK74, AKS74U, Amphibian, Aug, Blaze 95, Desert Eagle, FAL, Glock19, Longhorn, M249, P1, Saiga12k, Scout, Sporter 22, Trumpet, VSS, Double barrel shotgon, and Winchester 70.

Known Issues;

Some animations fit less than others.

For server hosts: Here's a video for how to set up the server: Please watch it entirely before you ask for help.

xml files are in xml files folder, key is in key folder.

Credit to Modern from TW for the awesome title card image!

Official support channel for Weapon Redux Pack:

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Wilmson May 16 @ 11:18am 
@Clarky The important part is the LMG to me :) since 1.12 it SHOULD be a damn powerful gun according to the new ballistics ♥
Robert J. F. Calais Apr 23 @ 11:20am 
Are you for real?

Just hit the subscribe button.
daniel_marsden Apr 23 @ 10:08am 
hey guys, where can I download the WRP Mod?
Crazy_Leprechaun Apr 7 @ 12:48am 
@Not A Banana is it okay if i use this mod in my server modpack ?
Clarky  [author] Apr 2 @ 6:38am 
@Wilmson i believe that's correct, the scout we configured was manual loaded rifle. The mag was bugged from memory.
Wilmson Mar 30 @ 8:38am 
That's not even remotely true. I have everything i wanted from this mod here working on my server, including the Scout. There is no magazine, you can make 2 handstands and a flip and it still won't show anywhere and i tested this mod thoroughly, because i'm very cherrypick-y about the mods i want, also who cares for that, mod offers an alternative. Everything works, even a Scout , just without the clip - there still is the NewScout that has a built-in box so... no magchange but still 6 bullets in the gun, have to cock the gun anyway, it's a bolt-action, just nonsense to prefer a magazine bolt-action over a built-in-magazine gun anyways, when you have a light machine gun.
Not A Banana  [author] Mar 29 @ 9:41pm 
This mod isnt worth maintaining considering only a few items from it are even relevant now most guns have been readded. Anyone is free to take and edit it to fix something like the scout if they want, I just have no interest to. Also BI might add it to the official game eventually who knows
Robert J. F. Calais Mar 27 @ 8:34am 
There IS a magazine for the Scout, it just won't take it. The Scout doesn't work and, from the looks of it, never will.
Wilmson Mar 27 @ 8:18am 
Thanks Bananarama ♥ got superconfused because there is no mag_scout anywhere and i don't know why, but this is THE go to-mod for weapons to me. Just needed a gun with a big ammo count and you brought us the vanilla thing back. Could turn anything off that's implemented nowadays. Just exactly what i looked for , thanks a lot !
Sing Mar 21 @ 9:32pm 
I'll pay you to make mods