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!!!!This mod requires a additional map mod. Either VPPMap or DayZ Expansion's one. Without the map mod you will only see a white background on spawn selection. So pick one.!!!

DayZ Expansion:


On respawn a select window appears that allows you to pick a location of your choosing.

Requires CF and either Vanilla Plus Plus Map or DayZ Expansion.

Add the "SpawnSelect" folder to the root of your server PROFILE(Where your Server RPTs are). The "SpawnSelect" folder to copy from is located in "@zSpawnSelection" then inside the "ForYourServerProfile" folder.

If you're unsure where your server profile is. Look into your commandline server start bat file.

For example this is my commandline to my profile below (Yours could be different). Where ever that profiles command links to, pop the SpawnSelect folder inside.

"-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZServer\profiles\Server\"

You can also customize the spawns if you want to add your own which is located at the SpawnLocations.txt within the profile folder.

Syntax is:
SpawnNamehere=X Y Z=RadiusSizeHere

For example:
Kamenka=892.109985 6.171125 2244.129883=1000

Make sure you have the
in between your location name and location vector. Also between location vector and spawn radius length.

From the example above means radius length, lower numbers mean players will spawn closer to your location vector you set in this txt. Opposite can be said if you set the radius higher.

Also there is a settings file you can customize for example spawn block distances if they died recently close by or even if you want to turn off spawn block or even the time until they can pick the blocked spawn again.

SpawnSettings.txt in server profile SpawnSelect. Make sure you only put one space in this text file specfically for settings.

BodyBlockSpawns 1
Setting this to any int but 1 will turn off the spawn blocker, just a

BodyBlockDistance 3000
How far in distance of their dead body they can spawn at before it blocks. it's a float type so you can be specific.

BodyBlockRespawnTimeMinutes 20
How long in minutes until they can get that blocked spawn point back (int only) if you wanted an hour and a half just put


1) Add variable body timers for each spawn.

You can use my mod with monetized servers, I don't care.

Free for repacking or modification in any way. No need to link my mod, can reupload my mod if you wish.

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