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Press M to open the map.
Press K to show/hide 3D markers.

Server Host Installation:
You need to download our dependency mods.
Get CF and VanillaPlusPlusMap files from the steam workshop folder ( where ever the content downloads to )
Place @VanillaPlusPlusMap & @CF in your server directory and append `@CF;@VanillaPlusPlusMap` into your server launch
parameter. eg: -mod=@CF;@VanillaPlusPlusMap
Make sure you also add the signature key into the `Keys` folder that is located in your server directory. You can get the keys from the mod folder.

-Client: Place Markers on map that save across all servers and or server specific.
-Client: A variety of unique marker icons for use
-Client: Ability to add and remove markers
-Client: Ability to see your current position (if not disable by server owners)
-Client: Ability to add 3D Markers ( shows distance, icon, marker name )
-Server: Ability to force disable 3D Markers for server host.
-Server: Ability to add global markers for players to see during session

Update July 25 Change Log:
-Complete Visual and code remake of the mod.
-Addition of new map icons and identifiers (deerstand locations, town + village names, map grid coords)
-Server host can now disable showing `Me` icon on the map ( to enable this option check your map settings on server. VPPMapConfig.json located in your server profile folder )
-You can now place markers that would only save on the specific server you are playing on ( data is all local and the server is identified by IP )
-Added a hotkey to disable and enable all 3D placed markers ( Press K to use, you can edit the keybind within the DayZ settings menu for keybinds )
-Added support for over 100 icons. Now you can place upto 10,000 markers on the map ( not sure why you would need so many...but there you go. )
-Cleaned up code on server and client, made many improvements to the structure of the mod.

Note: If you have any questions about using features of the mod, leave a comment below and or join our Discord server to communicate with us!

Vanilla++ Map Mod Developed by DaOne, GravityWolfNotAmused & MrMaffen
Keep Up with updates and full change logs! Click logo below to join Our Discord

- You are not allowed to repack or republish this mod on any platform including steam
- You are not allowed to unpack this mod and create derivative work from its source code. A DMCA take down will be issued if necessary
- Don't advertise servers in the comments you shameless nerd, i don't care if you run our mods. Comments will be deleted.
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GravityWolf  [author] Oct 14 @ 1:41am 
Just placed the server config into our helpful-content channel inside of our discord.
Strutul Oct 14 @ 1:12am 
Where is the vppmaconfig.json file?
Julio Oct 13 @ 1:11am 

where i can find my vppmapconfig.json. In the profilesfolder the file doesn't exist
DaOne>  [author] Oct 12 @ 9:28pm 
hello! we now have a PvP server open! for those interested you can find the server on the DZSA Launcher. Its a custom game mode, with new weapon mods! Health system modified for quick PvP and combat.
scoreboard, custom kill feed and voting system!

ÍmVèryGöödPläyèr Oct 12 @ 6:06pm 
Can I activate other categories like car-spawns on the map? And can the map show other Players?
Solarcaine Oct 12 @ 12:02pm 
This mod conflicts with Zomberry Admin Tools after installing them together. I've tried several times to install VPP together and they would never work.... When Zomberry is enabled it removed the map Grid from the map on both Chernarus and DeerIsle and also leaves a white overlay of transparency on DeerIsles map. I cannot distinguish if this was done purposely or just a conflict of mods....

Right now I am currently using:

FLSamm Oct 11 @ 12:17am 
I dont have the grid either, I have been trying to figure out how to enable it for a while now
DaOne>  [author] Oct 7 @ 5:31am 
Buck Shotty, dayz keybind settings
Buck Shotty Oct 7 @ 5:22am 
Is there a way to change the"M" key that opens the map in game to something else. It interferes with Zomberry Admin which also opens with the "M" key
Hitman Badman Oct 6 @ 10:43am 
Cheers, figured it was a problem on my end