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This is the official standalone version of the VanillaPlusPlus mod map!
Note: DO NOT install this mod if you are already using VPP! You will get startup errors!

Press M to open the map.

Server Host Installation:
Place @VanillaPlusPlusMap in your server directory and run it as a mod
Also the key...grab the key and put it in your Keys folder on the server.

-Placed Markers save across all servers that use this mod ( it saves it in your client profile )
-Over 48 unique marker icons
-Ability to add and remove markers
-Ability to see your current position
-Ability to add 3D Markers ( shows distance, icon, marker name )
-Ability to force disable 3D Markers for server host ( ServerAdmins: you can toggle this feature by editing the mod settings via the .json file you can find in your server profile where your LOGS save. )
-Ability to add global markers ( markers can be edited via the config of the mod, changes are applied LIVE. Players must relog to see them! )

*NEW UPDATE April 6 *
-Ability to add global/static markers
How to use:
Once you load up your server, there will be a .json file generated and can be found in your server profile folder (where your logs are stored .log .adm etc)
The file is named
You can place your markers in there, follow the example already printed out in there. Use the following website to make sure your .json syntax is correct.
json checker: jsonformatter[]
-Complete re-write of the mod for a smoother experience.
-New features added, drop down menus, ability to switch on/off specific marker + more!!
Join my Discord and follow development:
Advertising servers in the comments is ONLY ALLOWED if you are using any of my mods....comments will be deleted

Feel free to support me :) Thanks! <3
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Neo 7 hours ago 
Hello, I cannot see the numbers in my server but some freinds can. Any clue ?
古咕谷的熊 May 24 @ 2:13am 
I also installed ZomBerry Admin Tools and Community-Online-Tools and CF.

This combination of adding VanillaPlusPlusMap has no effect on me.

I don't know if other mods are causing conflicts.

Or is there a problem with my installation?

What is the order of the MOD?

-mod=@Unlimited Stamina;@CF;@ZomBerry Admin Tools;@Community-Online-Tools;@DayZ-Expansion-Chat;@VanillaPlusPlusMap

- from Google Translate
Yennes May 24 @ 1:41am 
the @VanillaPlusPlusMap folder isnt in my !workshop folder. where can i find it? want to install on my server
GravityWolf  [author] May 24 @ 1:00am 
Probably file permissions for log directory on your client's system.
iNSANE May 24 @ 12:39am 
None of the markers I place in game will persist. Every time i log back on they are gone, any fix for that? because everyone else I spoke to has it persisting.
Dark_Eno May 23 @ 11:09am 
ok which mods could be that?
DaOne(Th3Killer321)  [author] May 23 @ 7:40am 
@Dark_Eno other mods override our map config due to some engine complications. Cant do anything about it :/
Dark_Eno May 23 @ 7:35am 
Why do not we have the numbers on the card as you have in the photos? that has helped a lot.
GravityWolf  [author] May 23 @ 2:47am 
Forrester, we are not allowing you to repack our content. If you wish to make your own mod, please do, so, but remember, no copying ;D
Forrester May 23 @ 2:15am 
Everything ok, so I asked yes, I would like to stop for our server a map with marked zones for information of the players.