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Aug 16, 2019 @ 3:47am
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This mod adds a banking system and requires the Community Framework.

The config can be found in a folder called "DC_Banking" located in the server profile folder and by default supports the currency from the Trader mod by Dr_J0nes.
You do not have to create the config yourself, it will get generated once you start the server for the first time after installing the mod or if no config could be found:
{ "m_DefaultMaxCurrency": 10000, //The maximum amount of currency a player can have stored "m_StartCurrency": 0, //The amount of currency that players start with in their account "m_PlaceExcessiveCurrencyOnGround": 1, //A bool that decides whether currency that can not be carried by the player is placed on the ground "m_CreateLogs": 1, //A bool that decides whether logs should be created in the script*.log file in the server profile folder "m_MessageDisplayTime": 5, //The time that messages will be displayed for in seconds "m_TransactionDelayTime": 1, //The time that users will have to wait before being able to make another deposit/withdrawal request in seconds "m_BankingCurrencyArray": [ //An array that contains all currency class names and values { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble100", "m_Value": 100 }, { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble50", "m_Value": 50 }, { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble25", "m_Value": 25 }, { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble10", "m_Value": 10 }, { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble5", "m_Value": 5 }, { "m_ClassName": "MoneyRuble1", "m_Value": 1 } ] }

Player data can be found in the "PlayerDatabase" folder and is named after the steamID64 of the corresponding player:
{ "m_PlainID": "01234567891234567", //ID of the player "m_Username": "Survivor", //Name of the player that was last used while using the banking system "m_OwnedCurrency": 11000, //Amount of currency the player has stored "m_MaxOwnedCurrencyBonus": 4000 //Maximum amount of currency the player can own on top of the max currency set in the config (To, for example, allow long-time players or event winners to store more than normal players) }

By default an ATM with the classname "DC_BankingATM" is used to access the banking menu and has to be placed like a custom building (using the community offline mode or getting the position and orientation manually), but any object should be usable as long as the action "DC_ActionOpenBankingMenu" is added.
Classnames: "DC_BankingLocker" "DC_BankingATM" "DC_BankingATMRed" "DC_BankingATMGreen" "DC_BankingATMBlue" "DC_BankingATMDarkGreen" "DC_BankingATMDarkBlue" "DC_BankingATMOrange" "DC_BankingATMYellow" "DC_BankingATMPurple" "DC_BankingATMWhite" "DC_BankingATMGray" Green Mountain ATM: Position: "3706.7 402.012 5984.86" Orientation: "90 0 0" Position: "3704.7 402.332 6003.1" Orientation: "275 0 0" Kumyrna ATM: Position: "8360.15 292.054 5994.15" Orientation: "325 0 0" Position: "8350.7 292.011 5978.3" Orientation: "235 0 0" If you should be using the Stary or Klen trader mods: Stary ATM: Position: "6262.1 301.012 7725.4" Orientation: "35 0 0" Klen ATM: Position: "11477.8 341.941 11341.6" Orientation: "35 0 0" If you are using the community offline mode function: SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "3706.7 402.012 5984.86", "90 0 0"); //Green Mountain ATM 1 SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "3704.7 402.332 6003.1", "275 0 0"); //Green Mountain ATM 2 SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "8360.15 292.054 5994.15", "325 0 0"); //Kumyrna ATM 1 SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "8350.7 292.011 5978.3", "235 0 0"); //Kumyrna ATM 2 SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "6262.1 301.012 7725.4", "35 0 0"); //Stary ATM SpawnObject("DC_BankingATM", "11477.8 341.941 11341.6", "35 0 0"); //Klen ATM Thanks to =]PMC[=Tyson for providing the locations for his PMC traders: SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATMDarkGreen", "13326.676758 6.065017 6766.269043", "-20.000000 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Funfair SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATMDarkBlue", "13345.848633 6.033757 6739.655273", "75.000000 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Funfair SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATMOrange", "13349.243164 5.359690 6703.152344", "160.000000 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Funfair SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATMRed", "13324.538086 6.165526 6765.516602", "-20.000000 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Funfair SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATM", "9164.450195 93.925499 13163.900391", "50.000004 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Prison SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATMDarkBlue", "9172.360352 90.937103 13229.299805", "-45.000000 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Prison SpawnObject( "DC_BankingATM", "172.014313 472.758850 11316.481445", "35.000004 0.000000 0.000000" ); //PMC Trader Camp

Most items should be useable as currency.
Double clicking on the amount field will empty it. Double clicking on the deposit/withdraw buttons while the amount field is 0 will deposit/withdraw as much currency as possible.

Everything should work as intended, but I only tested this mod with a couple of people at once, so if anyone finds bugs, issues or has suggestions just hit me up on steam or discord: Deadcraft#8378

I do not give permission to distribute, repack, reupload or modify this mod in any way without my permission. Monetizing features of this mod (for example selling increases in maximum storable currency) is also not allowed.
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Sneferu 4 hours ago 
@Deadcraft thanks, I didn’t want to spend all this time saving money to lose it when I die 🤣
Deadcraft  [author] 4 hours ago 
@Sneferu Yes
Sneferu 5 hours ago 
If my character dies with money in the atm, does that transfer to my next character? Probably a dumb question lol
Deadcraft  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Ayxrs You could add me on discord, if you want and send me the logs there
Ayxrs 18 hours ago 
Trying to figure out how to post logs now. I press F and notihng happens
Gilni Feb 26 @ 2:20pm 
Thanks Sir!
Deadcraft  [author] Feb 26 @ 2:18pm 
@Gilni Sure, you can use it
Gilni Feb 26 @ 2:06pm 
Dear Sir,

i am owner of CrocaineDayZ community and i want to ask for your permission to use your great Mod on a monetarized Server. We just want to offer priority queue slots and dont want to sell your highly respected work in anyform. We do not want to repack or reupload. We are a small growing community with just one Server and want to offer priority slots to help with the servercost since modded DayZ requires powerful Hardware.

With best regards, CrocaineDayZ community
Deadcraft  [author] Feb 26 @ 5:25am 
@Ayxrs It's working fine on my end as well. I can't seem to replicate the issue and can't really fix it without the logs of affected players
NOVA Feb 25 @ 6:38pm 
was never down? working for me it seems