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Aug 12 @ 12:52am
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Ever drove your vehicle so fast around a corner that it flipped? Or your vehicle launched so far into the sky your friends lost sight of you? Well when the vehicle finally decides to come down from the sky and roll over on it's side or on it's back, you can flip it over back on it's wheels on your own with your handy dandy wrench! That's right! No more having to setup camp next to your turtled vehicle, you can flip that lazy POS over and keep on cruisin' down the roads of Chernarus! I chose the wrench to be the tool to flip vehicles since they're no real use for them currently and they're unrepairable by default, you can go forth from now on collecting wrenches and being the handy man you've always wanted to be!

All modded vehicles that have wheels are supported! Also no need to worry about the size of the vehicle, it will be properly placed upright when flipped. I'm allowing vehicles to be flipped if they're upright just incase you get your vehicle in a weird position and a bit of force could be the solution to your vehicle becoming unstuck.


Crash Course Tutorial
1. Aquire a wrench
2. Aim wrench at the wheel of a vehicle
3. Commence the action of flipping
4. Profit

Known Issues
- You can flip vehicles from the spare wheel

Future Changes
- Language localization
- Single player compatibility
- Change the tool that flips vehicles
I will make note of when the tool will be changed. Hopefully people don't get too reliant on familiarization. Changing the tool might make people angry.

Usage & Terms
This item is not authorized (strictly forbidden) for any of these conditions:
- posting on Steam, except under the Steam account officialwardog.
- hosting on any download server other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- hosting on any launcher for distribution other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- to be packaged in any form other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- to create derivative works.

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m4ster_root Sep 15 @ 8:07am 
Good job on doing what the developers could never seem do ^-~~
excellent mod.
ServerAtze Sep 12 @ 11:56am 
Wardog  [author] Sep 8 @ 9:30pm 
The next tool will aid quite a bit in those risky turn overs. Not quite sure when I'll be pushing the next update though, as I am moving tomorrow and it will take a bit of time for me to get settled in and back online.
Ayram Sep 8 @ 4:39pm 
I'm glad this mod exist, good work. but yeah i tried it the first time and it was an awkward position and the only way i could do it is very close to the wheel, which ended up killing me but it was fine as i got picked up after. I tried it again multiple times today and it was working from far away normally.
Wardog  [author] Sep 7 @ 8:17pm 
Maybe you shouldn't be standing so close to the vehicle.
Ayram Sep 7 @ 7:44pm 
Bro, the car flips and sits on top of me sentencing me to death every time
ServerAtze Sep 7 @ 5:28pm 
CrocΞll Sep 7 @ 7:11am 
@ServerAtze No the mod is not allowed to be repacked the Usage & Terms explains most of it
ServerAtze Sep 7 @ 4:20am 
is it allowed to pack this mod into other modpacks? he does it!
CrocΞll Sep 6 @ 5:25am 
@OneLargeMammal Well Said :P