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Aug 12, 2019 @ 12:52am
Dec 24, 2021 @ 11:22am
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Ever drove your vehicle so fast around a corner that it flipped? Or your vehicle launched so far into the sky your friends lost sight of you? Well when the vehicle finally decides to come down from the sky and roll over on it's side or on it's back, you can flip it over back on it's wheels on your own with your handy dandy wrench! That's right! No more having to setup camp next to your turtled vehicle, you can flip that lazy POS over and keep on cruisin' down the roads of Chernarus! I chose the wrench to be the tool to flip vehicles since they're no real use for them currently and they're unrepairable by default, you can go forth from now on collecting wrenches and being the handy man you've always wanted to be!

In recent, you're also able to push vehicles around; to effectively push a vehicle, make sure the engine is off and the vehicle is in neutral. Pushing a vehicle from behind or in front, will result in the vehicle getting pushed in the direction of the vehicle. This is pretty safe for servers that have Trader or mods with safezones, as pushing a vehicle that is in a gear other than neutral will result in very little to no movement of the vehicle.

The hydraulic jack and traffic cone have been added into production, the jack will allow you to flip vehicles over without a wrench and with no time penalty. If you do not want the jack on your server, just don't add it to your types file.

Config is located in the server profile folder, under a sub folder called configs. i.e.


Known Issues
- None

Future Changes
- Language localization

Special Thanks
- CrocΞll for being an amazing test subject[]
- MarioE for some math help

Usage & Terms
This item is NOT authorized (strictly forbidden) for any of these conditions:
- posting on Steam, except under the Steam account officialwardog.
- hosting on any download server other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- hosting on any launcher for distribution other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- to be packaged in any form other than FlipTransport's current workshop download.
- to create derivative works.


Use a Collection if you want to include this mod on your server for your users.

Monetization while using this mod is approved.
Copyright 2019-2022 Wardog.

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Aug 15, 2020 @ 9:25pm
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Wardog  [author] Apr 27 @ 12:28pm 
@Col.SCUM yes, it’s does work and serves as a cosmetic item.
Col.SCUM Apr 23 @ 10:27am 
Can I just ask, does the TrafficCone work yet as I cant seem to work out how it works?
Old Man Vape Apr 16 @ 1:53pm 
yes thank you
Wardog  [author] Apr 16 @ 11:17am 
@Old Man Vape Seems to be an Expansion issue, I did a little investigating and the boats do not have a view geometry, which makes it impossible for the action to show on the boat. Josecitox knows about the issue and has made changes on the internal build, but I don't know when that will be pushed to live since Expansion just updated.
Old Man Vape Apr 15 @ 4:37pm 
nope not with expansion boats i cant push
Fi3st4 Apr 14 @ 1:19am 
Join our modded server and have some PVE /// And some PVP areas FUN!

It is running this mod also!

Wardog  [author] Apr 13 @ 8:35am 
@Old Man Vape boats should already be support, I’ve done no testing with them. But all vehicles should be supported.

@WigglyPickle no

@inkihh it’s just a cosmetic item, serves no functionality.
inkihh Apr 10 @ 10:51am 
What does the traffic cone do?
WigglyPickle Mar 29 @ 3:14pm 
Hey I'm building a small server for our little community, it's my first time building a server and I'm trying to crunch my mod numbers down and have started a server pack. Would I be able to add your mod to my server pack? I'm not changing anything in the mod, and I am fully crediting authors on the server pack page ( . Please reach out to me if this is okay. Thank you.
Old Man Vape Mar 26 @ 8:53am 
Love the Mod works great Just wondering if any chance to add Expansion Boats to be able to push? they get stuck on land on some maps would be really awesome with all these island maps lately like iztek melkart and valning and others