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Nov 13, 2019 @ 11:05am
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IRP Land Rover Defender 110

Hello everyone, we here at InfectedRP had this amazing piece done recently and thought it would be a shame to not allow others to enjoy it and have therefore decided to release this vehicle separate from our private mod pack. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we will!

The new Land Rover Defender will make travelling around the lands Chernarus feel like breeze and of course, with a big boot and the rooftop you will have plenty of extra space for when you are moving equipment. As with the real landrover the battery is attached on the driver seat. The Land Rover comes in 3 variants to fit everyone needs!

Car Specifications & features:

● 4 colourer variants (Yellow, Green, Red and UN white)
● 600 Slots
● Spare tire slot available (rear)
● canister slot available (rear)
● 2X Barrel slot available (rooftop)
● Shovel slot available (rooftop)
● Camo Net slot available (rooftop)
● Chest slot available (rooftop)
● 4 seats (2 front, 2 rear seats)
● Working lights (headlights, rear, reverse, brake)
● Custom sound
● Working suspension

Known issues:
None currently, please report any below.

Class names:

Wheel: Defender110_koleso
Door front left: Defender110_dver_1_1
Door front right:Defender110_dver_2_1
Door rear left: Defender110_dver_1_2
Door rear right:Defender110_dver_2_2
Hood: Defender110_kapot
Trunk: Defender110_bagazhnik
Car itself: CrSk_Land_Rover_Defender_110

For green, red or UN version add _Green, _UN or _Red at the end of door/hood/trunk/car class names

A huge thank you for CrushingSkirmish for implementing the vehicle to DayZ and MaximMM1 for creating the 3D model!

If you have any questions then reach out to Svenne on Discord: Svenne#4172
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< >
Ricky 1 hour ago 
Why the fuck are the xml files that come with the mod incorrect? so that you need to drive around and notice this mod isnt working, read the comments that people left to tell you that you have to add Vehicle in the class name. GG for wasting people times
✪ flashpointD 6 hours ago 
@<]PxP[> Ada you need to add the prefix "Vehicle" to the events.xml and cfgeventspawns.xml

--> <event name="VehicleLandRoverDefender">
<]PxP[> Ada 18 hours ago 
We would very much like to have used this vehicle on our server. but unfortunately the jeep doesn't spawn. installed the mod several times and gave the maximum to spawn. without success. does anyone have a solution? would be totally great!

Enduar 19 hours ago 
This mod is very well done, however when I last tested it (last patch) this vehicle was noticeably faster than any other vehicle in the game (Higher acceleration, higher top speed, less impact from adverse terrain). Is there any way to balance this on our end, or would this have to be a change made by you? I really wanted to include this on our own server, however we did not want to upset vanilla balance and ultimately decided not to.
Fmslick Feb 25 @ 8:53am 
Land-Rover = copyright , you may want to rename it to the old school name "Hand Over" !@?
Xorrox Feb 25 @ 5:39am 
@Sunao change the lifetime in types.xml to 3888000
<type name="CrSk_Land_Rover_Defender_110_UN">
<flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>
Sunao Feb 25 @ 1:14am 
I did everything according to the instructions, added all the lines to the types file. Verified. The car disappears after 5-10 minutes(
N3ur0ph1n Feb 22 @ 5:42am 
The tires on the Defender were missing on two sides, I got in and died
Husker Feb 19 @ 2:40am 
Also when I search for Svenne#4172 on discord I get nothing...a link would help...cheers
Husker Feb 19 @ 2:29am 
Just come back to day Z from years of scripting on Arma 3...still learning how to manage a can anyone please point me in the right direction re instructions to add this to my server...Appreciate it