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October 1, 2007
United Kingdom (Great Britain) 

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And Welcome to [APG] All Platform Gaming

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Site Description & Information:
About us & our Community: All Platform Gaming We are a Multi-Gaming Community.

We support all types of Gamers, NO matter your skill or hardware or even how much you play... Your more then welcome to join us or our community.

Just a friendly note that joining this group does not mean you are made a member!

We also advertise for other clans on a help me and I'll help you basis.

Please spread the word & Invite all your friends & family...

All Platform Gaming We are a Multi-Gaming-Community. Games Supported So Far: COD4, BF2142, BF2, L4D, TFC, CS1.6, DOD1.3, FireArms, TF2, CS:S, DOD:S, HL1 & Mods, HL2 & Mods & many more. We also support online Console gaming such as: PS3 and XBOX360 Live. Is a large part of our online gaming community .While we do support a variety of group specific activities, our focus has been and will always be providing the best possible internet gaming experience for all of our members and guests. Everyone is welcome to join the All Platform Gaming community, the only requirement we ask is? To treat everyone with respect. We are all here to have fun, to experience the games we love in a mature and great environment.
[APG] and our members Would like to say thank you to our sponsors and to all who have supported us....
We are looking for members and admins. So if you would like to join us then apply within at:

[APG] Server List URL - CLICK HERE![]

And many more servers...!
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Xmas Competition 2018 Cancelled
100th Anniversary for Poland's Independence
DylanHaderach Mar 18 @ 10:58am 
hello, i love goldsource games.
[APG]RoboCop[CL] Mar 16 @ 1:19pm 
As I said: it will be a lie for me to say that [APG] is protected against all cheats and hacks, because that isn’t exactly true. You CANNOT really put ALL cheats and hacks to a complete halt online as that is theoretically impossible. We can only MINIMISE any illegal threats or hacks in our [APG] servers and not use VAC alone. Be sure to keep your OS, browser and your security software up to date.

VAC does have some flaws when it works with MW2 and MW3 but those VAC bans cannot be removed easily - even if you are hijacked or when your PC get infected. But here in [APG] we want our players to have the confidence to play in our servers with the additional anti-cheats and hack blocks as much as possible. Just don't let your guard down and let VAC take away your dignity and self-esteem.
[DSTR]Dark_Dragon[APG].ukr Jan 1 @ 3:08pm 
☆* ✦ℳмerry ℭхmas & A ℋhappy 2018✦ *☆
[APG]RoboCop[CL] Nov 25, 2017 @ 8:18am 
Remember: no important bug reports - no gifts to give away!
Auld Oct 27, 2017 @ 10:07am 
Not sure I belong anymore.
[APG]RoboCop[CL] Oct 27, 2017 @ 8:22am 
No idea.