Special K - "Kaldaien's Mod" Special☆K
Special K - "Kaldaien's Mod" Special☆K
May 23, 2016
ABOUT Special K - "Kaldaien's Mod"

Special K v 0.9.0 Officially Released

Introduces several enhancements for video capture software as well as even more Steam integration ;)

Feature growth will slow down with 0.9.0, and I will instead focus on documentation and making sure the features that already exist are easier to use.
Special K Celebrates Another Year
      --standalone Special K turned one year old!
    I had an opportunity to review Special K's progress over the year since it broke out as a standalone product to enhance / fix / have more fun with games.
After a bit of introspection, I realized I am every bit the full-stack game programmer now that I was in the late 90's and early 2000's when I was developing game engines at Lyra Studios.
    I know low-level audio, graphics, input, network (somewhat dated) and even have machine learning (AI) under my belt thanks to post-grad education I did not have back then.
I realize I would be an asset to any game development company, but am more interested in writing tools I retain full ownership of. Helping our little piece of gaming on PC with technical issues is also important to me. I feel a stronger sense of purpose helping, rather than creating technology for a soulless publisher :CrowdControl:

    With that, I would like to put to rest any ideas that I might start consulting for game port developers. I am open if ever presented an attractive offer, but let me make it clear, that stuff takes a backseat to my mod project and would likely only serve to finance this.
I have taken a step back and looked critically at the "design" of Special K -- hoping that if I squinted just right and believed hard enough I might find something -- but it simply does not exist.
      :NAUTILUS: The infamous captain Ad-Hoc design seeks to pilot our vessle aground!
    I feel the only way to move this project forward for long-term continued development is to begin modularizing the project and actually spending quality design time on this thing, rather than writing throw-away debug code to reverse engineer individual games and then tacking useful features onto something with no maintainable or even discernible design.

I Will Be Isolating Various Functions

  1. My Custom ImGui Implementation and Input Management System

    • Offers a more intuitive input experience using gamepad, keyboard, mouse than seen in other projects using ImGui (i.e. ReShade)

  2. Performance Data Collection and Profiling

    • For advanced modders or tweakers looking to improve performance, Special K has a few unique features not seen in other non-developer oriented tools

  3. Shader, Texture and (in some mods) Mesh Modification Systems

    • Special K covers a larger range of APIs than any singular project I am aware of; these systems have not been unified and are in many cases sitting uniquely in specific game mods not being useful to the gaming community as a whole.

  4. Installation, Auto-Update and Mod Content Add-on Infrastructure

    • Tales of Symphonia "Fix" has support for custom texture packs downloaded from GitHub, but the system is not extensible and only I am able to author such add-on content at the moment.

  5. Debug Backend

    • I have built a sophisticated debug engine (in addition to D3D11 graphics debugger) into a piece of software whose primary application is not software development. I would like to capitalize on this and polish off the design of these systems to make writing mods easier for other small and large scale game mod projects.

  6. Plug-Ins

    • The real powers of Special K are its plug-ins

        They are non-standard at this point :pointless:

      I am continuing to learn good and bad design principles for a general purpose plug-in system and I really want developers to be able to write small plug-ins to Special K the same way I write my game mods. This is my biggest design goal and I expect will finally encourage open source collaboration once I fill-out and stabilize the design of the plug-in API.

I am eager to continue providing developer-grade tools in a relatively easy to digest form that give "normal" gamers the best possible gaming experience free from as many technical worries as I can help smooth out for you.

    I hope you are looking forward to year 2; I know I am.:harley:

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Special K - "Kaldaien's Mod" reviews
"Technical problems; solutions and game enhancements."
Here are a few recent reviews by Special K - "Kaldaien's Mod"
Kaldaien Aug 17 @ 7:08am 
None of this would even be a problem if Wwise weren't trashing the game's heap memory at start. But it's causing a memory overrun that causes random crashes later. I've seen it in other games too, so either Capcom and various other developers are misusing the software... or there's a several year old bug that AudioKinetic needs to fix.
Kaldaien Aug 17 @ 7:03am 
Yeah, I'm not in a hurry to promote the code that fixes MHW to the release branch. It's not adequately tested with other games.

BUT, Special K works just fine with an alternate version sitting in the game's directory. That version is always loaded in-place of the global version. So there's no pressing need to fix this. Just use the aforementioned version that's in active development.
Aemony Aug 17 @ 4:07am 
@NoVa: Be sure to use the actual MHW-compatible version of the mod that's currently located in the Special K thread on the MHW boards:

The v0.9.x versions located in this group isn't compatible yet with the game.
NoVa🌛 Aug 17 @ 3:14am 

I couldn't even get this darned Special K to even work at all with Monster Hunter World. Monster Hunter World crashes right after the CAPCOM logo every-single-time with Special K installed. The game is completely crash-free without Special K.
Vincent Van Vega (Thomas) Aug 12 @ 9:28pm 
Hey Kaldaien, I'm wondering if you need help figuring out "Texture mods with Special K " on Yakuza 0, I can lent my help!
Kaldaien Aug 12 @ 9:46am 
I'll look into it - no promises though. I can probably assist on the render-end, obviously. I'm really lousy with Cheat Engine but I have my own custom tools for graphics-related debugging. It'll probably be easier to try and combine both things.