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Ceasefire Role Play Mod Collection
Collection of mods used by the Ceasefire Role Play Community. Each mod name and author will be credited below.
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Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Created by Not A Banana
BuilderItems is a mod that allows server owners to have a much wider range of options when placing details on the map.

This is not the editor itself, but a mod to give you more options with the editor! You still need to download and use comm...
Created by Chopper
Updated for 1.18!

The BBP 2.0 update, has brought much needed life, polish and love back into BaseBuildingPlus!

This update has brought a ton of new QoL features/requests and includes a rework/addition of 30+ building parts!

Created by Windstride

This mod pack will bring to life clothing items that i think fits the post-apocalyptic Chernarus.[/...
Created by Wicked
Mod content for exclusive use for Ceasefire RP only. Please do not repack or redistribute this mod and it's contents without exclusive permission from myself. This mod was made for it's sole use on the Ceasefire RP community server. Visit www.ceasefirerp....
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, ra...
Created by Dr_J0nes
This Mod brings AI Trader, Tradercitys and Safezones to DayZ!
The standard Currency is the Ruble Item. You can Buy and Sell Items at the Tradercitys or just relax at the Safezones. The standard Tradercity-Locations are at Green-Mountain and Kumyr...
Created by IceBlade
Check out the showcase video:

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Advanced Weapon Scopes
Created by Inkota

This mod is designed as almost complete replacement for vanilla scopes for providing more smooth game experience since only my scopes has unique abilities.
My recomendation is getting rid of any vanilla scopes except PU, Kobra, PSO and 1PN51.

Created by Cooltrain
Ear Plugs allow you to lower and toggle your sound effect volume so you can hear VOIP easier. Perfect for driving, or flying.

What does it do?
Ear Plugs allows you to lower your volume via a rebindable key to a custom set level which you can t...
Created by ForsakenRP

IRP Land Rover Defender 110

Hello everyone, we here at ForsakenRP had this amazing piece done recently and thought it would be a shame to not allow other...
Xehara's Custom Clothing
Created by Xehara
All files will show up with XCC_ at the beginning of them. There are roughly 130+ retextures included.

The preview images are a work in progress.

If you use this mod on your server I'd love to feature you in the description! Comment a link to your co...
Gerphelius Zil-130
Created by Gerphelius
DayZ 1.19 Compatible
Car features:
  • 2 colors (Blue, Green)
  • 10 seats, 1000 slots, 175L fuel capacity
  • Spare wheel, 4 Barrel, 6 Wooden Crate slots
  • Realistic sounds, animated gauges and suspension, working lights, glas
Created by Wicked
This mod is the sole property of the CeasefireRP Server. Please do not repack, repload or redistribute it's contents without my permission.

lada lightbar from
Created by Wicked
This mod is the sole property of the CeasefireRP Server. Please do not repack, repload or redistribute it's contents without my permission....
Advanced Banking

With this mod you can easily deposit / withdraw ruble (or other currencies aswell) in your bank account and even make clan accounts where Teams can stack their Money, but no need to worry, the Clan Account shows logs in the in...
Created by Handsome Nipple
If you are looking for a base raiding/explosive mod that works directly with DayZ's damage system you should check out my new mod More Explosives.

This mod enables base raiding...
Basic Territories
Created by DaemonForge
Basic Territories

This is a Basic Territories mod, expanding on the vanilla flag pole, this mod is basic and is going to stay this way, for a more full featured version that will come in a future Base Building Plus update.

With this mod you...
Created by DaemonForge
Notifications Upgrade
An upgrade to the existing notification system to make it more beautiful

Then I can add in to disable the sound press " ] " it should save to the client

Per popular request via this mod we have made i...
Created by Wardog
Ever drove your vehicle so fast around a corner that it flipped? Or your vehicle launched so far into the sky your friends lost sight of you? Well when the vehicle finally decides to come down from the sky and roll over on it's side o...
Created by Hunterz
This mod add new feature - cover car with camo net or tarp. Covered car prevents disappearing during server restarts, because its static object without physics. Covered cars can help boost server performance. (adjust spawn rate - see ...
Created by Helkhiana
Expansion compatible mod:

WARNING: Install this after a vehicle wipe. This will unlock any cars locked by expansion or trader keys. This mod will be updated at my convenience and by using...
Created by Nehr
WIP mod.

If you have reskin the vehicle the last update will brake it
you need to update you .cpp with the new "hiddenSelections", "h
Created by Chubby
CabinZ is a work in progress cabins/features will be added in the future.

1 Spacious Cabin Available.
CodeLock Support
Buildable From Kit
Working Fireplace.

Special Drill Required To Dismantle From Inside Cabin Only.

CabinZ ...
Created by CJ187
With this mod, boxes for special surprises can be found.

Admins and server operators have complete freedom and can setup the spawns, the crates, the conditions and the loot inside completely themselves and if necessary also add with various random facto...
Created by Wardog
Chernarus can be a very cold and unforgiving land, let's make it a bit more bearable by being able to identify your threats. Survivors are tagged when entering the nation of Chernarus, only their name and the date they were tagged can...
Heroes And Bandits
Created by DaemonForge
Working with 1.11
Heroes and Bandits Humanity Mod

This mod add humanity to Dayz in a very expandable way, allowing for server owners and mod creators to dictate almost everything including the ability to create customized Leve...
Created by Spook
Work in DayZ v1.13

Long Range Transceiver is a simple script mod.
This mod increases the Range of the Original DayZ Handheld Transceiver. Thus, instead of carrying the big radio that is worn on the back. Using this small handheld r...
Created by RaG Tyson
Addon for the Cabin_Mod_RaG'ed to make it compatible with Code Lock Mod....
Created by RaG Tyson
Cabin Mod with Hand-Water-Faucet

Stinkenator and Killerek were kind enough to gave me the source files so i can further Maintain and Fix issues on the Cabin.
That being said, a big shoutout to both of you for providing ...