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Nov 29, 2020 @ 1:56pm
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This mod add new feature - cover car with camo net or tarp. Covered car prevents disappearing during server restarts, because its static object without physics. Covered cars can help boost server performance. (adjust spawn rate - see below)

When is car uncovered, its restored to original state:

- car body damage
- locking state of attachments
- fluids
- attachments (of course inventory of attachments)
- car inventory (all entities like weapon with all attachments and their state)
- locking state of car (Trader keys ,MuchCarKey, CarLock(TraderPlus) and Expansion with addon mod supported)
- Expansion users should use this addon mod (adding compatibility with exp keys) Thx LAVA for creating it.

How it works[]

Right now are supported vanilla cars and some modded cars, but mod is extendable and prepared.
On server is a config file with definiton which car is covered by which cover type and offset for mispositioned car models. CarCover recognize Basic Territory mod - its needed setup permission who can cover/uncover vehicles. Covered vehicles are visible on CFTools/Gamelabs admin map.

Installation: on server side just add mod, config file will be generated. Also dont forget copy key file to keys directory on server. Because mod adding new objects, of course must be installed on client and server too. Add -mod=@CarCover to server startup options. Dont forget add entries from example types.xml - its for persistency of covers on map and of course spawning winter variant of camo net and tarp.
Recommended is extending lifetime of cars - default vanilla 3 seconds is insufficient and can cause problems. Set cars lifetime to something like 3888000
If needed, adjust spawn rate of cars on server too. See example events.xml file[] (Thx ^kätzchen for this example)

Modded cars support
- TrolleyKart
- IRP-LandroverDefender
- Gerphelius Zil-130
- MoreCars
- Nehr Lada Pickup (thx for models)
- Blackouts Corvette (thx for cover model)
- Kamaz Truck (by LaGTek)
- More Kamaz
- Savage BTR (thx for cover model)
- Savage Tahoe (thx for cover model)
- dbo_S1203
- Rag Hummer Armored
- UAZ469Kirman
- Mercedes G65
- Rag Offender
- Veedub Lt
- BMW 525i (MoreBMW too)
- Expansion vehicles (thx Gramps for testing)
- Zeroy Jeep Willys (thx for model)
- Sky Jeep (thx for geometry)
- TrailBruiser
- Kopter (exp)
- Savage Snowmobiles
- Trolley E Kart
- Rag MTVR
- Mung ATV
- Cars Plus
- CZLandroverDefender
- Blackouts Baja (thx for cover model)
- LandRover Defender Pickup
- MRAP (thx for geometry lod)
- Dingo truck (thx for geometry lod)
- MoreDingo
- Rag Gaz 69 (thx for geometry lod)
- Rusflex CrSk Typhoon
- Rag Hummer Refresh
- CJ187 Cars
- CrSk VAZ 2107
- LAPV (thx for geometry)
- Growler ITV (thx for geometry)
- Jeep Wrangler (thx for geometry)
- Armored Vehicle Pack
- dbo_tractor
- Chevy C10 Spurgerado
- Rag Landrover Defender 110
- Jeep Cherokee 1984(thx for geometry)
- Dmns Vehicles Redux (thx for classnames/attachments)
- LAMV (thx for geometry)
- UAZ 3303 (thx for geometry)
- UAZ 469 v2
- Pitbull VX
- Nehr TrailBrozer
- WickedRV (thx for geometry and model)
- Bastard BMW e32
- Bastard Mercedes w123, w124
- Bastard Rover
- UAZ469 from RolePlayMod
- NeonMurder Kamaz
- Bastard Jeep CJ-7
- VAZ 2126
- RaG Schoolbus
- FK Kraz 6322
- Chaos Kartz
- Crocodocs QuadBike
- GunnerTruck Oshkosh
- Gaz Tigr
- dbo_atv
- Sur_atv

I will not support payed crap vehicles like psycho which by malicious scripts broke other vehicle mods or nightwolf helis which contains backdoor.
CarCover is free mod and will support only free vehicles.


Others cars will be added step by step...

First is needed some model of cover. Then define new class in config.cpp which will be based on CarCoverBase.
Good example is TrolleyKart. Just look into config.cpp Then you can create mod with new cover and make it depends on this mod.

There are reference mod - thx to Wolfskymoon.
or another reference mod - thx to Tech
or French Panhard by Sfmplayer
or RedFalcon helis by Nutter
or RusForma Vehicles by DopeSmokez420
or CarsVanillaPlus by Doc

Question regarding models please direct to Lusk-Hlynge on discord: hlynge#2885
If you have any questions, best way to contact me on discord: HunterzCZ#4660

Known Issues
- propably some hidden bugs are there (I am not able test every mod combinations)

You are not allowed to repack, reupload this mod.
You are allowed look into mod for learning purposes or if you would like know how it works..

Any feedback is welcome.


- Lusk-Hlynge (models)
- Spurgle (models)
- Funkdoc (big scripting help)
- Кастет (scripting help)
- all car modders who helps us to make accurate shapes for their cars
- LAVA for creating compatibility addon for Expansion
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< >
Hunterz  [author] May 15 @ 9:53pm 
you can make addon which add more hitpoints to covers... covers are not concrete bunkers...
Wicked May 15 @ 8:45pm 
Is there a way to prevent car covers being ruined. Seems to be an issue with players griefing covered vehicles
Sandstrüm May 13 @ 6:28am 
I know....nevermind...
Hunterz  [author] May 13 @ 6:26am 
its different object, it have nothing to do with vehicle lifetime, vehicle is different object
Sandstrüm May 13 @ 6:25am 
Thanks for the reply, yes I understand that they are separate. This lends to my question, if for example, I make the lifetime of "Volga_Cover" in the carcover types to be 2 days, after 2 day of not being touched, will that expiration effect the vehicle that it is covering, therefore despawn the vehicle? The point being, if a vehicle lifetime was maxed at 3888000, would it be overwritten by that car's carcover of 172800?Therefore, players would lose the vehicle at 172800 (2 days) instead of the 3888000 (45 days)?
Hunterz  [author] May 13 @ 4:46am 
covered vehicle with carcover is different game object than vehicle, both have different types.xml entry, jusch check files shipped with mod
Hunterz  [author] May 13 @ 4:44am 
carcover object just represent covered vehicle and have own lifetime - see types.xml. Most of server admins make longer lifetime for covered cars and shorter for normal uncovered vehicle.
Sandstrüm May 13 @ 4:27am 
Is the lifetime of the carcover conected to the lifetime of the vehicle? If I have the carcover set for 2 day lifetime, after the 2 days, the vehicle will despawn with the carcover? I am wanting to control the lifetimes of the vehicles we have on the server. So if a vehicle utilizes a car cover the lifetime of that vehicle is then controlled by the carcover lifetime and not the vehicle lifetimes?
Hunterz  [author] May 12 @ 9:44pm 
hmm, mistake... will be fixed in next update
Old Man Vape May 12 @ 2:27pm 
it did but after last update it dont