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Apr 5, 2020 @ 2:50am
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Expansion compatible mod:

WARNING: Install this after a vehicle wipe. This will unlock any cars locked by expansion or trader keys. This mod will be updated at my convenience and by using it you're agreeing to this. If you don't like it, don't use it.

This mod allows you to lock any car, spawned or from trader. The car keys come in several colours and they have a tag for easier organisation. You can sell the keys separately at trader, make them spawn with the car or findable in the world.

Q:How it works?
Take key in hand, look at car (must have all doors closed and all doors including trunk and hood in the slots). It will give you an option to assign key to car. After assiging key you can use it to lock,unlock the car.

Q:How do you get more copies of a key?
Server owner can place a MCK_Grinder at places where you can duplicate your key. You can only make duplicates if key was assigned. Your key takes damage each time you make a copy. e.g. 1 key gives you 2 keys before its ruined. then you can turn 2 keys into 4 and so on. You can craft a key by using a wrench at the grinder too.

Q:Can an admin unlock cars?
You have MCK_MasterKey and MCK_ResetKey. These are spawnable by admins. Master key will be able to unlock/lock any car, regardless if they have key assigned. Reset key will be able to reset a car's assigned key, only works if car unlocked.

Q:Is there raiding available?
Yes. You can change in the config to allow raiding aka lockpicking. You can choose in config the tool of your choice. In config you can also set if the lockpicking has 100% success rate or lower chance.

Q:As an admin how can I place the grinder?
MCK_Grinder is spawnable with VPP object builder, COM or DayZEditor. This won't show in regular item spawn for VPP and with COT you won't be able to choose position.

Q:I don't have trader. How do I get keys spawned?
You can try spawning them with the car or as regular item. That stuff is your server's choice.

Q:Can I make trader give your key when buying a vehicle?
No. Sell it as separate item. And put your vehicles as VNK to not give the trader key.

Lifetime Maintenance
How does lifetime maintenance work? In config there's 2 sets of lifetimes, MaxLifetime and MaxLifetimeWithoutAnyPlayerInteraction For MaxLifetimeWithoutAnyPlayerInteraction you should set a lower amount. e.g. if you spawn cars with CE and there's a single car in a very obscure place, you can use this to maintain their lifetime For MaxLifetime you should put maximum you ever want cars to be sitting around. If a player starts a car that doesn't have a key it will set lifetime to MaxLifetimeWithoutAnyPlayerInteraction If a player starts a car that had a key assigned, it will set the lifetime to MaxLifetime Opening doors, interacting with the car in any other ways other than the ones below won't count towards the lifetime reset What does reset lifetime? - Starting a car - Assigning a key - Locking the car - Unlocking the car Do we still need lifetimes in types set correctly? Yes you do. I'd recommend to put same amount or higher than MaxLifetime Why would we do this? You'd have 2 lifetimes to maintain cars in the world as cars spawned with CE will never despawn unless they are destroyed. This ensures cars will cycle spawns. I use 5 days without key, 2 weeks with key. This will ensure active people keep their cars and new ones will come into the world.

DO NOT COPY CONFIG FROM HERE! Use config from the mod folder. Make sure you don't have comments in your json otherwise it will break. { "version": 1, //don't change "CanCraftKey": 1, // 1 - enable crafting of key at grinder | 0 - disable crafting "CanPickCarLocks": 0, // 1 - enable picking locks/raiding | 0 - disable raiding "RaidTool": "Lockpick", / Class name of tool for raiding. You can use either this or the array below for multiple items "RaidTools": [ //define multiple class names for raiding "Lockpick" ], "ToolDamage": 50, //how much damage the tool will get for each wheel completed "ChanceToPickLock": -1.0, //put -1.0 if you want to have the wheel only once, or the percentage chance e.g. 40% is 40.0 of breaking in each wheel completion. "TimeToPickLock": 200.0, //time in seconds to complete one wheel. you might want lower if you have chance to lock pick set "ActivateExtendedLogs": 1, //it adds extra logging in MCK log file "LifetimeMaintenanceEnabled": 1, // 1- If you want the mod to maintain lifetime of vehicles , 0 - disabled "MaxLifetime": 1296000, // you should put maximum you ever want cars to be sitting around - in seconds "MaxLifetimeWithoutAnyPlayerInteraction": 432000 // lifetime for how long a car can sit around without having a key assigned; it can be same as MaxLifetime if you wish - in seconds }

Dr. Jones - For allowing me to use parts of his car locking mechanism. Check out his trader mod ->
Wardog, DaOne and Jacob for helping me understand RPCs and NetVariables.
Jest - for being my tester <3 and having this idea in first place

You may run this on monetized servers as long no item or retexture of an item from this pack is monetized.

Repack is not allowed.
Copyright 2020-2021 Helkhiana This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account Helkhiana.

Any issues join discord and get the DayZ Mods role. Post in the right area and I'll get back to you. I WILL NOT ACCEPT STEAM OR DISCORD INVITES!
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