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This is a standalone new Trader Mod that allows you to have traders into the game. It doesn't require Trader as it is a complete new mod


The main idea behing this mod is simple: YOU CAN ONLY BUY WHAT HAS BEEN SOLD PREVIOUSLY

This trader is completely different from what you've seen so far. It contains a lot of cool features such as:

-The Trader has a stock value for each item that can be set. Once that value reached, the trader won't accept this item anymore.
-Thanks to the stock feature, you're able to define a dynamic price based on the stock quantity. So higher is the stock lower is the price (Buy/Sell)
-Destock system at server restart ( optional )
-Of course, you can still make some items with unlimited stock like Dr.Jones Trader.
-Item condition such as pristine, damaged, worn will reduce the price of the trade. Now item condition matters !.
-You can easily see for each trader what you can sell them with a category called Sellable.
-It supports Multi currency at the same time.
-Cars can be packed with a wrench or pliers in order to get a receipt that can be sold as proof of owner ship to the trader
(if you're using current Trader or MuchCarKey and you deactivated the CarLock feature, only an unlock car will be packable).
-The receipt can be deployed to a fully working car inside safezone or all map depending on settings.
-A license system so you can restrict the ability to access a trader based on licenses. Licenses can be bought at the trader or set directly to a specific player. Check the documentation for more infos.


That mod brings also a new banking system.

For now this system is pretty basic:
-You're able to withdraw/deposit money from/to your bank account
-You can set a variable so bank menu can only be access with a credit card in hand
-You can define fees so transaction aren't fully given to the player or put into the bank account.

I'm planning to extend this bank system so clan member can make a common account and allow player to make transfer between one an other.

The garage system is pretty like what you may have seen already in the modding community. It allows users to store vehicle into an external database to “protect” the vehicle from the server environment such as raiding, server database wipe, days bugs and mainly to improve server performances. An then, when the user wants it, to get back the car on a parking location near the garage npc.

This garage system is for now compatible with TraderPlus CarLock, Trader keys and MuchCarKey.

In addition you can sell directly car in your garage to the trader and buy car that goes directly to your garage !


That mod brings also a new way to lock cars.

You'll get in that mod two new items:
-A CarLock with an 8 digits password so you can secure your car really easely. You only need to enter the password once and the car will lock/lock for life, same goes for your friends if you share the password.
-A CarLockPick to attempt to steal the car by removing the code lock. Chance value can be changed in config. Once you start picklocking a car, a car alarm will be played for 5 min on a 500 meters radius.
-As the owner, of owner of the password, you'll be able to pack the car
-Ability to lock/unlock car while in car by pressing U
-Lock and Unlock does play a sound


Of course, what's a trader mod without safezone!

That mod include safezone that disable most of the annoying action that can happen in the trader such as:
-Injection on target
-Desinfect on target
-Force consume on target
-Pack tent
-GiveBlood to target
-Collect blood from target
-Deploy Object
-Restrain yourself or target
-Force feed someone
-Lock doors
-Unpin grenades

In addition, zombies will be cleaned when they see a player.

You're also able to set item that will be cleaned over time and set admins that can bypass disable action while in safezone !

Warning ! Because of the CarLock, your cars are gonna get corrupted at first launch. If you're already using a key system such as Trader or MuchCarKey, I invite you to use @DisableCarLock link is here : link
You can repack @DisableCarLock, I don't mind.

i made a complete documention pdf that will explain everything you have to know about the mod. It includes informations about how to install and how to configure the mod.
Additional informations: You may need BuilderItems to see the default trader ;)

For thoses who use Dr.Jones Trader mod, there is an explanations in the documentation telling you how to convert your TraderConfig to TraderPlusPriceConfig in addition to autocalculation of the stock value based on your nominal value in your types.xml

The documention pdf can be found in the mod folder after subscribing to it !

A excel tool is also available in the mod folder to help you play and configure the price for each item.

Tutorials video will soon follow to help you understand more about the mod.

In addition to myself who've done all the scripting, I would like to thanks:
-Dr.Jones for being the first in the community releasing a trader. He’s the one who show us how a trading system is important for the community and he deserve our gratitude for that.
-Chubby for providing the currencies to the mod
-Morty for the nice feedback during testing
-All the tester that came testing the mod
-All the modding community that allow me to learn and be able to make that

-A way to close trader based on a schedule
-A way to make the trader move it's location on a pathway in order to make it dynamic
-Trader quest inviting the player to bring item that are out of stock for bonus

That mod took me six weeks of full time work. (I'm on a cesure, I had time ;) )
So if you want to support the developpment and allow me to keep improving it.
You're welcome to do regular donation or a one time donation :

Here is my Paypal:]
Here is my Patreon:]

Here is the community discord dedicated to my mods:]

Here is the trello dedicated to the mod, you can reports bugs, propose features, fund features there.
Trello link[]]


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