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The rework of the mod is now live, a list with most of the changes can be found in the changelog section
The json-file has a new structure, please do not use the old one

The old versions can be temporarily found here:

This mod enables base raiding with a c4 breachingcharge, which can be used to destroy fences and gates, as well as other walls and other objects from mods such as BBP, Simple Base, More Doors and Expansion.

In order to make it fully compatible with the Expansion mod you will need this compatiblity mod:

If you are using the codelock mod you will also need this compatibility mod:

Changes for the rework:
- the mod's code has been mostly rewritten, this means:
-> (hopefully) less bugs and overall issues
-> the mod can more easily be used as a base-line to build upon
-> compatiblity with new mods should be easier to achieve now
-> adding new functionality (like new types of charges and new code as a whole) should be easier as well now
- explosions are now working properly again, they can damage players and create a particle effect with sound
- watchtowers are now destroyable (each wall and floor can be destroyed individually, destroying a lower floor means that all upper floors will be destroyed as well)
- charges now have to be armed manually, they no longer will automatically arm when placed, if you place them now it should give you a new action to arm them

Changes for server owners:
- the mod creates its own folder called "Breachingcharge" in the profile folder now (like most other mods)
- this folder contains the json file to configure the mod and a separate folder for log files
- logs get put into their own files now instead of into the script logs

Json-file changes:
- the structure of the json file is a lot different now so the old one will not work anymore
- names for the json parameters have been overhauled to be easier to read
- there are a lot of new settings that can be changed, most of those should explain themselves through their name
- a few big new setting-options are: damage to players in a radius, destroying only locks instead of the objects themselves, custom defuse tools
- place-able charge types and health values are now not set per individual object anymore, there is a new system based on a tier-concept:
-> tiers can be added/removed by just adding a new entry to the tier list
-> the name for each tier can be whatever you want
-> tiers contain the place-able charges and health values
-> each destroy-able object gets assigned a tier and will use the tier's values
-> this means that changes can be made more easily without having to edit many individual objects
- another big change is that objects use specific names in the config now instead of their classnames:
-> this is limited to objects that have been specifically setup for this (i.e. vanilla dayz, BBP, SimpleBase, Expansion and MoreDoors)
-> custom objects can still be added, if they are not setup in the mod's code they will use their respective classnames
-> the specific names given to objects are based on which parts have been build, e.g. a tier 3 BBP door's base name is "BBP_T3_Door", if the door part is build it will add a name for the part at the end -> "BBP_T3_Door_Door"
-> this system takes a bit of getting used to at first but overall should enable more and easier configuration
-> Want only a specific type/state of object raid-able? -> Add only this specific type/state
-> You can find a list of object-names included in the mod's files
(should be under \Templates\lists for object names\)
-> Most objects from Expansion, BBP, SimpleBase, MoreDoors and vanilla dayz will use these names in the json, if you want to add objects that are not listed in any of the included lists then you can add them through simply using their classname

Homemade Breachingcharge
Heavy Breachingcharge
Sticks of C4
C4 with no wiring
Single Stick of C4
Single Stick of C4 with Duct Tape

Charcoalpowder + Sulfurpowder = Gunpowder
5x Gunpowder + Burlap Sack = Explosive
Explosive + Radio = Breachingcharge

2x Single Stick of C4 + Duct Tape = C4 Sticks
Detonator + C4 Sticks = C4 with no wiring
C4 with no wiring + Electronic Repair Kit = Heavy Breachingcharge

How to configure:
The time it takes to explode, plant and defuse the charge can be adjusted by the server owner in the file called "breachingcharge.json", which will be created on the first time the server launches with this mod enabled and can be found in a folder called "Breachingcharge" in your server's profile folder.

An explanation for the json-file parameters is included in the mod's files.

Repacking, modifying and reuploading of this mod or any of its content is not allowed.

Without my permission, this item is not authorized for posting on Steam.


Using this mod on a monetized server without permission is not allowed. If you are looking to get permission join the mod's discord server and take a look at the monetization channel. I allow usage on monetized servers on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to donate through Paypal, I would really appreciate it!
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Chuck`A Sickie Jul 17 @ 8:30pm 
Hello there good friend! Is it possible to add breaching charges to explode locked storage boxes with codelocks and tents with code locks ? thank u sir!!
ScimmiaCattiva Jul 5 @ 2:28am 
Can i place Breachingcharge on vehicles, buildings or to ground?
jrbbearden Jun 29 @ 8:14am 
anyone having issues with the breaching charge not destroying the entire wall? its leaving the pillars and bugs it out so that you can repair it or rebuild it. i am using expansion but am not using any expansion walls, its vanilla building only. maybe my settings arent right? has anyone seen this?
[NOMAD]Anonymous Jun 20 @ 4:43pm 
If anyone wants my .json let me know, I have code lock, and lock picking setup
Handsome Nipple  [author] Jun 20 @ 5:46am 
@Saber Six The breachingcharge json is the only json that really matters for this mod, it shouldn't be directly affected by any other json files. If you can't place the charges on any objects at all you probably have an error in your json and it can't be read, try running it through a json validator. If that's not the issue you can use one of the example jsons included in the mod. Should that still not fix the issue write me on discord (either in the mod's discord or in a pm) and I'll take a look

@Pepsi @Zephyreis You can find a types file on the mod's discord if you guys still need one
Saber Six Jun 19 @ 12:38pm 
I am running much stuff pack, bbp, codelock, and breaching charges. everything is raidable with a hacksaw and i can't attached breaching charges to anything. The only thing i can think of is that the msp code lock json specifies hacksaw as the raiding tool. I have heard that this is an issue and that there is a fix without having to remove mods. anyone have any ideas? many thanks.
Pepsi Jun 15 @ 9:06am 
Can we get a types file? please
Zephyreis May 28 @ 11:58pm 
no types file?
✟Scotty✟ May 23 @ 5:23am 
@Handsome Nipple thought so, just wanted to double check :) thanks for your help, and keep up the good work
Handsome Nipple  [author] May 23 @ 4:14am 
@✟Scotty✟ take a look at the top of the mod's description, if you use the codelock mod and want the charges to work properly with them you need the codelock compatibility mod as well