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There's the in-game admin UI menu now. I strictly suggest to use it instead of editing config files manually. And you don't need to restart server to apply changes anymore if you change them via the menu.
See the installation instruction. It has been updated.

The mod is designed for PvE/PvPvE servers.

PVEZ provides several customizable features to help server admins to regulate and manage PvE rules on their server:
- restore health lost when attacked by another player in PvE area;
- reflect different types of damage to the attacker;
- setup zones as PvP or PvE areas;
- notifications sent to a player on entering/leaving a zone;
- 4 modes:
  • PvE with PvP zones,
  • PvP with PvE zones,
  • PvE (the whole map is PvE area),
  • PvP (same as vanilla, useful if you just want to use zones notifications).
- disable damage to clothing and cargo if the damage is caused by other players in PvE area;
- option to allow PVP damage from PVE to PVP zone and vise versa;
- the Lawbreakers system, which helps to deal with those who break PvE rules;
- option to show lawbreakers on the map;
- bounties for killing lawbreakers;
- quite a lot of other customizable options.

What is the Lawbreakers system?
  • When someone breaks the rules by killing another player in PvE area, he gets the Lawbreaker status. A lawbreaker won't be healed upon getting damage even in PVE areas, and those who attack the lawbreaker won't get damage back (despite the settings). So, when a player sees the guy who have killed his friend, the player could get revenge for his friend and it will be considered an act of justice, no consequences for the player.
  • Within the "PVEZ_Config" folder (see step 4 of the server installation instructions) you'll find the file "PVEZ_Lawbreakers.json", it will store the data of all players who break the rules. Every lawbreaker data includes the lawbreaker UID (44 digits identificator), last three names he have recently used on the server, the amount of murders he performed against the law and date+time of his latest murder.
  • When a lawbreaker dies, he will not be a lawbreaker upon the respawn. But his murder count won't reset.
  • As an option, when someone becomes a lawbreaker the chat message could be sent to all players providing the information about who has broke the law. It also will be included in server logs (providing the info about lawbreaker name, his victim, the weapon and date+time of the murder.
  • Also, lawbreakers positions could be shown to other players on the map. If you enable it, consider to set the setting to allow lawbreakers to attack other players, so they could fight back when other player will hunt them down.

Known issues:
Shotgun in the face kills. Grenades kill. If something can kill with just one hit - it will kill.
Unfortunately, Bohemia doesn't let us to get access to the actual damage registration, we can't modify/disable damage at runtime.
PVEZ just restores the health to a player who has been hit by another player in PvE area, but apparently, it doesn't work in one hit - one death cases.

  1. Subscribe to the PVEZ mod at Steam Workshop;
  2. Copy/paste the mod folder from your "DayZ/!Wokshop/" folder into your server root folder ("DayZServer/");
  3. Copy/paste the *.bikey file from "@PVEZ/Keys" to your "DayZServer/Keys/" folder;
  4. Set up your server *.bat to launch the server with PVEZ mod (e.g., -mod=@PVEZ;).
  5. Start the server.
  6. The mod will then create PVEZ folder within your server profile folder.
    In that folder you'll find the file Admins.txt. To use PVEZ UI menu in game, add your 44-sign GUID or Steam64 ID to the file and save it. Then relog to server.
  7. Set the key to open PVEZ menu in the in-game input settings.

Airdrop plugin - turn airdrop points into PvP zones.
VanillaPlusPlusMap plugin - display lawbreakers markers and zones borderlines on VPP map.
DayZ-Expansion plugin - dislpay lawbreakers markers and zones borderlines on DayZ-Expansion map, turn Expansion airdrop points into PVP zones.

If you like the mod, I'd really appreciate it if you buy me a sandwich and a cup of tea:

About repacking:
Repacking and republishing as a new mod is not allowed (again).
But if you want to include the mod in your server mod pack, then provide a link or hyperlink to this page in your server mod description page.
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Bobroglaz Jun 5 @ 12:26pm 
humm I've not had that problem, when the server see's they are on a pvp zone regardless if they log, it should place them back in 1pp.
The Jebus Lizard Jun 5 @ 12:24pm 
Gunna second (third?) the issue @Zena10 has raised. Players can log off inside a PVP area, relog, and it breaks the 'force 1st person perspective'.

Also, seems it's not picking up players GUIDs in the online/roster. Could this be the reason?