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Compatibility plugin for PVEZ and Airdrop mods.
Compatible with both Airdrop-Upgraded and Airdrop.
With this plugin, Airdrop points will be turned into PvP zones.

Server-side mod.

PvP zones will be created automatically on airdrop points. Position of a zone is tied to the drop container position. The zone will be active as long as the drop container exist in the game world, and will be deactivated when the container disappear.
Settings for the airdrop zones are available in PVEZ admin menu. ZONES page, at the bottom there's a button called AIRDROP ZONES. Click on it and it will open a panel where you can set options for all airdrop zones.

Note: to work as intended, PVEZ mode should be set to "PVP zones", because if the mode is, for example, "PVE zones", then the zones around airdrops will work as PvE zones.

For DayZ-Expansion airdrops use PVEZ Expansion plugin.

"Your Airdrop mod" in the instruction stands for either Airdrop or Airdrop-Upgraded, depending on which one you use on your server.
Since it's server-side mod, the old signature file (Ermiq.bisign) in the subfolder "@PVEZAirdropZones/Addons" have to be deleted.
  1. Install PVEZ and your Airdrop mod.
  2. Subscribe to PVEZAirdropZones;
  3. Copy/paste the mod's folder from "DayZ/!Wokshop/" to your server root folder ("DayZServer/");
  4. Make sure that in "DayZServer/@PVEZAirdropZones/Addons" there's no signature *.bisign file left. If it's still there, delete it.
  5. Set up your server *.bat to load PVEZ and your Airdrop mod (e.g., -mod=@PVEZ;@Airdrop-Upgraded;) and PVEZAirdropZones as a server side mod (e.g., -servermod=@PVEZAirdropZones).
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Mar 7 @ 8:52pm
NEW Server using this mod
< >
John Wick Jun 7 @ 3:49pm 
no keys
Jax Teller May 1 @ 7:05pm 
the @PVEZAirdropZones folder dont have any keys..
Jax Teller May 1 @ 6:58pm 
Same Problem "client contains PBO which is not part of the server data", any solution??
Miziara Apr 19 @ 9:26pm 
Can this be repacked with full credits and link to this workshop page? Thanks!
Daxst3r Mar 17 @ 5:00am 
Had to remove this, as everyone gets a "client contains PBO which is not part of the server data" and it's definitely installed on the server.
Frederic Mar 16 @ 12:29pm 
i can find in PVEZ mod
"Radius": 150.0,
"Name": "Airdrop",
"ShowBorderOnMap": 1,
"ShowNameOnMap": 1,
"Activity_Schedule": {
"Days": "1 2 3 4 5 6 7",
"StartHour": 0,
"EndHour": 24
but it aint working.
Frederic Mar 16 @ 12:27pm 
mod working fine for me, but however, it doesnt mark it selfs on the map. and cant find a config file for that. it just is one for the loot?
Lompestomper Feb 27 @ 11:35am 
we have the same problem like dkelly, after restart its place back to client mod and its not any more a only server mod. can we find a solution for this? because unfortunately we have to remove it now from our server because people that us a DZSA launcher can not join.
Renegade533 Feb 24 @ 10:57am 
Yeah but then they can't join using DZSA as it launches using the mods listed on the server and if the mod changes from server mod to mod then it will get the players to load it automatically
Ermiq  [author] Feb 24 @ 5:11am 
You mean your server launch parameters get changed and move the mod from "-servermod=" into "-mod="? Well, just tell your players to not load this one. It's not signed, so that's why they get the error while trying to connect to the server with this mod loaded in their launcher. They don't need it. It's needed on the server only.