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Airdrop-Upgraded v1.21.07.20...
This DayZ mod provides for air delivery of randomly selected loot containers to selected locations scattered across the map. It also provides ‘Player Called’ loot container drops via Airdrop Flares (AirdropFlare).

Server administrators can configure the frequency of airdrops, the type of loot that will be delivered, and the type of zombies that will spawn at the drop area. Additional settings control how messages are delivered to the players, how the aircraft and containers behave, as well as how loot is placed around the container after touchdown.

» Detailed 'Server Admin's Guide' (linked below & in the mod folder)
» More control over all Airdrop functions
» Better randomization for all functions
» Customizable zombies per drop location
» Unlimited Drop Types & Content
» Adjustable Smooth Aircraft Terrain Following
» Specific lifespans on all spawned items
» Customizable to any DayZ map or area therein
» Customizable drop activity logging
» Detailed activity logging and automatic log file management
» New AN-12 transport aircraft (replaced the old C-130-J)

How To Use...
The 'Airdrop-Upgraded' mod is required on both the Client and the Server and all of it's various features are completely automated. Players that obtain an 'AirdropFlare' (either in an airdrop, on the map, from other players, or at a 'Trader') can call a private airdrop to their current location by activating an Airdrop Flare (AirdropFlare).

Requirements... NONE!
The 'Airdrop-Upgraded' mod DOES NOT require any other mods to be installed on the DayZ Client or Server:

Note: If custom AI and/or loot mods are installed on your server they should be be listed before the Airdrop-Upgraded mod in your startup script so their code & content is loaded first!

Client/Server Configuration...
» Players: Subscribe to the 'Airdrop-Upgraded' mod and make sure you activate it in your launcher before starting your DayZ client.
» Server owners: Refer to the 'Server Admin's Guide' (linked below & in the mod folder) within the downloaded '@Airdrop-Upgraded' folder. This guide details everything you need to know about setting up your server.

· This mod replaces the original 'Airdrop' mod and converts old settings.json files automatically.
· After using this mod please give us a Rating, post your Comments, and list your Server.
· I don't mind bad ratings, but please post an explanation of why it's bad so I can fix it.

» DiGiaComTech, developer of Airdrop-Upgraded mod.
» CaminoOnPC & Philippi, developers of the original 'Airdrop' mod.
» AN-12 aircraft model by Overlordchaos ...

Special Thanks to...
» Aflyingcougar, Ghosttown, Gravitywolf, HunterzCZ, MarioE, & Zedmag ... you guys ROCK!

Additional Links...
» Server Admin's Guide:
!!! Remember to save this link as I update the guide more often than the mod !!!
» Trello, Main Suggestions & Updates:
» Sample Airdrop Settings file:
» Discord:
» Donations: :/

Legal Notice...
The 'Airdrop-Upgraded' mod may NOT be packaged and/or re-packaged within any other mods and/or made available via any other methods. Permission from the developer and/or contributors (including but not limited to the individuals listed above) will not be granted to anyone under any circumstances. The 'Airdrop-Upgraded' mod is released on Steam with permission from CaminoOnPC, the original developer of the 'Airdrop' mod.

This mod MAY be used on monetized DayZ servers provided the server owners have secured all right necessary from Bohemia Interactive to operate a monetized server.

Note: Users may FREELY distribute any 'Airdropsettings.json' settings files. Please be sure to include the name of the MAP it is intended for and provide a list of any Mods that provide zombies or loot used in your settings files.

©Copyright 2019, 2020, & 2021 by DiGiaCom Technologies - » All Rights Reserved «

>>> Server Admin's Guide: <<<
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Lihoy May 17 @ 9:53am 
Hello! I have two questions about setting up the mod:
1 - how to set up that the airdrop called by the player with the help of a candle does not participate in the distribution of RANDOM? I mean, so that some sets fall on their own, namely, the called one is a separate set?
2 - how to add ammo not in the box? There is no place to specify the number of items in a stack
Tsakaile May 11 @ 5:59pm 
Do i need to add a signal flare to the file for the drops or does regular flare work?
LePunkQC May 5 @ 9:21pm 

First of all ! Thanks for your great job on this nice Mods.

I found something to help you.

SCRIPT (W): @"Airdrop-Upgraded/Scripts/4_World/entities\airdropcontainer.c,214": Missing ';' at the end of line
SCRIPT (W): @"Airdrop-Upgraded/Scripts/4_World/entities\airdropcontainer.c,409": Missing ';' at the end of line
simonDiz May 3 @ 3:07pm 
Guys, anyone have airdrop config for Deer Isle map? Pls.
Revolution2016 Apr 23 @ 8:07pm 
Read the guide. did not help. wish there was troubleshooting. Can not for the life of me get it to work on SwansIsland map. Freezes on loading screen. tried default, tried setting map size.
Rustybongs803 Apr 13 @ 4:04am 
Group letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs,
Aspirin for head pain, mydol for cramps.
It doesn't matter how many times mod creators explain something, or even make guides, no one freakin reads.. they just want to keep asking the same questions over and over...
Renkyz Apr 11 @ 11:28am 
It seems it is not possible to have the guns spawn with attachments like the airdrops do in DayZ-Expansion. Is this true? Or am I missing some instructions on how to achieve this with the mod?
A_Newport Apr 8 @ 3:22pm 
an why do so many AirDrop Settings spawning so many times in the airdrop file?
A_Newport Apr 8 @ 3:20pm 
if you can get them with something in them an share with me ill share my locations with you. i se banov as well.