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With this mod, boxes for special surprises can be found.

Admins and server operators have complete freedom and can setup the spawns, the crates, the conditions and the loot inside completely themselves and if necessary also add with various random factors.

To the Crates:

The core content of this mod are various crates, such as small wooden ammunition crates, wooden supply crates or typical military plastic crates.
These crates are all available in different sizes and colors, so there should be something for everyone.

But to the crates comes the probably most important part, the scripts, or the 'functionality'.
Thanks a lot to Hunterz, who wrote almost 100% of the code and implemented all my wishes.

To the functionality:

You can define which crates (incl. random) can spawn in which number on which coordinates (incl. random).
You can define if these crates are locked or unlocked.
If you want them to spawn locked, you have to setup which of the 12 included keys is the right one to open the crate.
Addon mod which adding more keys
Beside the keys there is also the possibility to lockpick or even to breach them with tools by force, or to deactivate these alternatives.
You can be setup how much the key will get damaged after usage.
Furthermore, it can be set how long the lockpicking or breaching open with the respective tools should take, including the damage for the tools!

The boxes are spawned ONLY at server restart and will be filled once with what is set.
Once a crate is opened, a rewarding light will appear from it.
Opened crates cannot be closed again and will not fill up with loot until the next server restart.
If you find an open crate, someone has probably been there before you!

Breaching open a crate by force can damage the contents depending on the tool, so watch out!

Now to the loot:

You can define this almost limitlessly.

Either you insert your desired loot into the crate spawn via classnames of the items, then you have only these fixed defined items in it, depending on the randomization value.
Or you can use the tables, which you can create yourself.
You can fill your tables with items and add these tables in the crate spawn. If you add your table in the crate spawner 5 times, the random factor will choose 5 random items out of the table.

Besides all the loot you can find there, the config also supports defining and creating completely assembled weapon sets.
You can define countless sets, e.g. with which attachments a M4A1 should be spawn mounted and loaded.

A detailed guide to the Configs can be found in the download in the @Admin folder!
Please read all instructions and examples in this folder carefully!
If you have created your own Config, please check if this Config is valid before starting the server!
I recommend the website
Please check your config before you report any errors here.
You can find help and more information via Discord here:

Thanks and have fun
Chris // CJ187

Thanks to Hunterz for the code and the implementation of all the special requests from me!
Thanks to Helkhiana for providing the sourcefiles of the military weapon box.
Thanks to all supporters

Repacking not allowed , please dont ask!

It will be nice, when you will support me for more free Mods in the Future.

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33 new Keys:
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Hunterz  [author] May 22 @ 6:12am 
be more specific what kind of error, without that nobody can help
Hunterz  [author] May 20 @ 7:37am 
better support you can find on our discord
Hunterz  [author] May 20 @ 7:35am 
you need use randomize - make long list using loot tables and then set randomiz to 0.7 for example
MrEl'z May 20 @ 6:30am 
Is it planned to add an option to customize % for every individual item from the crate and not the whole crate? I remember it was a huge problem since players always got very similar loot.
Kero May 20 @ 5:37am 
yep, was fitting mags on a onlyweapon category
Hunterz  [author] May 20 @ 5:11am 
item cannot be put into chest, it cannot fit to chest or chest is already full
Kero May 20 @ 2:36am 
having this crash, what is it?

NS3085730, 20.05 2022 11:35:34
NULL pointer to instance
Function: 'AddEntityToInventory'
Stack trace:
Runtime mode
CLI params...
Hunterz  [author] May 17 @ 12:38am 
you can do that, just define different group of chests
For example, I want a container to spawn a random weapon and at the same time several boxes of ammo with a 100% chance
CJ187 𝔅𝔢𝔯𝔩𝔦𝔫  [author] May 16 @ 9:53pm 
What do you mean, can you tell me an example?