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Gerphelius Zil-130
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Aug 6, 2019 @ 7:16am
Jul 2, 2020 @ 2:41pm
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Gerphelius Zil-130

Zil-130 by Gerphelius
DayZ 1.08 Compatible

Truck Specifications & features:
  • 10 seats (Driver, codriver, 8 rear seats)
  • Cargo: 1000 slots (10x100)
  • Drive: RWD
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual
  • Fuel capacity: 175L
  • Spare tire slot available
  • Realistic sounds
  • Animated suspension
  • Working speedometer, fuel level, radiator fluid level
  • Glass damage
  • Working lights (headlights, rear, brake)

Known issues/inaccuracies:
  • No visual damage
  • Windows are visible when broken

Classnames & required parts:
  • Car: Gerph_Zil130
  • Driver door: Zil130Doors_Driver
  • CoDriver door: Zil130Doors_CoDriver
  • Hood: Zil130_Hood
  • Trunk: Zil130_Tailgate
  • SparkPlug
  • CarBattery
  • CarRadiator
  • HeadlightH7 2x
  • Zil130Wheel 2x
  • Zil130WheelRear 2x

3d model & textures - Unknown author
Sounds, some textures & model improvements - me
You may not reupload/modify/build on this mod
You may not redistribute this mod without my permission
You may monetize your server with my mod installed (if approved by BI)
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Spawn rate
< >
Eno Liaz Jul 11 @ 5:27am 
Super mod the vehicle is perfect, on the other hand the key does not work, the vehicles spawn to the trader without a "VNK" key, you have to buy it but it does not work.
can you help me ?
V-E-G-A Jul 8 @ 8:29am 
can i pack your mod into my server room without modification and with your credit?
AVENTUM Jun 28 @ 4:44am 
Would I be allowed to add this to my servermod? We currently experience issues due to too many workshop items being checked
zsk777 May 30 @ 5:01am 
привет, на каких условиях я могу перепаковывать твой мод? цена вопроса? если можно ответь в личку
zhenya.paltsev May 9 @ 12:39am 
ответьте на заявку, хотелось бы по поводу мода пообщаться
[RU]Karpenator Apr 30 @ 5:25am 
Привет, часто крашит клиент с таким логом

[WARNING] m_Car and m_AnimSource are left for backwards compatibility to not crash mods that are using it, but should no longer be used.
Class: 'ActionCloseCarDoors'
Function: 'Error'
Stack trace:

[V] ToMaGuY Apr 21 @ 6:15am 
Hello, love your Mod. But can't work on 1.12 ? I can't install it on my own serv.. Does it Compatible ?
tesch89 Apr 20 @ 9:37am 
have problems to start enter the server since 1.12
i it still compatible?
Cade_blackard_20 Apr 5 @ 12:03pm 
@Gerphelius may I Repack this mod into my custom server mod pack
FMLTyler Mar 2 @ 2:24pm 
Can you PLEASE revert the third person viewing angle to what it USED to be? When in third person, it’s nearly impossible to see to drive the Zil. The Zil has ALWAYS been my go to truck on my server but since a recent update it’s unusable in third person.

Please increase the viewing angle by forcing the third person camera to be further away from the truck for a better viewing angle!
Thanks for reading, and keep up the excellent work!!