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Nov 15, 2018 @ 4:36pm
Sep 29, 2021 @ 7:40am
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BuilderItems is a mod that allows server owners to have a much wider range of options when placing details on the map.

This is not the editor itself, but a mod to give you more options with the editor! You still need to download and use community offline mode. Watch the video.

This is NOT a server side mod only. It needs to be loaded on all clients connecting to the server. It needs to be loaded on the server for the items to show up.

For editing only: In order to get names of items already on the map you need to install this now: Do not use it on client or server, only for offline mode.

Currently, Builder gives about ~1700 props, walls, roads, map objects, etc etc proper class configurations so that owners may use them as decoration or design of their map.

If you're just a player, all you have to do, is hit subscribe and forget about it, this mod doesn't really change anything as far as you're concerned.

For server owners, here's a guide on how to use this to increase your options when editing the map, and a guide on how to use COM for placing objects in general:

Link to COM dev branch:

BuilderItems is built into DayZ Expansion. Do not load this mod if you're using Expansion!

Anyone who wants to repack this mod into their server mod, I give you full permission to do so, as this is such a basic mod. Can be used on monetized servers as well.
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stephanc9288 Sep 16 @ 4:04am 
Is there a reason the builderitems summer shrubs/bushes have collision now? As in shrubs that don't normally have collision on Livonia, have collision when you use the BuilderItem version of it.
CanisGames Sep 9 @ 6:48pm 
Zachary.balthis \ RedBarchettaYYZ - i had the same issue, check you have uploaded the key into the keys folder on your server. I was adamant i had done it, but having run back through the steps it was missing.
zoneman Sep 4 @ 6:55am 
is it possibile to retexture the bldr_fire_barrel ? usaly i unpack a mod but i cant find the firebarrel
RedBarchettaYYZ Aug 11 @ 1:44pm 
Gives me a pbo error and says billboard.pbo is missing even though i've verified and updated the mod.
Crup1er Jul 28 @ 4:26pm 
The vehicles fly away, the helis move very slowly, from time to time it swallows the cars underground, we have no idea why this happens, can someone help us please?
Bear C Jul 16 @ 10:46am 
Hello where can i find the fix for missing plant.pbo pls.
jalt Jul 8 @ 8:57pm 
You must eat the plant.
Mono Jul 8 @ 10:43am 
mod gives me a plant pbo error how do i fix this :steambored:
jalt Jul 7 @ 3:13pm 
If you are able to modify your text files you load into the game, you basically need to replace every item with the name 'Static_' with 'StaticObj_'... I use .dze files though so I just used his software and it works great.
jalt Jul 7 @ 3:07pm 
Yes, and I downloaded the zip file from the Discord. Dab uploaded it and its downloadable there.