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Basic Territories
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Feb 17, 2021 @ 8:28am
Jun 30, 2021 @ 8:20am
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Basic Territories

Basic Territories

This is a Basic Territories mod, expanding on the vanilla flag pole, this mod is basic and is going to stay this way, for a more full featured version that will come in a future Base Building Plus update.

With this mod you can:
- Claim Territory Flags (Yes Existing Flags Can be Claimed)
- Add Members to the Territory, via the Add Member Action the Other Player Must then go up and accept the membership
- Restrict Build areas via the config
- Provide warnings to players about lifetime expiration to help them fully understand the systems
- Prevent dismantling of base items within a players territory
- Prevent building near others bases
- Utilize Tents as miniature refresh flags(can't claim just used to refresh small radius around them on open and closing)
- Integration with Basic Map mod for showing territory on map while placing the territory.
- Integration with notifications mod for notifications

If you are using this mod with vanilla damage enabled you can also configure a raid handler to help you balance and log vanilla raiding.

Territory Permission Calculator
This is used to calculate the permission for either public and members

For More support and information please visit my discord

Monetization Rules
Allowed to be used on monetized servers as long as you have monetization approval from Bohemia Interactive

How to Support Me
If you are interested in donating to help support the mod or just buy me a beer to keep me motivated you can do so
Sponsor Me On Github[]
Donate via Paypal[]

Want More flags?
Check out Flagtr0pia by @3ntr0pia gives a bunch of flags for a bunch of countries
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this mod helps despawning items?
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Payne Jun 3 @ 6:25pm 
is anyone having issue with this mod and letting people connect to server ?
Guccifer Jun 3 @ 5:46pm 
would love to know what issues u all having before putting this live on my server
Guccifer Jun 3 @ 5:38pm 
@A-NUTTA wouldn't that make your flags go down like ridiculously fast?
Miki Jun 1 @ 11:24pm 
We have discord server?
LEPPYTHEKING May 31 @ 12:31pm 
can this mod be repacked?
A-NUTTA May 29 @ 5:19pm 
@P0mm3S Looks like a you problem. I can claim territory on 1.21 :)
A-NUTTA May 29 @ 5:17pm 
@GraveDigger i had the same problem and i fixed it in globals.xml by turning FlagRefreshFrequency down to 300 and FlagRefreshDuration up to 3888000
Nameless May 25 @ 12:29pm 
So, the real question is, will there be an update to fix the mod, or is this no longer being maintained?
P0mm3S May 25 @ 5:17am 
Yes 1.21 has broken the mod. Cant claim territory with it.
вυѕну кυѕну May 23 @ 4:40pm 
Looks like 1.21 has broken this mod. :(