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Jan 7, 2021 @ 6:26pm
Apr 4, 2021 @ 4:58pm
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Notifications Upgrade
An upgrade to the existing notification system to make it more beautiful

Then I can add in to disable the sound press " ] " it should save to the client

Per popular request via this mod we have made it possible to have it send notifications when Battle Eye Messages come through
{ "ConfigVersion": "1", //Version Number "EnableBattlEye": 1, //1 Enabled/0 Disabled If enabled this will Enable the Battle Eye Message Detection "StopSpam": 1, // 1 Enabled/ 0 Disabled If enabled this will prevent battle eye messages from spamming the same notification "BattlEyeIcon": "Notifications/gui/data/notifications.edds", // This is the path to the notification image to use "BattlEyeHeading": "Server Message", // This is the heading for the message "BattlEyeKeywords": []" it will remove "[N]" from the message "Restart", "Shutdown", "[N]" ] }

To use the simple Notification Function in you own code
NotificationSystem.SimpleNoticiation("You're Message Text");

You can also include more information if you wish
NotificationSystem.SimpleNoticiation("You're Message Text", "The Optional title", "Notification/gui/data/notifications.edds", ARGB(240, 200, 20, 20), 10, PlayerIdentity);

To change the sound for your server you will need to make mod and override the sound set
modded class NotificationUI { override string NotificationSoundSet(){ return "Alert_SoundSet"; } }

For More support and information please visit my discord

Monetisation Rules
Allowed to be used on monetised servers as long as you have monetisation approval from Bohemia Interactive

The Notifications mod does not allows repacking. Monitoring is constant and any violation will result in a DCMA directly with Steam.

To help support this mod send donation to @TH (
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NJWX Jun 29 @ 7:33pm 
9:03:02 [Inputs] Loading inputs default "Notifications/inputs/inputs.xml"
Unable to load, what to do
[WP]Goro Jun 14 @ 4:33am 
can i repack this into a server pack mod?
Diller Jun 8 @ 2:57pm 
Hello, tell me how to display messages from the messages.xml file which is in the \dayzOffline.chernarusplus\db\messages.xml folder through your mod, and messages from the BEC \bec\Config\scheduler.xml folder?
Rivsenn Jun 6 @ 1:09am 
Is it possible to execute a message in a xml file?
Kero May 3 @ 4:16am 
is this serverside only mod?
Noize Apr 24 @ 12:38pm 
britto powaaa :3
me777 Mar 22 @ 10:14am 
I have same Problem as EvilBunny, it does not pick up messages send by rcon to battleye to dayz. Would be great if it displayed my restart warnings.

Works fine for surviver missions.
EvilBunny Feb 20 @ 5:27pm 
Hey. Nice mod. thanks for your efforts. Quick question. I have the battle eye keywords setup and battle eye enabled in the notfications.json config etc.

keywords currently are simply ["restart","shutdown","offline"].

I then have BEC handling my server restarts and control. But the messages still dont seem to get "caught" by the mod. They still just appear as chat admin messages.

I have also sent test messages from RCon tools such as dart. These also do not get identified as from battleye . they still jsut show up as admin rcon chat.

So main question (before i vanish down this rabbit whole for next 3days) is does the mod support/work with rcon tools/messages? or is it only able to hook into server messages from the "messages.xml" definition?
DZR|Mikhail Dec 28, 2021 @ 11:47pm 
How to call RemoveNotification? It says it is non-static and cannot be called.
I need to clear the screen from long notifications before sending an update.
fek25 Nov 26, 2021 @ 11:21pm 
How to add messages in the area where you are?