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Please read below before adding me:

-I accept invites from most people
-If you have found me through guides feel free to add me
-Steam level doesn't matter, feel free to add me
-I do not often accept Private profiles, leave a comment if you need
-Do not try friending if you have a VAC ban or Trade ban, leave a comment if you need
-I'm not interested in trading
-Don't beg for my help with co-op achievements. Feel free to ask but expect a no

I will unfriend you if:

-Are offensive or rude
-Offensive comments on my profile will be deleted and you will be blocked
-I or others suspect you of using third-party achievement software
-Sometimes I clear my friends list of people I don't talk to, if you want to be re-added send an invite again. It's nothing personal
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Created by - ThePugHybrid
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A complete guide to all 50 base game achievements. There will be no video guides for ghost nor clean hands in this guide. Make sure to check out my complete guides for The Knife of Duwnall and The Brigmore Witches DLCs.
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Created by - Artoriaz and ThePugHybrid
560 ratings
A full achievement guide for all 246 achievements in Sea of Thieves. A full explanation will be given per achievement and they are sorted by either faction, requirement, or content update.
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great guides
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best guides!
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Thanks for Dishonored guides, very helpful for me :p2cube:
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thanks for Subnautica guides!
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Hey pugs! hope you've got a good christmas and a happy new year! Goodluck on your guide makings :roar::Implo: :roar::Implo: you're the best