Dunwall, Gristol   Leicestershire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:BLINK: Welcome to my profile :BLINK:

Please read below before adding me:

-I accept invites from most people
-Steam level doesn't matter, feel free to add me
-If you have found me through guides feel free to friend me
-Do not try friending if you have a VAC ban or Trade ban, if you have a reason you deem valid, leave a comment
-I'm not interested in trading
-If you wanna add me and have a private profile leave a comment as to why you want to add me.
-Don't beg for my help with co-op achievements. Feel free to ask but expect a no.

I will unfriend if you:

~Are offensive or rude in general

-Offensive comments on my profile will be deleted and you will be blocked

-Sometimes I clear my friends list of people I don't talk to, if you want to be re-added send an invite again. It's nothing personal.

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Favorite Game
Hours played
About me:
Country: UK
Name: Most call me 'Pug'
I am an achievement hunter and love writing steam guides, if you have recommendations let me know! I am also open to co-authoring on projects.

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- Completionist []
- Steam Hunters []

Goal: 100% all achievements for the games in my Steam Library.

Games/Franchises I like:
:BLINK: Dishonored

:ACO_Senu: Assassin's Creed
:shockjockey: BioShock
:dp1compass: The Dark Pictures
:bonfire2: Dark Souls
:jensen: Deus Ex
:brush: Eastshade
:cozyfallout4: Fallout (not 76)
:FC5_Father: Far Cry
:kcdswords: Kingdom Come: Deliverance
:peeperfish: Subnautica
:Geralt::gwent_teamtriss: The Witcher

Goal explanation:
I want to 100% all my Steam games but, games including any coop (e.g. Dead Island) or multiplayer achievements (e.g. Battlefield 4), or online features needed for achievements (e.g. Destiny 2) will be excluded.
If I have all the multiplayer or coop related achievements in that game I may decided to go for the 100%. Certain singleplayer titles will be excluded if they require unrealistic playtimes for my taste (e.g. Crusader Kings II).

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480 hrs on record
last played on Nov 24
27 hrs on record
last played on Nov 23
0.7 hrs on record
last played on Nov 22
【Spyx】 Sep 13 @ 7:55am 
Heya! Long time no talk ^ ^ excited for Deathloop?:BLINK::BLINK:
Hyky Sep 4 @ 5:37am 
Great guides!
vinni Aug 12 @ 3:42pm 
Hi, I found you through your awesome Dishonored guide, it's been a great help for me as I'm trying to 100% the game. I do have a question though: For the achievement "Mostly Flesh and Steel", it says to not purchase any supernatural powers and enhancements. However, I accidentally found and brought Piero a build planwhich then unlocked the Stealthy Feet 1 enhancement. My question: Since I technically haven't purchased anything, will I still receive the achievment at the end of the game or does this also count ? If you could write your answer in a comment under my profile that would be much appreciated. Thanks !
Governor Mojo Aug 11 @ 7:31pm 
in my mission stats for easy (the match im doing from start to end now) saying in mission 2 stats
Speical actions
Helped Granny infect the bottle street gang.

So as i understande now, i can meet her at mission 7? - Please privat message me and thanks for your time!
Governor Mojo Aug 11 @ 7:27pm 
Add you because i got a question for my (Art dealer) in dishonered.

Im doing all over it again (starting just fast run with easy mode) and now i have complet this mission 2 (where I have to help Granny) and i have complet it in my mission 2 infomation now. So now i can get the art dealer when i come to mission 7?
Glirena Jul 7 @ 7:30am 
Ty for your Guides :)