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A complete guide to all 50 base game achievements. There will be no video guides for ghost nor clean hands in this guide. Make sure to check out my complete guides for The Knife of Duwnall and The Brigmore Witches DLCs.
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Country: UK
Name: Most call me 'Pug'
I am an achievement hunter and love writing steam guides, if you have recommendations let me know! I am also open to co-authoring on projects.

I sometimes stream on Twitch for achievement hunting or chill gaming.

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:BLINK: Dishonored

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【Spyx】 Nov 24 @ 11:02am 
Thanks for your opinion :D I haven't played any of Wolfenstein actually. If it was as bad as you say, kinda feel a little fearful for Refall then. Not to judge too early, of course. I did play Coop shooters in the past, but nothing from I have no idea what to expect.
And you're right, it's not Arkane Lyon. Deathloop was hella fun; very Dishonored-esq in terms of environment it was sometimes, besides the powers.

So I guess in that sense...the feel to Redfall will be 'different', still. ...Maybe.
Guess time will tell when more info is released.:BLINK:
ThePugHybrid Nov 24 @ 7:03am 
Hey Spyx!

I probably will pick it up but I need to look into the information around it a bit more before I make any firm decision. I am very sceptical of games that promote themselves as coop experiences that can be 'enjoyed' solo like Wolfenstein: Youngblood (which Arkane worked on as well) which was awful singleplayer.

Overall, it doesn't really excite me even as an Arkane Lyon fan but I could be swayed I am sure!
【Spyx】 Nov 24 @ 6:26am 
Hey Puggy ^^ hope you're doing well!

I'm actually wondering, are going to try out Redfall? Since it's also by Arkane. You tend to faithfully follow Arkane's creations, despite very different from Dishonored type of playstyles.

Im thinking of playing, just like I gave Prey and Deathloop a chance... Solely because Arkane. But im not sure about Redfall yet.. So, how about you??
DarkPrince9507 Nov 20 @ 11:50am 
Thanks a lot :praisesun:
ThePugHybrid Nov 20 @ 11:30am 
Of course you can! :dp1compass:
DarkPrince9507 Nov 20 @ 11:28am 
Hi! You've got great guides, especially for The Dark Pictures Anthology. I wondered If I may translate your guides for Dark Pictures into Ukrainian, giving you credit as an OP, of course?