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Dishonored: Knife of Dunwall - Achievement guide
By ThePugHybrid
A guide to all the Knife of Dunwall DLC achievements. There will be no video guides for ghost nor clean hands in this guide.
Story Achievements
-Just Business:
"Get the information you need from the Rothwild Slaughterhouse."

Story achievement and cannot be missed.
Obtained after "A Captain of Industry" mission (Mission one)

-Missing Pieces:

"Obtain Delilah Copperspoon's identity from Thalia Timsh."

Story achievement and cannot be missed.
Obtained after "Eminent Domain" mission (Mission two)
Stone Cold Heart
-Stone Cold Heart:
"Speak with the statue of Delilah in Timsh's estate."

During the second mission - "Eminent Domain" - make your way up to the top floor of Timsh's estate house and interact with the statue in one of the top floor rooms (third floor).

^ The statue in the third floor room.
Rats and Ashes
-Rats and Ashes:
"Attach an arc mine to a rat, resulting in a kill."

Firstly, you will want to make your way to the building with 2 arc mines in down by the Slaughter house main entrance. Steal the arc mines. The arc mines will be on the table.

Secondly, you want to place the arc mine on one of these rats in the corner of where the workmen are being held prisoner. I recommend you remain undetected at this point. There are two that always spawn by this whale oil tank.

Once the arc mine is on one of the rats, alert this guard who is talking to the workmen and he will charge at you. The arc mine on the rat needs to kill him and the achievement will pop. Alternatively, you can use the second mission, Eminent Domain, as it has rats at the start of the level.
Message from the Empress
-Message from the Empress:
"Perform a drop assassination from atop the Empress statue in The Knife of Dunwall."

During the final mission, "The Surge" there is a statue of the Empress on the side of Daud's hideout building where you can blink on-top of. I would recommend shooting an exploive bolt at the ground beneath to draw overseers to the explosion and then drop assassinate one for the achievement.

I would recommend quick saving atop the statue just in case of an accident.
Whipser Ways
-Whisper Ways:
"Complete The Knife of Dunwall without alerting anyone."

Complete the DLC without being spotted by any guards or enemies, you can track this at the end of each mission by looking at the mission summary tick box "Ghost (Never detected)"
Cleaner Hands
-Cleaner Hands:
"Complete The Knife of Dunwall without killing anyone."

Complete the DLC without killing any guards or enemies (river krusts, hag fish and rats don't count as kills). You can track this at the end of each mission by looking at the mission summary tick box "Didn't kill anybody"
Well Connected
-Well Connected:
"Purchase all of the Favors in The Knife of Dunwall."

^ At the start of each mission you will be presented with a shop menu. The third tab is called favors and you must buy all these in the DLC, within one playthrough for the achievement.

They will cost a total of 625 coins and a total of 5 favors. (Three for "A Captain of Industry" and two for "Eminent Domain").
No Regrets
-No Regrets:
"Complete The Knife of Dunwall in High Chaos."

Simply complete the DLC in high chaos (kill lots of people)
Redemptive Path
-Redemptive Path:
"Complete The Knife of Dunwall in Low Chaos."

Simply complete the DLC in low chaos (kill no/very few people)
Bozak Aug 21, 2023 @ 11:35pm 
I don't think so. I still don't have the "Rogue" achievement even tho I assassinated almost everyone in the second mission.
ThePugHybrid  [author] Nov 28, 2022 @ 9:14am 
I believe so but not sure.
big Hat arxm Nov 28, 2022 @ 8:52am 
do you reckon i can gett non-dlc achievements such as the jump kills in the knife dlc?
ThePugHybrid  [author] Jul 19, 2020 @ 1:55am 
Thank you :D
Norbik Jul 18, 2020 @ 4:30pm 
Great guides friend, the base game and the dlc's, made my life a lot easier. Too bad i can't give you thumbs up, cause since im from Czechia, we have the special Soviet mutation of Dishonored, we have Dishonored RHCP, so i cant rate guide for a game that i dont own =(
May the outsider bless you
ThePugHybrid  [author] Dec 4, 2018 @ 4:05am 
Thank you. I never knew that.
ElysianCrow Dec 4, 2018 @ 4:02am 
For Rats and Ashes, you can plant an arc mine to one of rats at the start area of Eminent Domain mission, too. Guards there are pretty tough to handle when they're all alert, so save before you do it, get the achievement, then load the save file. Whether you were playing in low or high chaos, if you don't save that part, you can continue from the last save point.
ElysianCrow Dec 3, 2018 @ 10:49pm 
There was an error on Eminent Domain mission. After I choked everyone in the Timsh Estate and put a smelly bag in the basement, Timsh was just standing in front of the door. General didn't move an inch, either. So I just went back to waterfront. Well, I still got the job done, but I missed the arrest dialogue. If anyone faces an error like me, just go back to waterfront as the game says. Don't choke unmoving Timsh.
Joanne Fairchild Jun 1, 2018 @ 10:49am 
Thanks, finished this set too, after the main story. Moving towards your Brigmore Witches guide now. :)
ToxicDog Sep 25, 2017 @ 7:29am 
Hello, I added your guide here:
I hope you enjoy it ^^