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Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches - Achievement guide
By ThePugHybrid
A complete guide to all the Brigmore Witches DLC achievements. There will be no video guides for ghost nor clean hands in this guide.
Story Achievements
There are 2 unmissable story achievements and one kind of missable achievement in the Brigmore Witches DLC. They are as follows:

-Parting Shot:
"Deliver (or attempt) the killing blow on Corvo."

Technically this achievement can be missable if you fail the fight.
Unlocked after the dream right at the start of the DLC.

"Break Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison."

Unlocked after completing "A Stay of Execution for Lizzy".

-Gangs Of Dunwall:
"Restore the Undine to working condition."

Unlocked after completing "The Dead Eels".
Enough Coin To Disappear
-Enough Coin To Disappear:
"Survive The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos with 10,000 coins."

Play not killing anyone or very few people and collect as many coins as possible without buying too much. You have to finish the DLC with a total of 10,000 or more coins. You can check how many coins you have in your inventory page.

EDIT 21/07/2020: It has become known to me that this achievement is actually a little bugged and can be unlocked on High Chaos making it considerably easier.

The following information may be useful:

The Knife of Dunwall:
-Starting Money: 2,000
-A Captain of Industry: 2,053 (including 500 from Abigail Ames for wrecking the Rothwild Slaughterhouse)
-Eminent Domain: 3,169
-Salvaged from Butcher Equipment: 240
-The Surge: 0
DLC Total: 7,462

The Brigmore Witches:
-Choosing Your Mark: 500
-A Stay of Execution for Lizzy: 1,655
-The Dead Eels: 3,520 (3,420 due to the Sunken Crate favor).
-Delilah's Masterwork: 2,030
DLC Total: 7,705 (7,605)
Combined Total: 15,167 (15,067)

If a game from The Knife of Dunwall is not imported, Daud starts The Brigmore Witches with 3000 coin.
Wall Of Flesh
-Wall Of Flesh:
"Use an enemy lifted with Pull as a shield."

This achievement is actually quite simple. All you need is "Pull" level 2. This will cost a total of 6 runes.

Once you have unlocked "Pull" level 2 simply use it to hold an enemy in front of you during combat and let them be hit by an enemy bullet, sword strike etc.

I personally got this achievement at the start of "The Dead Eels" mission as the fight starts in the street at the start of the mission. A dead eels gang memeber threw a gas grenade at me while I held a dead eels gang memeber in front of me using pull.

I would recommend getting the achievement during the "Dead Eels" mission as enemies are plentiful.
Deal Maker
-Deal Maker:
"Purchase at least eight favors in The Brigmore Witches."

There is a total of ten favors in the Brigmore Witches DLC. Only eight, purchased in one playthrough are needed for the achievement.

Favors in this DLC work just the same as favors in the Knife of Dunwall DLC. They can be purchased before missions during the shop pop-up.

(Wouldn't recommend getting this achievement while attempting the "Enough Coin To Disappear" achievement.)

Favor list:

-"A Stay of Execution For Lizzy" Total: 3 favors
  • Overseer Daud (100 coins)

  • Misplaced Rune (200 coins)

  • Forged Requisition (100 coins)

-"The Dead Eels" Total: 4 favors*
  • The Sunken Crate (100 coins)

  • The Hidden Rune (200 coins)

  • Former Rothwild Laborer* (75 coins) - only available if Daud accomplished the side objective "Free the Captive Laborers" during the mission A Captain of Industry of The Knife of Dunwall.

  • A Gift From Abigail Ames* (100 coins) - only available if Daud sabotaged Rothwild Slaughterhouse for Ames during the mission A Captain of Industry of The Knife of Dunwall.

-"Delilah's Masterwork" Total: 3 favors
  • Hole in the Fence (200 coins)

  • Thieving Butler (75 coins)

  • Turncoat (50 coins)
Silence Is Golden
-Silence Is Golden:
"Complete The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone."

Complete the DLC without being spotted by any guards or enemies, you can track this at the end of each mission by looking at the mission summary tick box "Ghost (Never detected)"
Cleanest Hands
-Cleanest Hands:
"Complete The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone."

Complete the DLC without killing any guards or enemies (river krusts, hag fish and rats don't count as kills). You can track this at the end of each mission by looking at the mission summary tick box "Didn't kill anybody"
All Come To Ruin
-All Come To Ruin:
"Complete The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos."

Simply complete the DLC in high chaos (kill lots of people).
Changed Ways
-Changed Ways:
"Complete The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos."

Simply complete the DLC in low chaos (kill no/very few people).
ThePugHybrid  [author] Dec 3, 2022 @ 3:58am 
Perfect! Congrats :) :BENDTIME:
big Hat arxm Dec 2, 2022 @ 6:00pm 
ah i did it and ghosted the game to go from a high chaos transfer to low chaos, yeah it works
ThePugHybrid  [author] Dec 1, 2022 @ 5:06pm 
I have no clue sorry.
big Hat arxm Dec 1, 2022 @ 4:33pm 
Do you think i could get low chaos in this if i ghost everything and don't kill anybody even if i'm importing high chaos from the knife of dunwall save
ThePugHybrid  [author] Apr 17, 2022 @ 8:25am 
It still pops because the description indicates "attempt" the killing blow.
Botul Apr 17, 2022 @ 5:57am 
Quick note, it's impossible to defeat Corvo if you start a new game using a high chaos KoD save. The achievement might still pop but I'm not 100% sure since I did it with a low chaos save.
ThePugHybrid  [author] Oct 27, 2021 @ 10:14am 
No worries! :BLINK:
Kuran Oct 27, 2021 @ 10:10am 
It's working! I killed everyone and 'Enough Coin To Disappear' pop up! :bonfire2:

Thank u!!
ThePugHybrid  [author] Oct 25, 2021 @ 4:59am 
I'm fairly sure it was never patched. I can't personally verify it as I did it low chaos but it should still work.
Kuran Oct 24, 2021 @ 11:01pm 
This edit still true? Can I get 'Enough Coin To Disappear' with my high chaos Knife of Dunwall save?? Thank you for your guides anyway.