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Achievement Scouts AchScouts
December 19, 2017
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lylat Aug 14, 2019 @ 11:38pm
Extended Curations
Please post any queries you have about anything below in the Questions and Suggestions topic.

Extended Curations
Listed in alphabetically sorted:

:full: >observer_
:full: 100 hidden eternals
:full: A Collection of Bad Moments
:full: A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
:full: A Hat in Time
:full: A Short Hike
:full: AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
:full: Adam Wolfe
:full: Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement
:full: Aftercharge
:full: Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
:full: Agatha Knife
:full: Age of Empires II (2013)
:full: Agony + Agony UNRATED
:full: Aim Lab
:full: Akin
:full: Alder's Blood: Prologue
:full: Alexia Crow and the Cave of Heroes
:full: Alicia Quatermain: Secrets of The Lost Treasures
:full: All Day Dying: Redux Edition
:full: Amazon Rush
:full: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
:full: Amnesia™: Memories
:full: Anark io
:full: Andarilho
:full: Animal Rivals
:full: Ann
:full: Anna - Extended Edition
:full: Apocalipsis
:full: Aragami
:full: Archaica: The Path of Light
:full: Asmodeus: Prince of Hell
:full: Aurora
:full: Avenger Bird
:full: AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
:full: Bad North: Jotunn Edition
:full: BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre
:full: Bear With Me
:full: Bear With Me - Collector's Edition
:full: Bear With Me: The Lost Robots
:full: Beeftacular
:full: Bell Ringer
:full: Between Time: Escape Room
:full: Biped
:full: Black Hole Simulator
:full: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
:full: Box Maze 2 : Agent Cubert
:full: Broforce
:full: Bug Attack!
:full: Bunhouse
:full: Cake Bash
:full: Calico
:full: Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2
:full: Castle Crashers
:full: Cat Quest
:full: Choice of the Pirate
:full: Chronicle of Innsmouth
:full: Chronos: Before the Ashes
:full: Clickdraw Clicker
:full: Clinically Dead
:full: Collisions
:full: Conran - The dinky Raccoon
:full: Control Craft 2
:full: Cookies vs. Claus
:full: Cooking Trip: Back on the road
:full: Cosmic Express
:full: Counter-Strike: Source
:full: Crimson Room: Decade
:full: CrunchTime
:full: Cube Escape: Paradox
:full: Curse of the Old Gods
:full: Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil
:full: Dark Fear
:full: Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
:full: Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition
:full: Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories
:full: Dead Secret
:full: Death Squared
:full: Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST
:full: Degrees
:full: Detention
:full: Devil Daggers
:full: Dino D-Day
:full: DiRT 5
:full: Discolored
:full: Dishonored
:full: Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King
:full: Dolphin Swim
:full: Domino Simulator 2020
:full: Door
:full: Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh
:full: Dots eXtreme
:full: Down in Bermuda
:full: Dracula: Love Kills
:full: Dracula's Legacy
:full: Dragon Sin
:full: Drawn to Life: Two Realms
:full: Dreamfall Chapters
:full: Drive Isle
:full: Driver Fusion
:full: Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour
:full: Dungeon Marathon
:full: Dungeon Quest
:full: Duo
:full: Elbub
:full: Elizabeth
:full: Empathy: Path of Whispers
:full: Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within
:full: Endless Treasure Hunt
:full: Energy Balance
:full: Entropy : Zero
:full: EroPhone
:full: Escape Room - The Sick Colleague
:full: E-Startup
:full: Estranged: Act II
:full: Eternal Hope
:full: Ether One / Ether One Redux
:full: Ever Forward Prologue and Demo
:full: Evergreen Blues
:full: Evoland Legendary Edition
:full: Fall Guys
:full: Fallen girl - Black rose and the fire of desire
:full: Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset
:full: Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises
:full: Fantasy/Hentai Girls/HotGirls Sliding Puzzle (DIG Publishing)
:full: Fated Souls
:full: Fatum Betula
:full: Fear Half Factor
:full: FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster
:full: Find Your Way
:full: Flat Path
:full: FlatOut 4: Total Insanity
:full: Foglight Online
:full: Four Sided Fantasy
:full: Framed Collection
:full: Funtoon's World
:full: GAG
:full: Galaxia Conquestum
:full: Galcon 2
:full: Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime
:full: Gobernators (parodia politica peruana)
:full: Going Under
:full: Grand Theft Auto V
:full: Grave Keeper
:full: GRAVEN The Purple Moon Prophecy
:full: Graveyard Shift
:full: GRID (2019)
:full: GRIS
:full: Gunlock
:full: Guns of Infinity
:full: Haimrik
:full: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
:full: Harem Girl: Evie
:full: Harem Girl: Isabella
:full: Harem Girl: Samantha
:full: Hashihime of the Old Book Town
:full: Hentai Girlfriend Simulator
:full: Heroes Arena
:full: Hex
:full: Hex Two
:full: Hidden Paws
:full: Hidden Paws Mystery
:full: Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 Matsuribayashi
:full: Hiiro
:full: HITMAN
:full: Hob
:full: Horror Squad
:full: hot and lovely
:full: Hot And Lovely 2
:full: Hot And Lovely 3
:full: HUNGER
:full: Hyper Knights: Battles
:full: I Saw Black Clouds
:full: Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure
:full: Iconoclasts
:full: If Found
:full: Imaginator
:full: Imbroglio
:full: In Silence
:full: Incoming Evil
:full: Indecision
:full: Insane 2
:full: Insurgency
:full: Internet Cafe Simulator
:full: Interrogation Files: Port Landsend
:full: Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition
:full: Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネル
:full: IN-VERT
:full: IrisFall
:full: Island Defense
:full: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1
:full: Jellyfish
:full: Jurassic Safari Hunt
:full: Kaboom Monsters
:full: Kare wa Kanojo
:full: Kebab it Up!
:full: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
:full: KHOLAT
:full: King Of Mazes
:full: King of Spies
:full: King of Vikings
:full: KNIGHTS
:full: Knock-knock
:full: Koral
:full: Kuro survival
:full: Last Day of June
:full: Last Floor
:full: Last Hours Of Jack
:full: Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West
:full: Leave Me Alone: A Trip To Hell
:full: LEAVES - The Journey
:full: LEAVES - The Return
:full: Lethal Lawns: Competitive Mowing Bloodsport
:full: Lexica
:full: Lightmatter
:full: Lili: Child of Geos
:full: Lines
:full: Lit the Torch
:full: Little Nightmares
:full: Littlewood
:full: LOOP: A Tranquil Puzzle Game
:full: Lost Ember
:full: Love Fantasy
:full: Luna's Fishing Garde
:full: Mad Combat Marines
:full: Mad Father
:full: Magic Siege - Defender
:full: Mahluk:Dark Demon
:full: Maitetsu:Last Run!!
:full: Majestic Nights
:full: Mall Mayhem
:full: Manifold Garden
:full: Maze Lord
:full: Mega Man 11
:full: Melody
:full: Memories on the Shoreline
:full: Memory Oblivion Box
:full: Microtransaction simulator
:full: Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi
:full: Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini
:full: Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials
:full: Mind Maze
:full: Mindless Running
:full: Missing Translation
:full: Mod and Play
:full: Mojo
:full: Mokoko
:full: Monster Truck Championship
:full: Monsters of Little Haven
:full: Mosaique Neko Waifus 2
:full: Mosaique Neko Waifus 3
:full: Mosaique Neko Waifus 4
:full: Mother Simulator
:full: Mr. Pumpkin Adventure
:full: Murder Miners
:full: Murdered: Soul Suspect
:full: Muse:Night Out
:full: Mushroom Cats 2
:full: Music Racer
:full: MUSYNX
:full: My Memory of Us
:full: Mystic Pillars
:full: Mystika 3: Awakening of the Dragons
:full: NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
:full: NekoDice
:full: Neon Beats
:full: NEO-NOW
:full: New England Detective: Breakfast in Boston
:full: New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia
:full: Noctropolis
:full: Notch - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS
:full: NotTheNameWeWanted
:full: Occult Crime Police (1745750)
:full: Omegaland
:full: OMON Simulator
:full: Oneons: Prisoners
:full: Online Circle Pong
:full: Ori and the Blind Forest
:full: OSES
:full: Otter of My Life
:full: Our End of the World
:full: Out of Sight
:full: Out of Space
:full: OutDrive
:full: Pahelika: Secret Legends
:full: Pan-Pan
:full: Paradise Lost
:full: peakvox Route Candle
:full: PEG
:full: Perfect gold
:full: Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil
:full: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
:full: Picklock
:full: Pinkman
:full: PixARK
:full: Planet 2117
:full: Play With Me: Escape room
:full: Pode
:full: Poi
:full: Poker Night 2
:full: Poker Night at the Inventory
:full: Poly Towns
:full: Project Arrhythmia
:full: Project Speed
:full: Putrefaction 2: Rumble in the hometown
:full: Puyo Puyo Champions / ぷよぷよ eスポーツ
:full: Puzzler
:full: Quarantine Circular
:full: Rabisco
:full: Ramify
:full: RealmCraft
:full: realMyst: Masterpiece Edition
:full: Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: Reloaded
:full: Red Trigger
:full: Reflection of Mine
:full: Related
:full: Relaxation balls
:full: Remothered: Tormented Fathers
:full: Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari - Love For Hire
:full: Resident Evil 0
:full: Resident Evil 4
:full: Resident Evil 5
:full: Resident Evil 6
:full: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
:full: Return to Shironagasu Island
:full: rFactor 2
:full: Ride 2
:full: Risen 2
:full: River City Melee : Battle Royal Special
:full: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
:full: Root Of Evil: The Tailor
:full: Roulette Simulator 2
:full: Rusty Lake Hotel
:full: Rusty Lake Paradise
:full: Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector’s Edition
:full: Sagebrush
:full: Samsara
:full: Sanitarium
:full: Santa Claws
:full: Santa's Workshop
:full: Sceal
:full: Scrap Garden - The Day Before
:full: Seasons after Fall
:full: Secret Neighbor
:full: Secret Santa
:full: Selma and the Wisp
:full: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
:full: Sexual Void
:full: Sexy Jigsaw
:full: Shadow of Loot Box
:full: Shield Impact
:full: SHINY
:full: SigNull
:full: Simple Light Cycles
:full: Sinister City
:full: Sisterly Lust
:full: Slice of Life
:full: Soda Dungeon 2
:full: Sokobond
:full: SOMA
:full: Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy
:full: Space Trucker
:full: Spaceship Trucker
:full: Speed Dating for Ghosts
:full: SpellKeeper
:full: Spencer
:full: Spiritfarer
:full: Star Drift Evolution
:full: Station Architect
:full: Stonewall Penitentiary
:full: Strip 4: Classmate Study
:full: Subnautica
:full: Sudoku Killer
:full: Sudoku Universe
:full: Summer with Mia Season 1
:full: Sumo Revise
:full: Super Animal Royale
:full: Super Crush KO
:full: Super GTR Racing
:full: Super Motherload
:full: Super POTUS Trump
:full: Suzy Cube
:full: Swarmlake
:full: Syberia The World Before - Prologue
:full: Sylvio 2
:full: Synergia
:full: Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game
:full: Tales Across Time
:full: Tangle Tower
:full: Tangled Up!
:full: Tank Slam
:full: Taxi Chaos
:full: Telling Lies
:full: Terraria
:full: Tested on Humans: Escape Room
:full: The Adventure of NAYU
:full: The Almost Gone
:full: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
:full: The Blame
:full: The Caregiver | 終焉介護
:full: The Count Lucanor
:full: The Disaster
:full: The Evil Within 2
:full: The Eyes of Ara
:full: The First Tree
:full: The Guest
:full: The Hidden Room
:full: The Islander
:full: The Islander: Town Architect
:full: The Legend of Candlewind: Nights & Candles
:full: The Light Remake
:full: The Lost Mythologies
:full: The Office Quest
:full: The Red Strings Club
:full: The Rivers of Alice - Extended Version
:full: The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdom
:full: THE SHORE
:full: The Terrible Persistence of Memory
:full: The Walsingham Files - Chapter 1
:full: The World Next Door
:full: The Zwuggels - Beach Holidays
:full: Timberman
:full: Timen runner
:full: To Be With You
:full: Toaster Jam
:full: Toki Tori
:full: Too Many Weapons
:full: Tormentum - Dark Sorrow
:full: Totemori
:full: Tracks - The Family Friendly Open World Train Set Game
:full: Transpire
:full: Tropical Liquor
:full: Truck Racer
:full: TSIOQUE
:full: TurnOn
:full: Twickles
:full: Umiro
:full: Uncharted Tides: Port Royal
:full: Undead Horde
:full: Unforgiving - A Northern Hymn
:full: Unheard
:full: Valakas Story
:full: Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
:full: Velocity®Ultra
:full: Verlet Swing
:full: VICCP
:full: Viridi
:full: Virtual Foosball
:full: Virtual Rides 3
:full: VThree
:full: WarriOrb: Prologue
:full: Warriors of Vilvatikta
:full: We Went Back
:full: Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest
:full: Wet steps
:full: Wheelz2
:full: Who Needs a Hero?
:full: WILOO
:full: Windscape
:full: Xenon Racer
:full: Yokai's Secret
:full: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
:full: Zombie Derby 2
:full: Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip
:full: Zomborg

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lylat Aug 14, 2019 @ 11:39pm 


:ns_blue:Relevant info:
Press TAB key to open console.
Do the achievements in a LAN server. They won't work in Single Player.

:ns_blue:Achievements not covered in the video:
Strong Man requires level 90 since last update: addexperience 10000 0 0 - To level 90
FlashStick: giveitemnum 814 1 0 0
MolePick: giveitemnum 783 1 0 0
KingSlayer: summon cw_Thanatos_Character_BP_C
BabyTreant: summon cw_TreantBaby_Character_BP_C + Dotame

If you have troubles finding the ice castle chest, look around biome 6 instead of biome 9, that might help.
Last edited by lylat; Aug 25, 2019 @ 12:25pm
lylat Aug 22, 2019 @ 8:36am 

:ns_blue:Achievements fix:
Note: Run the game from its exe to prevent Steam from redownloading the newest, broken files.

:ns_blue:Achievement guide:

:ns_blue:Easier method for "Practice Makes Perfect":
Play in windowed mode and force close by clicking on the X whenever you die. Doing this will prevent the game from recording your death, letting you replay each section as many times as you want.
Note: Achievement will unlock upon beating the helicopter chase section, Heist isn't required at all.
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Sellyme Aug 23, 2019 @ 3:07am 

The achievements "Level 1" through "Level 5" require opening the Steam console and running the following command:

download_depot 857520 857521 5235017190641207839

Once the download is complete, copy those newly downloaded files over to the install directory for the game, overwriting everything. You should now be able to get those achievements by simply clicking "Single" in the main menu, and exiting out of it repeatedly.

For 100k points, enter a level and swerve out of the way of cars when they get near you to earn points. You can die as many times as you want without your points resetting.
TIP: If there's a car that gets stuck, drive in circles right next to it to get points quicker.
Last edited by Mercury; Jul 10, 2020 @ 12:46pm
lylat Aug 24, 2019 @ 8:06pm 
Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

:ns_blue:Relevant info:
Game doesn't include windowed or resolution functions.

:ns_blue:Achievement Guide


:ns_blue: A personal pastebin I made for myself, combining both guides and listing all achievements in order:

If you don't have a second monitor and want to follow the guide using Steam overlay, I highly recommend this website:
Just copy all my personal pastebin contents and delete stuff as you progress.
Last edited by lylat; Aug 24, 2019 @ 8:09pm
lylat Aug 25, 2019 @ 6:58pm 
Memory Oblivion Box

:ns_blue:Relevant info:

Skip can be enabled from settings:
文字快進 slider should be set to 全部



Any choice 上前帮助林璃 / 再等等看看
Any choice 接受挑战 / 懒得搭理
Any choice 先去狮虎园 / 问问连橙
Any choice 林璃像姐姐 / 连橙像姐姐
Any choice 林璃 / 连橙
1. 去问问林璃情况
ACHIEVEMENT: Confrontation

2. 不要多管闲事
Any choice 守株待兔 / 主动出击

2. 不要多管闲事
2. 呆在操场,继续陪着佑萌训练
ACHIEVEMENT: Shared memories
ACHIEVEMENT: Memory Oblivion Box
ACHIEVEMENT: Master of the box

2. 不要多管闲事
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story
1. 升后 After Story

Click on the middle icon at the bottom left corner in title screen.
lylat Aug 28, 2019 @ 10:21pm 
peakvox Route Candle for Steam

:ns_blue:Relevant info:
Hold LMB on the DASH button to fast-forward (only after placing a flag).

:ns_blue:Original walkthrough (fixed now):

:ns_blue:Pastebin version of the guide:
Last edited by lylat; Aug 29, 2019 @ 8:30am
lylat Aug 30, 2019 @ 10:04pm 
Dracula's Legacy

Note: Achievements unlock on close.

:ns_blue:Text walkthrough:

:ns_blue:Easy method for "You passed an HO scene in less than 30 seconds" achievement:
Find and collect all but the last item in any hidden object scene, then quit the game, boot it up again, continue and grab the last piece. Timer seems to be reset every time you restart the game.

:ns_blue:Solution for the crypt puzzle, from left to right:

:ns_blue:Solution for the skull puzzle:

:ns_blue:Solution for the dragon puzzle:

Last edited by Hanni; Aug 31, 2019 @ 10:46am
lylat Sep 2, 2019 @ 11:44am 
The Rivers of Alice - Extended Version

:ns_blue:Relevant info:
Interact with the wardrobe in main menu to start a new game and to load/continue from previous saves.

:ns_blue:Walkthrough and achievement guide, see the section below to find some corrections:


:ns_blue:Cavern maze:
During the maze section in the cavern, take always the path with 'no arrow' to find the exit.

:ns_blue:Pipe puzzle solution (using screenshot in guide):
1: thrice
2: thrice
3: twice
4: twice
5: twice
6: once

:ns_blue:Mirrors puzzle:
Stand in front of the mirrors and pay attention to the eyes on top. They will point to the right direction.

:ns_blue:Last puzzle:
Note: Click on the necklace at the center to reset the puzzle.
Move the outer ring to the left once.
Move the middle ring to the left twice.
Move the inner ring to the right twice.
Last edited by lylat; Sep 4, 2019 @ 9:18am
lylat Sep 2, 2019 @ 9:21pm 
Murder Miners

:ns_blue:Relevant info:
All multiplayer achievements are doable with just 6 players.
The following achievements do NOT require multiplayer:
  • Kill 50 AI Zombies - Kill 50 AI Zombies
  • Zombicide - Get a +20 in Survival Mode
  • Big Time Builder - Placed 1000 Individual Blocks with the Miner Gun

:ns_blue:Achievement Map

:ns_blue:Achievement Guide:
Last edited by lylat; Sep 3, 2019 @ 12:54am
alphabetsoup Sep 4, 2019 @ 11:06am 
Amnesia: The Dark Descent

:starfish: Level Maps
Probably the most useful guide for this game. Not only shows Key Item, Tinderbox and Note locations (needed for achievements), it also details all enemy spawns.

:starfish: Achievement Guide

:starfish: Extra Info
Step 1: Finish TDD on Normal - picking up all Tinderbox and Notes
  • Pickups are shown on the maps linked above
  • 'NOPE' can be unlocked for saving and quitting in the opening cutscene
  • 'Quitter' is missable (is available after being captured)
  • Complete the side task for Agrippa's Head and get the 'Benefactor' ending

Step 1.5: Reload the last save and get the other two endings
The other two endings 'Sacrifice' and 'Survivor' don't require any special items and can be unlocked by reloading the final autosave.

Step 2: Finish TDD on Hard
Saving now costs 4 tinderboxes, and they spawn randomly at the locations you'd find them on normal. I found enough boxes to save six times on my run, and I recommend saving at beginning of these locations:
  • Cellar Archives or Storage
  • Prison South Block
  • Sewers
  • Choir Main Hall
  • Cells
Other locations has either no monsters or maybe one easily avoidable one. All spawns are the same as on Normal, so the same safe hiding spots for all encounters apply. Choir Main Hall is the only open location with nowhere to hide.

Step 3: Finish Justine (with the final notes + each ending)
Justine has no save points so a full playthrough is needed for each of the three different endings. One playthrough takes only 10-15 minutes.

:starfish: Text Walkthrough if Preferred
alphabetsoup Sep 8, 2019 @ 11:36pm 
Truck Racer

:starfish: A few notes about Championship mode
- You need to come first in every event for an achievement.
- You can afford to buy all six trucks before upgrading any. Use each truck at least once.
- You only need to upgrade one truck - the 5th or 6th truck. Asphalt/dirt setting don't seem to make much difference.
- I used maxed out KEPLER-MARGO Arcanna with full dirt setup for most events.

:starfish: Perhaps Missable
Rome wasn't built in a day - Restart a race you haven't finished on the podium for yet.
Place outside the top 3 in a race you haven't played before and then select "Start Again" on the race results screen.
It might be worth trying this in a Quick Race if you've already finished Championship mode.

:starfish: After coming first in every event in Championship mode:
Recorder - Post a time in all the Time Attack races.
- Quick Race on Boulder Harbor - Track A.
- Any truck.
- Time Attack mode.

Set one timed lap then quit the race. This is necessary because this track is the only one without a Time Attack in the Championship mode.

Crasher - Crash 5 of your opponents' trucks.
Truck Armageddon - Crash 15 of your opponents' trucks.
Controller is recommended for these since destroying an AI's truck is very difficult and this didn't work online for me when I tested.

- Quick Race on any short track.
- Choose a fast accelerating truck for P1 and a low resistance truck for P2.
- Set laps to 1 and opponents to 0

P1 needs to deal the final blow to P2 in order for it to count. It's easier for P2 to crash themselves until they only have a little/no engine health remaining.
When done correctly, it will say "Player 2 crashed" with a white skull.
Correct vs. Incorrect
The lap must then be completed for the crash to count (i.e. the game needs to save).

:starfish: Additional Resources:
Last edited by alphabetsoup; Sep 9, 2019 @ 12:47am
lylat Sep 12, 2019 @ 8:40am 

Story-related. Unlocks after collecting all eight large cubes and interacting with the big tree on the topmost area.

  • There's a large cube on each location.
  • Collecting a large cube will reveal a chunk of small ones.

Refer to the screenshots below if you're still having troubles finding them:

This one requires collecting every single cube, 8 large and 64 small, and unlocks upon completing the game.

Find all 3 mysterious books. See the following guide for their locations:

And the screenshots below for a better understanding:

:ns_blue:Inside Joke
After collecting everything and completing the game, head inside the leftmost house at the top area, and go upstairs. Interact with the books on the second floor to start a hard bullet-hell-like boss fight.


'Simply' defeat the boss to get the achievement.
lylat Sep 13, 2019 @ 9:31am 
Mad Combat Marines

This tactic consists in adding a bunch of fake players to your server.

Simply set up an ONLINE room with EVENTS on and BOTS off, then go to game folder and launch the game several times from its executable. 5-6 extra players should be enough, but that totally depends on the capacity of your computer. Just keep in mind that the more, the better.
Note: I highly recommend using a lower resolution on the fakes, so it's easier to identify them.
Now, add each fake player to your server... and kill away!

Events are random, and most involve being the MVP during a limited period of time, which is quite easy using the method described above. Also events are the best source of points, so focus on winning all of them to get the 200 required points for the last achievement.
Last edited by lylat; Sep 13, 2019 @ 1:40pm
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