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Achievement Scouts AchScouts
December 19, 2017
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lylat Aug 14, 2019 @ 11:38pm
Extended Curations
Please post any queries you have about anything below in the Questions and Suggestions topic.

Extended Curations
Listed in alphabetically sorted:

:pentatris: >observer_
:pentatris: 100 hidden eternals
:pentatris: A Collection of Bad Moments
:pentatris: A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build
:pentatris: A Hat in Time
:pentatris: A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP
:pentatris: A Short Hike
:pentatris: AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity
:pentatris: Adam Wolfe
:pentatris: Adventures of Bertram Fiddle 2: A Bleaker Predicklement
:pentatris: Aftercharge
:pentatris: Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
:pentatris: Agatha Knife
:pentatris: Age of Empires II (2013)
:pentatris: Agony + Agony UNRATED
:pentatris: Aim Lab
:pentatris: Akin
:pentatris: Alder's Blood: Prologue
:pentatris: Alexia Crow and the Cave of Heroes
:pentatris: Alicia Quatermain: Secrets of The Lost Treasures
:pentatris: All Day Dying: Redux Edition
:pentatris: Amazon Rush
:pentatris: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
:pentatris: Amnesia™: Memories
:pentatris: Anark io
:pentatris: Andarilho
:pentatris: Animal Rivals
:pentatris: Ann
:pentatris: Anna - Extended Edition
:pentatris: Apocalipsis
:pentatris: Aragami
:pentatris: Archaica: The Path of Light
:pentatris: Asmodeus: Prince of Hell
:pentatris: Aurora
:pentatris: Avenger Bird
:pentatris: AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected
:pentatris: Bad North: Jotunn Edition
:pentatris: BDSM: Big Drunk Satanic Massacre
:pentatris: Bear With Me
:pentatris: Bear With Me - Collector's Edition
:pentatris: Bear With Me: The Lost Robots
:pentatris: Beeftacular
:pentatris: Bell Ringer
:pentatris: Between Time: Escape Room
:pentatris: Biped
:pentatris: Black Hole Simulator
:pentatris: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
:pentatris: Box Maze 2 : Agent Cubert
:pentatris: Broforce
:pentatris: Bug Attack!
:pentatris: Cake Bash
:pentatris: CALENDULA
:pentatris: Calico
:pentatris: Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2
:pentatris: Cat Quest
:pentatris: CHAOS;CHILD
:pentatris: Choice of the Pirate
:pentatris: Chronicle of Innsmouth
:pentatris: Chronos: Before the Ashes
:pentatris: Clickdraw Clicker
:pentatris: Clinically Dead
:pentatris: Collisions
:pentatris: Conran - The dinky Raccoon
:pentatris: Control Craft 2
:pentatris: Cookies vs. Claus
:pentatris: Cooking Trip: Back on the road
:pentatris: Cosmic Express
:pentatris: Counter-Strike: Source
:pentatris: Crimson Room: Decade
:pentatris: CrunchTime
:pentatris: Cube Escape: Paradox
:pentatris: Curse of the Old Gods
:pentatris: Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil
:pentatris: Dark Fear
:pentatris: Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
:pentatris: Dark Romance: Vampire in Love Collector's Edition
:pentatris: Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories
:pentatris: Dead Secret
:pentatris: Death Squared
:pentatris: Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST
:pentatris: Degrees
:pentatris: Detention
:pentatris: Devil Daggers
:pentatris: Dino D-Day
:pentatris: DiRT 5
:pentatris: Discolored
:pentatris: Dishonored
:pentatris: Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King
:pentatris: Dolphin Swim
:pentatris: Domino Simulator 2020
:pentatris: Door
:pentatris: Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh
:pentatris: Dots eXtreme
:pentatris: Down in Bermuda
:pentatris: Dracula: Love Kills
:pentatris: Dracula's Legacy
:pentatris: Dragon Sin
:pentatris: Drawn to Life: Two Realms
:pentatris: Dreamfall Chapters
:pentatris: Drive Isle
:pentatris: Driver Fusion
:pentatris: Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour
:pentatris: Dungeon Marathon
:pentatris: Dungeon Quest
:pentatris: Duo
:pentatris: Elbub
:pentatris: Elizabeth
:pentatris: Empathy: Path of Whispers
:pentatris: Endless Fables 4: Shadow Within
:pentatris: Endless Treasure Hunt
:pentatris: Energy Balance
:pentatris: Entropy : Zero
:pentatris: EroPhone
:pentatris: Escape Room - The Sick Colleague
:pentatris: E-Startup
:pentatris: Estranged: Act II
:pentatris: Eternal Hope
:pentatris: Ether One / Ether One Redux
:pentatris: Ever Forward Prologue and Demo
:pentatris: Evergreen Blues
:pentatris: Evoland Legendary Edition
:pentatris: Fall Guys
:pentatris: Fallen girl - Black rose and the fire of desire
:pentatris: Family Mysteries 3: Criminal Mindset
:pentatris: Family Mysteries: Poisonous Promises
:pentatris: Fantasy/Hentai Girls/HotGirls Sliding Puzzle (DIG Publishing)
:pentatris: Fated Souls
:pentatris: Fatum Betula
:pentatris: Fear Half Factor
:pentatris: FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster
:pentatris: Find Your Way
:pentatris: Flat Path
:pentatris: FlatOut 4: Total Insanity
:pentatris: Foglight Online
:pentatris: Four Sided Fantasy
:pentatris: Framed Collection
:pentatris: Funtoon's World
:pentatris: GAG
:pentatris: Galaxia Conquestum
:pentatris: Galcon 2
:pentatris: Ghost Files 2: Memory of a Crime
:pentatris: Gobernators (parodia politica peruana)
:pentatris: Going Under
:pentatris: Grand Theft Auto V
:pentatris: Grave Keeper
:pentatris: GRAVEN The Purple Moon Prophecy
:pentatris: Graveyard Shift
:pentatris: GRID (2019)
:pentatris: GRIS
:pentatris: Gunlock
:pentatris: Guns of Infinity
:pentatris: Haimrik
:pentatris: Half-Life 2: Episode Two
:pentatris: Harem Girl: Evie
:pentatris: Harem Girl: Isabella
:pentatris: Harem Girl: Samantha
:pentatris: Hashihime of the Old Book Town
:pentatris: Hentai Girlfriend Simulator
:pentatris: Heroes Arena
:pentatris: Hex
:pentatris: Hex Two
:pentatris: Hidden Paws
:pentatris: Hidden Paws Mystery
:pentatris: Higurashi When They Cry Hou - Ch.8 Matsuribayashi
:pentatris: Hiiro
:pentatris: Horror Squad
:pentatris: hot and lovely
:pentatris: Hot And Lovely 2
:pentatris: Hot And Lovely 3
:pentatris: HUNGER
:pentatris: Hyper Knights: Battles
:pentatris: I Saw Black Clouds
:pentatris: Iconoclasts
:pentatris: If Found
:pentatris: Imaginator
:pentatris: Imbroglio
:pentatris: In Silence
:pentatris: Incoming Evil
:pentatris: Indecision
:pentatris: Insane 2
:pentatris: Insurgency
:pentatris: Internet Cafe Simulator
:pentatris: Interrogation Files: Port Landsend
:pentatris: Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition
:pentatris: Inunaki Tunnel | 犬鳴トンネル
:pentatris: IN-VERT
:pentatris: IrisFall
:pentatris: ISEKAI QUEST
:pentatris: Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery : Episode 1
:pentatris: Jellyfish
:pentatris: Jurassic Safari Hunt
:pentatris: Kaboom Monsters
:pentatris: Kare wa Kanojo
:pentatris: Kebab it Up!
:pentatris: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
:pentatris: KHOLAT
:pentatris: King Of Mazes
:pentatris: King of Spies
:pentatris: King of Vikings
:pentatris: KNIGHTS
:pentatris: Knock-knock
:pentatris: Koral
:pentatris: Kuro survival
:pentatris: Last Day of June
:pentatris: Last Floor
:pentatris: Last Hours Of Jack
:pentatris: Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West
:pentatris: Leave Me Alone: A Trip To Hell
:pentatris: LEAVES - The Journey
:pentatris: LEAVES - The Return
:pentatris: Lethal Lawns: Competitive Mowing Bloodsport
:pentatris: Lexica
:pentatris: Lightmatter
:pentatris: Lili: Child of Geos
:pentatris: Lines
:pentatris: Lit the Torch
:pentatris: Little Nightmares
:pentatris: Littlewood
:pentatris: LOOP: A Tranquil Puzzle Game
:pentatris: Lost Ember
:pentatris: Love Fantasy
:pentatris: Luna's Fishing Garde
:pentatris: Mad Combat Marines
:pentatris: Mad Father
:pentatris: Magic Siege - Defender
:pentatris: Mahluk:Dark Demon
:pentatris: Maitetsu:Last Run!!
:pentatris: Majestic Nights
:pentatris: Mall Mayhem
:pentatris: Manifold Garden
:pentatris: Maze Lord
:pentatris: Melody
:pentatris: Memories on the Shoreline
:pentatris: Memory Oblivion Box
:pentatris: Microtransaction simulator
:pentatris: Midnight Mysteries 3: Devil on the Mississippi
:pentatris: Midnight Mysteries 4: Haunted Houdini
:pentatris: Midnight Mysteries: Salem Witch Trials
:pentatris: Mindless Running
:pentatris: Missing Translation
:pentatris: Mod and Play
:pentatris: Mojo
:pentatris: Mokoko
:pentatris: Monster Truck Championship
:pentatris: Mosaique Neko Waifus 2
:pentatris: Mosaique Neko Waifus 3
:pentatris: Mosaique Neko Waifus 4
:pentatris: Mother Simulator
:pentatris: Mr. Pumpkin Adventure
:pentatris: Murder Miners
:pentatris: Murdered: Soul Suspect
:pentatris: Muse:Night Out
:pentatris: Mushroom Cats 2
:pentatris: Music Racer
:pentatris: MUSYNX
:pentatris: My Memory of Us
:pentatris: Mystic Pillars
:pentatris: Mystika 3: Awakening of the Dragons
:pentatris: NAIRI: Tower of Shirin
:pentatris: NekoDice
:pentatris: Neon Beats
:pentatris: NEO-NOW
:pentatris: New England Detective: Breakfast in Boston
:pentatris: New York Mysteries: Secrets of the Mafia
:pentatris: Noctropolis
:pentatris: Notch - The Innocent LunA: Eclipsed SinnerS
:pentatris: NotTheNameWeWanted
:pentatris: Occult Crime Police (1745750)
:pentatris: Omegaland
:pentatris: OMON Simulator
:pentatris: Oneons: Prisoners
:pentatris: Online Circle Pong
:pentatris: OSES
:pentatris: Otter of My Life
:pentatris: Our End of the World
:pentatris: Out of Sight
:pentatris: Out of Space
:pentatris: OutDrive
:pentatris: Pahelika: Secret Legends
:pentatris: Pan-Pan
:pentatris: Paradise Lost
:pentatris: peakvox Route Candle
:pentatris: PEG
:pentatris: Perfect gold
:pentatris: Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil
:pentatris: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
:pentatris: Picklock
:pentatris: Pinkman
:pentatris: PixARK
:pentatris: Planet 2117
:pentatris: Play With Me: Escape room
:pentatris: Pode
:pentatris: Poi
:pentatris: Poker Night 2
:pentatris: Poker Night at the Inventory
:pentatris: Poly Towns
:pentatris: Project Arrhythmia
:pentatris: Project Speed
:pentatris: Putrefaction 2: Rumble in the hometown
:pentatris: Puyo Puyo Champions / ぷよぷよ eスポーツ
:pentatris: Puzzler
:pentatris: Quarantine Circular
:pentatris: Rabisco
:pentatris: Ramify
:pentatris: RealmCraft
:pentatris: realMyst: Masterpiece Edition
:pentatris: Red Comrades Save the Galaxy: Reloaded
:pentatris: Red Falls Season 1
:pentatris: Red Trigger
:pentatris: Reflection of Mine
:pentatris: Related
:pentatris: Relaxation balls
:pentatris: Remothered: Tormented Fathers
:pentatris: Resident Evil 0
:pentatris: Resident Evil 4
:pentatris: Resident Evil 5
:pentatris: Resident Evil 6
:pentatris: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
:pentatris: Return to Shironagasu Island
:pentatris: rFactor 2
:pentatris: Ride 2
:pentatris: Risen 2
:pentatris: River City Melee : Battle Royal Special
:pentatris: Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball
:pentatris: Root Of Evil: The Tailor
:pentatris: Roulette Simulator 2
:pentatris: RUSSIAPHOBIA
:pentatris: Rusty Lake Hotel
:pentatris: Rusty Lake Paradise
:pentatris: Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Collector’s Edition
:pentatris: Sagebrush
:pentatris: Samsara
:pentatris: Sanitarium
:pentatris: Santa Claws
:pentatris: Santa's Workshop
:pentatris: Sceal
:pentatris: Scrap Garden - The Day Before
:pentatris: Seasons after Fall
:pentatris: Secret Neighbor
:pentatris: Secret Santa
:pentatris: Selma and the Wisp
:pentatris: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
:pentatris: Sexual Void
:pentatris: Sexy Jigsaw
:pentatris: Shadow of Loot Box
:pentatris: Shield Impact
:pentatris: SHINY
:pentatris: Simple Light Cycles
:pentatris: Sinister City
:pentatris: Sisterly Lust
:pentatris: Slice of Life
:pentatris: Soda Dungeon 2
:pentatris: Sokobond
:pentatris: SOMA
:pentatris: SOULCALIBUR VI
:pentatris: Space Bar at the End of the Galaxy
:pentatris: Space Trucker
:pentatris: Spaceship Trucker
:pentatris: Speed Dating for Ghosts
:pentatris: SpellKeeper
:pentatris: Spencer
:pentatris: Spiritfarer
:pentatris: Star Drift Evolution
:pentatris: STARDROP
:pentatris: Station Architect
:pentatris: Stonewall Penitentiary
:pentatris: Strip 4: Classmate Study
:pentatris: Subnautica
:pentatris: Sudoku Killer
:pentatris: Sudoku Universe
:pentatris: Summer with Mia Season 1
:pentatris: Sumo Revise
:pentatris: Super Crush KO
:pentatris: Super GTR Racing
:pentatris: Super Motherload
:pentatris: Super POTUS Trump
:pentatris: Suzy Cube
:pentatris: Swarmlake
:pentatris: Syberia The World Before - Prologue
:pentatris: Sylvio 2
:pentatris: Synergia
:pentatris: Table Manners: Physics-Based Dating Game
:pentatris: Tales Across Time
:pentatris: Tangle Tower
:pentatris: Tangled Up!
:pentatris: Tank Slam
:pentatris: Telling Lies
:pentatris: Terraria
:pentatris: Tested on Humans: Escape Room
:pentatris: The Adventure of NAYU
:pentatris: The Almost Gone
:pentatris: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
:pentatris: The Blame
:pentatris: The Caregiver | 終焉介護
:pentatris: The Count Lucanor
:pentatris: The Disaster
:pentatris: The Evil Within 2
:pentatris: The Eyes of Ara
:pentatris: The First Tree
:pentatris: The Guest
:pentatris: The Islander
:pentatris: The Islander: Town Architect
:pentatris: The Legend of Candlewind: Nights & Candles
:pentatris: The Light Remake
:pentatris: The Lost Mythologies
:pentatris: The Office Quest
:pentatris: The Red Strings Club
:pentatris: The Rivers of Alice - Extended Version
:pentatris: The Secret Order 8: Return to the Buried Kingdom
:pentatris: THE SHORE
:pentatris: The Terrible Persistence of Memory
:pentatris: The Walsingham Files - Chapter 1
:pentatris: The World Next Door
:pentatris: The Zwuggels - Beach Holidays
:pentatris: Timen runner
:pentatris: To Be With You
:pentatris: Toaster Jam
:pentatris: Toki Tori
:pentatris: Too Many Weapons
:pentatris: Tormentum - Dark Sorrow
:pentatris: Totemori
:pentatris: Tracks - The Family Friendly Open World Train Set Game
:pentatris: Transpire
:pentatris: Tropical Liquor
:pentatris: Truck Racer
:pentatris: TSIOQUE
:pentatris: TurnOn
:pentatris: Twickles
:pentatris: Umiro
:pentatris: Uncharted Tides: Port Royal
:pentatris: Unforgiving - A Northern Hymn
:pentatris: Unheard
:pentatris: Valakas Story
:pentatris: Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadows of New York
:pentatris: Velocity®Ultra
:pentatris: Verlet Swing
:pentatris: VICCP
:pentatris: Viridi
:pentatris: Virtual Foosball
:pentatris: Virtual Rides 3
:pentatris: VThree
:pentatris: WarriOrb: Prologue
:pentatris: We Went Back
:pentatris: Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Heart of the Forest
:pentatris: Wet steps
:pentatris: Wheelz2
:pentatris: Who Needs a Hero?
:pentatris: WILOO
:pentatris: Windscape
:pentatris: Xenon Racer
:pentatris: Yokai's Secret
:pentatris: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
:pentatris: Zombie Derby 2
:pentatris: Zombieland: Double Tap - Road Trip
:pentatris: Zomborg

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lylat May 25, 2020 @ 9:59am 
Sumo Revise

:ns_red: Original guide:

:ns_blue: Optimized step-by-step walkthrough:
  1. Launch the game and go through the tutorial. :hightrophy: Bought the game!
  2. Press U in main menu. :hightrophy: Test Achievement!
  3. Go to Custom Levels > Play Level > New Level. :hightrophy: IT'S PRETTY MUCH LIKE NORMAL
  4. Go to Custom Levels > Edit or Create > New Level > Any name > Level Editor > Any wav.
  5. Press Q and click on the save icon at the top left corner of the screen. :hightrophy: Ma' own place!
  6. Press Q and click on the trash can at the top right corner of the screen. Confirm. :hightrophy: Now you're doin' it right!

  7. Go to Sumo Revise! and set the following settings:
    • Free for All
    • No Modifier
    • Item Spawn: Normal
    • AI Players: 4
    • Reshuffle: 2 rounds
    • Advanced Settings
      • Super Power Up: ON
      • Auto Respawn: Top

  8. Launch the match by choosing "SUMO!".
  9. Join with 4 players (CTRL, SHIFT, SPACEBAR, MMB).
  10. Start the match by pressing ENTER.
  11. Wait ~2 seconds at the map selection screen. :hightrophy: Better pay attention :hightrophy: You have patience!
  12. Choose Pagoda. :hightrophy: Played against the machine :hightrophy: MENS VS MACHINES
  13. Also wait a few seconds to get: :hightrophy: Winding up!
  14. Quit to menu.
  15. Go to How To Play > Control Tutorial.
  16. Jump with all characters at once: W + I + UPARROW + MOUSEWHEELUP. :hightrophy: So coordinated! #1
  17. Attack with all characters at once: CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR + MMB. :hightrophy: So coordinated! #2
  18. Spam ENTER key to get through this tutorial and back to main menu.

  19. Go to Sumo! Revise and set the following settings:
    • Free for All
    • No Modifier
    • Item Spawn: Off
    • AI Players: 0
    • Reshuffle: Never

  20. Confirm on SUMO!
  21. Join with two players: CTRL and SHIFT.
  22. Press ENTER to star the game.
    :hightrophy: All skill!

  23. Go to Sumo! Revise and set the following settings:
    • Team Free for All
    • No Modifier
    • Item Spawn: Off
    • AI Players: 0
    • Reshuffle: Never

  24. Confirm on SUMO!
  25. Join with just one player: CTRL.
  26. Start the game by pressing ENTER twice. :hightrophy: Told you they were fast :hightrophy: How it's meant to be played! :hightrophy: Unlock Mexico

  27. Force close the game (ALT+F4) after unlocking Mexico.
  28. Launch the game again.

  29. Go to Sumo! Revise and set the following settings:
    • Free for All
    • No Modifier
    • Item Spawn: Splorch
    • AI Players: 0
    • Reshuffle: Never

  30. Confirm on SUMO!
  31. Join with two players: CTRL and SHIFT and confirm with ENTER.
  32. Scroll all the way left passing the Mexico map and press ENTER. :hightrophy: Man, that thing's cute.
  33. Choose Duel as map. :hightrophy: A Match Made in Heaven! #1 :hightrophy: BLAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRPPPPPP
  34. Quit to menu.

  35. Go to Sumo! Revise and set the following settings:
    • Free for All
    • Sumo Steam Guns
    • Item Spawn: Normal
    • AI Players: 0
    • Reshuffle: Never

  36. Confirm on SUMO!
  37. Join with two players: CTRL and SHIFT and confirm with ENTER.
  38. Choose map Space. :hightrophy: A Match Made in Heaven! #2
  39. Quit to menu.

  40. Go to Sumo! Revise and set the following settings:
    • Free for All
    • No Modifier
    • Item Spawn: Fast
    • AI Players: 0
    • Reshuffle: Never

  41. Confirm on SUMO!
  42. Join with two players: CTRL and SHIFT and confirm with ENTER.
  43. Choose Pagoda as the map.
  44. As soon as the match begins, run with one of the players out the level limits. :hightrophy: It actually happens pretty often.
  45. Hide under the platforms to avoid picking unwanted powerups and pick up the switch as soon as it shows up: :hightrophy: Found it.

  46. Pick up the blue capsule to turn one of the players into superman:
    Move around until the achievement unlocks: :hightrophy: He really is super.

  47. Pick up two green capsules (one with each player) to turn them into a squid: :hightrophy: This should be the default
    Note: Transformation persists through matches.

  48. Lastly, pick up the boot with any squid player to get: :hightrophy: BOOT SQUID!
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Poly Towns

:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
  • Running out of money or hitting 0% of happiness will result in a permanent game over, without the possibility of continuing.
  • Burning houses don't have any other impact than visual.
  • Use number keys 1,2, and 3 to increase game speed (play at 3x if you want to finish the game faster).
:tobinfo: Quick HUD explanation:

:DoodleMap: Walkthrough:
  1. Start a new game; restart if you get a land with too many obstacles or without any rocks (you need at least one rock to build a mine later on).

  2. Click on the hammer icon at the bottom of the screen and build 6 houses and 2 farms (press RMB to quit building a structure type and be able to build a different one). Place them as follows:
    Note: remove obstacles if needed (click on tools > click on obstacle > remove).

  3. Click on the briefcase icon and then join each farm with the three houses nearby:

  4. Build a woodcutter and 3 more houses around it, then connect them through the jobs menu (just as you did with the farm and houses):

  5. Lastly, build a mine over a rock and three houses around it, then connect them through the jobs menu:

  6. Open another land with at least one rock available and build all the structures following the same layout as the first land.

  7. You'll probably end with 4% happiness after building everything. Open a third land and place a Town Hall to boost happiness back to 100% and get an achievement in the process.

  8. Now, start upgrading all your structures to level 1 while being careful about consumption. Try to upgrade farms first to have food production secured.

  9. After that, upgrade all your structures to level 2 (MAX) by following the same advice from the previous step; be extra careful with the happiness this time and buy a Park if you reach dangerous levels.
    If you see that you start consuming too much food, use the third land to build the following structures:

    House - Level 0
    House - Level 0
    House - Level 0
    Farm - Level 2

    This will generate some extra food to temporarily balance your stats. Buy as many as needed.

  10. Now it's just matter of maxing out all your structures in order to reach 1k villagers and 1M coins. Feel free to place and upgrade more houses to generate money faster, but keep an eye on the consumption and happiness levels.

  11. Once you start generating a profit of $2000 or more, idle away until reaching the million.

    This is how your town should look at the end:
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lylat Jun 2, 2020 @ 1:34pm 
Entropy : Zero

:starfish: Achievement Guide

:silvercup: Ignite 20 Zombies using flares / Evict 20 Vortigaunts from Pillar 10 / Kill 50 rebels:

Only UNIQUE/DIFFERENT kills/burns are counted towards those achievements. Killing the same enemy over and over by reloading a save state won't increase your counters.

:Delete_arrow: Use "Firing Range" level to farm without having to worry about environmental damage or random enemy spawns (choosable from main menu).

For 20 ignited zombies:
  • To spawn zombies:
    sv_cheats 1; npc_create npc_zombie; sv_cheats 0
  • To spawn flares:
    prop_physics_create props_junk/flare

For 50 Rebel kills:
  • To give yourself a shotgun:
    sv_cheats 1; give weapon_shotgun; sv_cheats 0
  • To spawn rebels:
    bind p "sv_cheats 1; npc_create npc_citizen; sv_cheats 0"
    ^ Press P to spawn rebels without having to open the console each time.

For 20 Vortigaunt kills:
  • To spawn Vortigaunts:
    sv_cheats 1; npc_create npc_vortigaunt; sv_cheats 0

For Bad Cop achievement:
for anyone who needs bad cop; i recommend using "sv_cheats 1; god; sv_cheats 0" and "sv_cheats 1; noclip; sv_cheats 0" after starting a new game in bad cop mode. just loading a save at the end and switching to bad cop right before doesn't work. but you can just skip through the entire game by using noclip to fly to the end of every map. to be safe, i exited and reopened my game just before shooting the last power core thing at the end part as achievements are funky in source games with cheats on.

Credits to Mercury for gathering all the information posted above.
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OMON Simulator

:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
  • Hold RMB to turn around the camera.
  • Press Z to equip the baton and enter combat stance.

:ss_map: Walkthrough:
  • Launch the game.
    :hightrophy: +3 achievements (3/100).

  • Switch language to ENG at the top left corner of main menu.
  • Start a SINGLEPLAYER game.
  • Choose "OMON" and hit PLAY.
    Note: can skip introductory scenes with ESC.

  • As soon as you gain control over your character, press E, R, M, G, H, and P.
    :hightrophy: +39 achievements (42/100).

  • Turn around and walk towards the crowd at the end of the street.

  • Enter the parking lot and head to the northwest corner.

  • Melee Barack Obama with E key.
    :MotoGP19Done: Arrest Barack Obama mission completed.

  • Turn around and press F next to the huge duck.
    :hightrophy: +6 achievements (48/100).

  • Head back to the street and walk towards the crowd and the cops.
  • As you pass by, remove the bra of the blonde/black hair girl (with C key) and any other girl around.
    :hightrophy: +11 achievements (59/100).

  • Continue forward past the cops until finding the big men protesting at the crossroad (be careful with the guys throwing cups, they insta-kill you).

  • Turn right and approach the big duck.

  • Equip the baton with Z and then defeat the green boss and the people around him.
    :MotoGP19Done: Arrest Alexey Karnavalny mission completed.
    :hightrophy: +8 achievements (67/100).

  • Unequip the baton with Z and then press V near a body (make sure you see the prompt on screen).
    :hightrophy: +5 achievements (72/100).

  • Press F near the huge duck.
  • Now, defeat the girl at the end of the street.
    :MotoGP19Done: Arrest Agent "Sobol" mission completed

  • Press F next to a poster to destroy it. Repeat with all the posters nearby.
    :hightrophy: +5 achievements (77/100).

  • Press F next to any protester to arrest them, then F again to let them free.
    :hightrophy: +5 achievements (82/100).

  • Continue through the street to find a singer and a dancer.

  • Press Q while standing next to the radio.
    :hightrophy: +5 achievements (87/100).

  • Go all the way to the end of the street to find some Martians, then turn left and go to the other end.
  • There, you'll find a big guy dressed in red.
  • Approach the group to get:
    :hightrophy: +5 achievements (92/100).

  • Now go look for one of the pedestrians that's constantly throwing cups.
  • Get hit by a cup to die and obtain two more miscellaneous (don't worry, you don't lose anything on death).
    :hightrophy: +2 achievements (94/100).

  • Here comes the fun part. Your next objective will be exploring the town and finishing all but two of the remaining missions:
    • Destroy 15 posters (by pressing F next to them).
    • Stop the rebellion of 12 ducks (by pressing F next to the huge ducks).
    • Neutralize 50 protesters (by equipping the baton and hitting them with LMB).

    Don't bother arresting the protesters as that's much slower and beating them to death is enough to complete that objective.
    :MotoGP19Done: Destroy 15 dangerous posters mission completed.
    :MotoGP19Done: Stop the rebellion of 12 ducks mission completed.
    :MotoGP19Done: Neutralize and arrest 50 protesters mission completed.

  • Once you're done with all but the Arrest Donald Trump objective, go back to the starting point and head towards the other end of the street.

  • Go past the cops to find the next set of protesters.
  • At the intersection, turn left.
  • You'll soon find Trump and Putin. Approach Trump and hit him down.
    :MotoGP19Done: Arrest Donald Trump mission completed.

  • Lastly, press F next to Putin.
    :MotoGP19Done: Pay Respect to the President of Russia (!)
    :hightrophy: +6 achievements (100/100).
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Mother Simulator

:msadvanced: All Golds Playlist:
Note: only 10/17 levels must be completed with gold in order to get "Golden Baby". The rest can be simply finished in Training mode (without timer).

:Refrain_exclamation: Missables:
  • :hightrophy: Attentive: Flush the toilet after pooping.
  • :hightrophy: Evil: Give the pacifier to the baby and then immediately take it away.
  • :hightrophy: Three-point throw: Easy on "Tree-pointer throw" level.
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If Found

:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
  • Eraser size can be scaled up through the settings menu (ESC > top right corner > Eraser Size).

:dpbook: Story-related:
  • :hightrophy: It disappears so easily.
  • :hightrophy: Every stair in this house squeaks SO LOUD.
  • :hightrophy: It took hours to walk home
  • :hightrophy: My back hurt when I woke up.
  • :hightrophy: Happy New Year!!!
  • :hightrophy: Starting on a new page.
  • :hightrophy: It appears so easily.

:Refrain_exclamation: Missables:
  • :hightrophy: Is fearr Gaeilge briste na Bearla cliste: Finish a chapter in Irish (ESC > Language > Gaeilge).
  • :hightrophy: An dtuigeann tú?† : Load chapter "14/12/1993" and read the first annotation on the second page.
  • :hightrophy: Coffee Coffee!: Load chapter "Coming and Going" and progress until you can freely navigate through the pages. Then, scroll down to find Colum drinking coffee.
  • :hightrophy: Go mbeirimíd beo ar an am seo arís: Go through all possible choices in the "Opening" chapter: do a playthrough always picking first option, then another always picking second, third, fourth, and lastly, fifth.
  • :hightrophy: Trans Rights!: Play through the "Opening" chapter and choose the Transgender pride flag in the character creation screen.
  • :hightrophy: Up Mayo!: Play through the "Opening" chapter and choose the Mayo flag in the character creation screen.
  • :hightrophy: Skip the painful bits: Load chapter "Planet X" and progress until the "If Found" logo shows up. Then, press ESC and launch the "Opening" chapter.
  • :hightrophy: Making memories disappear: Self-explanatory and extremely grindy. Requires at least three complete playthroughs.
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Valakas Story

:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
  • Press F to switch between exploration and combat stance.
  • Press 1 to buff yourself (have it activated at all times during fights) and 2-3-4 to use special techniques.
  • Hold RMB to block enemy attacks (have it pressed at all times during fights).
  • Press Q to focus and check enemy health.
  • Press SPACEBAR to roll.
  • Interact with the wells to save your progress.

:ss_map: Walkthrough:
  • Launch the game. :hightrophy: Welcome

  • Start a new game and watch the introductory scenes.
  • Attend the door.
  • Leave the house and save your game on the well.
  • Use the portable toilet. :hightrophy: Pokakal
  • Defeat the thugs next to your car.

  • Speak to the old man sitting on the bench.
  • Go down the street and interact with the hobo sleeping next to the bus stop.
  • Beat the hobo.
  • Go back to the old man and complete the mission.

  • Speak to the neighbor next to the old man to start another mission.
  • Follow the street to find some more thugs.
  • Defeat them all.

  • Continue through the street to find a market at the very end.
  • Speak to the cashier.
  • Pick up a beer bottle from the shelves.
  • Speak to the cashier again.
  • Make your way back to your neighborhood and speak to the neighbor.
  • Beat him.
  • Leave through the green door.

  • Approach the old woman.
  • Go along the street and enter the alley in front of the yellow trucks (near the market).
  • Interact with the people there.
  • Defeat the group.
  • Speak to the girl and then follow her back to the old woman.
  • Speak to both.
  • Approach your car and interact with the hood. :hightrophy: Neksia

  • After the crash, interact with the well to save your progress.
  • Approach the gas station and climb up the pole.
  • Read the message on top of the gas station. :hightrophy: Pashalka
  • Jump down the roof and head to the opposite side of the gas station.
  • Try to cross the bridge for a scene.

  • Follow the lights and save before crossing the long bridge.
  • Go across and approach the thug for another scene.
  • Follow the path between the houses and defeat the thugs on the other side.
  • Keep going around the lake until reaching a small town.
  • Save at the well and then approach the thug for a scene.
  • Defeat the boss:
    • Can save at any time during the boss fight.
    • Roll to avoid the rocks thrown by the boss; they can one hit you.
    • Have the buff (first ability) activated during the whole fight.
    • Spam third and fourth abilities for extra damage.
    :hightrophy: Stasik LOH
  • Talk to the Grampa.

  • Go through the now open path.
  • Hug the right wall and then go all the way around until reaching a set of chairs on the ground.
  • Interact with the previously mentioned spot to put down the dynamite.
  • Run away to protect yourself from the detonation.
  • Go back to the Grampa.

  • Walk through the traffic jam and approach the guys in hazmat suits.
  • Go back and enter the forest by following the path near the blue car.
  • Save at the well and then enter the house.
  • Leave and find five rabbits (hint: look for the yellow lights).

  • Go back to the house and speak to the biker.
  • Save your game before progressing.
  • Follow the biker and enter the bunker.
  • Go downstairs and follow the left path on the sewers.
  • Carefully, jump down the hole without touching the walls. If you die, try again.

  • Use the lever on the wall and go through the passage.
  • Take right at the fork and speak to the man in hazmat suit.
  • Return and take the other path now.
  • Find and use all three valves:

  • Go back and speak to the man in hazmat suit again.
  • Follow the path completely and save at the well.
  • Go through the right door.
  • Make your way upstairs by killing all the zombies.
  • Interact with the green computer.
  • Go back down to the room with the generator and escape through the metal door
  • Follow the linear path.
  • Save after crossing the narrow bridge.
  • Defeat the boss:
    • Avoid the falling objects as they will instantly kill you.
    • Hide in the corners.
    • Ignore zombies if possible, they will die from falling objects.
    :hightrophy: Za VDV
  • Continue through the sewers and climb up the ladder.

  • Head towards the bridge and save at the well.
  • Cross the bridge.
  • Save your game at the other well.
  • Approach the dancing guy. :hightrophy: Maddyson
  • Defeat the thugs.
  • Jump down the bridge and approach the lambda. :hightrophy: Vlados

  • Speak to the dancer.
  • Follow the street, turn left, and look for the building labeled as "Bariwkin 89".
  • Head upstairs and through the door.

  • Leave and go back through this path:
  • Turn left and follow the street until finding the WoT club.

  • Head inside and talk to the bartender.
  • Interact with the microphone at the scenery.
  • Defeat the thugs.
  • Speak to the bartender.
  • Enter the back room and place a dynamite near the white tank.
  • Leave the club to protect yourself from the explosion.

  • Head back to Bariwkin's building and speak to him.
  • Find the building labeled as "Stalin 42" near the dancer.
  • Go inside and upstairs.
  • Knock on the metallic door.

  • Look and paint over 5 graffitis.
    1. In front of Stalin 42's building (triggers a trap):
    2. Storage area (spawns enemies):
    3. Outside WoT club:
    4. By the park (spawns enemies):
    5. Near the factory (very end of the road):

  • Head back to Stalin 42's building and speak to the detective.
  • Go to the factory.
  • Enter the building and use the lever.
  • Use the elevator, save, and then use the lift.
  • Make your way through the platforming section.

  • Save at the next well.
  • Activate both levers on each side.
  • Go back the middle area and through the metallic door.
  • Follow the linear path.
  • Defeat the last boss.
    • Remember to have the buff activated at all times. Besides that, it's an easy but very long fight.
    :hightrophy: Penis Dyrak
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:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
    Use 1-2-3 keys to adjust game speed and spacebar to pause.

:ss_map: Walkthrough:
  • Start a new game and input any company name. :hightrophy: Good luck !

  • Buy the bottom land for $10,000.
  • Pause the game by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the hammer and ruler icon at the bottom left corner to switch to Construction Mode.
  • Click on Furniture Tab > Business management.
  • Buy an Object Generator and place it anywhere.
  • Buy 2 Classic Desks and place them anywhere.
  • Buy 3 Shelves and place them anywhere.

  • Click on the briefcase icon at the bottom left corner to switch to Management Mode.
  • Click on the planet icon to access the Web Browser.
  • Click on Recruitment > Worker > Post a job ads for 250$ > Any worker > Hire. :hightrophy: No more alone !
  • Hire a Deliverer as well (Recruitment > Deliverer > Post a job ads for 250$ > Any worker > Hire).
  • Click on the generator and upgrade the flow for 500$.

  • Click on the truck and accept the random contract by clicking on the checkmark.
  • Click on the Object Generator and tick the "Show only current contract items" box to know what materials are needed to make the items.
  • Click on Web Browser > Online Purchase > and buy the required items. :hightrophy: Securised and fast
  • Set Replenishment treshold as follows:
    • Wood: 100
    • Iron, Fabric, Glass, and Plastic: 20
    • Electric circuit: 15

  • Click on the Object Generator and assign a worker.
  • Set game speed to 3x and make the items required in the contract. :hightrophy: Big Startup

  • Now, keep completing contracts until reaching level 6 to unlock the Wind Turbines.
    • Fill the "Amount of objects" field to make several copies of the same item (set the amount then click on Make).
    • Hire new workers/deliverers if they quit (don't forget to assign workers to the Object Generator when hiring again).
    • Play at 3x speed (hotkey: 3) when making new items and pause (spacebar) when setting up the process.
    • Click anywhere at the start of each day to prevent the screen blinking when pausing with spacebar.

  • The following achievement will come naturally while playing: :hightrophy: First month
  • Ask for a loan if you're running out of money (Web Browser > Bank > ask for a Loan). :hightrophy: A new start

  • Switch to Construction Mode > Outside > and buy two Wind Turbines (ask for a loan if you don't have enough money). Place them anywhere.
  • Fast forward until the end of the day. :hightrophy: Make our planet great again !
  • Place 8 more Classic Desks to complete 10.
  • Hire any 8 extra employees (Recruitment > Any job > Post a job ads for 250$ > Hire). :hightrophy: We are a team
  • Click on Company Management > Employee management > and fire any employee. :hightrophy: You are fired !
  • Now spend all your money on furniture and other items until you're about to hit negative numbers.
  • Fast forward until the end of the day.
  • Enable auto-save if you don't have it yet and fast forward again (Options > Autosave? > tick the checkbox).
  • Repeat until Bankrupt. :hightrophy: It is the end !
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Maze Lord

:DoodleMap: Step-by-step walkthrough:
  1. Go to installation folder and enter the MazeLord_Data folder.
  2. Create a new file "parameters.xml" and use any text editor to write the following line inside:
    <maze_lord_test_mode_on value="true" />
  3. Start the game and quit to menu if it's your first time playing: COG icon > Exit to Map.
  4. Click on the pickaxe to bring up the cheats menu.
  5. Click on "win all lvls", "set ach", and 30x on "add exp level".
    • :hightrophy: Legendart Hero

  6. Launch any level to trigger:
    • :hightrophy: Wanderer
    • :hightrophy: Hero of Wanderer
    • :hightrophy: Great Traveler
    • :hightrophy: Disciple
    • :hightrophy: Journeyman
    • :hightrophy: Master

  7. Open cheats menu and click on "get reward" several times (wait for the chests to open).
  8. Click on the troll icon in main menu and craft 30 artifacts; get more rewards through the cheats menu if you lack ingredients.
    • :hightrophy: Trader
    • :hightrophy: Best Trader
    • :hightrophy: Trader of Destiny

  9. Now, press G on your keyboard to launch a randomized level and grind enemy kills (do two kills per run) and collected coins (press SPACEBAR to pick up). Press G again after you've killed two enemies to avoid the game over screen.
    • :hightrophy: Great Hero
    • :hightrophy: Super Hero
    • :hightrophy: Rich
    • :hightrophy: Very Rich
    • :hightrophy: Legendary Rich

All credit goes to Genieben and his guide[].
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lylat Jun 7, 2020 @ 5:04pm 
Tangled Up!

:arcadequestion: How to get infinite hints:
  1. Go to installation folder and make an empty text file named "cheats.txt".
  2. Launch the game through Steam and start any level.
  3. Press "LShift + F12" to add 10 hints: add 60 total hints to have enough for all levels.
  4. Finish the game by using hints (each hint will guide you through the whole level).
  5. Level 42 hint system is broken and must be done manually; check the solution below.

:MotoGP19Done: Level 42 solution:
  • Following this layout...


  • Apply this solution:
    5 9999 6 1 6 000 1 7 9 88 (4 2) 44 (1 4) 222 99 55 000 6 (9 5) 9 77 9 7
    () = Watch out for enemies and do it in quick succession.
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Jurassic Safari Hunt

:Attention_Sign: Before starting:
  • Work your way towards "Best Pathfinder" and "Silent Doom" achievements right from the beginning - press Q to make the dog track down nearby dinosaurs and shoot enemies from the distance to increase unnoticed shots:
    • Green icon above the dog: searching for an objective.
    • Constantly barf: an objective has been found.
    • Yellow warning at the top of the screen: a dinosaur has noticed your presence.
    • Note: The dog won't look for another objective until the loot from the previous one has been already collected.

:ns_blue: Step one:
  • Complete the first two missions and farm on the third until reaching $15,000 total credits.
    • Stay near the car and kill the Utahraptor with a headshot from the distance.
    • Press Q to make the dog track its spawn.

:ns_blue: Step two:
  • Purchase all weapons and use each one at least once.
    :hightrophy: A true hunter arsenal

  • Also, purchase the second location for $3,500.

:ns_blue: Step three:
  • Go back to the first mission and start farming the following skins:
  • Track (to continue farming "Best Pathfinder"), kill, collect, and restart; going back to the vehicle is not required for them to count.
    :hightrophy: Pachycephalosaurus Trophy
    :hightrophy: Gastonia Trophy

:ns_blue: Step four:
  • Switch to the fifth mission and farm 50 Triceratops[] skins and 200 consecutive headshots.
    • Use the shotgun as it's the weakest weapon and aim for the head without failing any shots to get progress towards "Corrector of Ecosystem".
      • Each kill will net you 4 headshots.
      • Failing a shot will reset the counter to 0.
      • If you don't feel confident enough to land 200 headshots consecutively, periodically backup you save file at:
        AppData\LocalLow\Simulators Live\Jurassic Safari Hunt
        To prevent losing progress. Can do this after every round by quitting to menu and backing up the file; quitting the game is not required.
    • Again, press Q to locate the objective and restart right after collecting both skins.
    :hightrophy: Best Pathfinder (should be unlocked by now).
    :hightrophy: Don't spare the ammo
    :hightrophy: Triceratops Trophy
    :hightrophy: Corrector of Ecosystem

:ns_blue: Step five:
  • Start the first mission on the second location and farm 50 Diplodocus[] skins.
    • Restart until the Diplodocus is visible from your spawn: Spawn 1[] - Spawn 2[].
    • Use the crossbow for one-shot kills.
    • Continue working on stealth/headshot kills.
    :hightrophy: Diplodocus Trophy

:ns_blue: Cleanup:
  • Go back to the second mission on the first location and continue doing stealth kills, headshots (for "In the dinosaur eye"), and running around to get all the remaining achievements.
    :hightrophy: Silent Doom
    :hightrophy: In the dinosaur eye
    :hightrophy: Trail of the Heroes
lylat Jun 10, 2020 @ 5:39pm 

:Attention_Sign: Relevant information:
  • Use "-screen-fullscreen 0" as launch option to force windowed mode and "-screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720" to set a custom resolution (switch 1280 and 720 for the desired parameters).

:tvcinema: Chapter 1:
  • Level S-1 is not included in the video but it's extremely linear and very easy to figure out; don't forget to use SPACEBAR to sprint through the quick sections.

:tvcinema: Chapter 2:
  • Level II-VII: Wait 2-3 minutes for the sun to leave the screen. :hightrophy: Sunrise

:tvcinema: Chapter 3:

:tvcinema: Chapter 4:
  • Most sections of level 10 were changed and are actually easier on PC.
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