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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Deathrampage Há 8 horas 
Thank you for you're help.
Araanim  [autor] Há 21 horas 
@Deathrampage You find Karstaag's skull in a different cave called Glacial Cave. You then take it to Castle Karstaag and reunite it with his skeleton to summon his ghost.

After you join the cult, the Hunter is supposed to forcegreet you. Again, just walk around and it should trigger. It helps if you leave a little distance and let him step towards you.
Deathrampage 9 Fev às 11:19 
Also, When I tryed to join the cult, Hunter would not have any diologe about helping the cult.
Deathrampage 9 Fev às 11:18 
I don't know what is wrong but, when I go to fight Karsaag he is not there, And the quest is completed like i did it. Do you happen to have the ID for the Karstaag skull. I really want to beat this mod, it is one of my favorit.
Araanim  [autor] 7 Fev às 19:53 
1. I think there's a trigger box that is supposed to trigger before you kill the Hound. You probably killed him before that triggered, so the stages got all thrown off. That explains it, I'll have to make sure you can do that out of order.

2. I guess I didn't expect anyone to boldly attack Cthulhu while he slept :-P The trapped version is supposed to be a really high level in case that happens, but maybe I didn't adjust that right. I though he was invincible, but I guess not. I'll fix that.
sharktemplar 7 Fev às 19:48 
1. If you were talking about the giant cthulhu hound, yeah I killed that thing. When I noticed the quest didn't think I had "survived" the plataeu yet I also killed the two dragons before talking to the Yellow King, but he still just told me to go back to Skyrim, which pointed me to an inactive exit marker.

2. Yeah I just console'd my way through the quest. Missed talking to someone and murdering two others I believe, but it sent me to Innsmouth and I just carried on from there.
Also, not sure if it's a glitch but Cthluhu can apparently be killed with arrows in R'lyeh. His ragdoll pops up and flops about. Almost positive this isn't meant to happen considering all the well-triggered tentacle whips throughout some of the R'lyeh bridges that obviously imply Cthulhu trying to kill you.
Might be that I have custom archery mods and stuff though, which might somehow overwrite whatever projectile protection you may or may have forgotten to give him in R'lyeh.
Araanim  [autor] 7 Fev às 19:37 
1. You have to explore the whole plateau. You will meet a giant monster called the Arch-Lord of Tindalos that you need to kill, and then a palace in which you have to talk to the King in Yellow. After talking to him he will send you back.

2. Sorry about the warehouse problem. That's a glitch that I just cannot figure out. You're actually supposed to go in a different warehouse, yet the game somehow still points to that warehouse. I think I copied that cell to make the new warehouse, and it somehow still links it through the existing warehouse. There is absolutely no reason for this to happen, but I cannot figure out how to fix it. The correct warehouse is along the dock a little further and has yellow banners on either side of the door.

Hopefully that will get you back on track!
sharktemplar 7 Fev às 17:12 
For the love of God. First I had to coc may way out of the plataeu because "survive the plataeu" wouldn't finish in the quest line, but somehow it still continued through and wanted me to go back to Skyrim even though the marker where I came in didn't take me back.
Now I am stuck trying to find the necronomicon at the Raven Rock warehouse, but as soon as I go into the warehouse, the marker is on the exit door, instructing me to go out, and there is no necronomicon to be found. I even checked back at the arcanaeum in skyrim and it is definitely gone. I probably broke it when I coc'd my way out of being trapped at the plataeu from broken quest chronology that I somehow did by accident.
Where is the damn book!?
Araanim  [autor] 6 Fev às 8:02 
Try typing "stopquest htbm3theoldone" in the console. The good side quest may have been accidently started even though you chose the bad side, so that might be causing the problem. Let me know if you have any luck.

Also you can do what AvatarSufi suggested. Open the console and type "help hunter" and it will give the you id for the hunter. There will be two, but it should be the first one i think. then type "setessential [baseID] 0" This will make him un-essential. Also, he might be protected, not essential, so try it with setprotected instead. This should make whatever character mortal if they are not. You could try that so you can at least finish the quest. Let me know if it works!
Araanim  [autor] 6 Fev às 8:02 
@Lupo I just played through the whole quest beginning to end and had no problem killing either. Maybe you need to fully update? It might be a holdover from a previous update; maybe uninstall and reinstall? I know you probably don't want to do the whole quest again, but everything's fine on my end. Did you 100% complete Here There Be Monsters and Hunter of Monsters? Something like that could be the problem; one of the other quests still has them tagged as essential. I don't know what else to tell you, it SHOULD work. Sorry I can't offer more help than that!
Il Lupo D'Argento 5 Fev às 16:47 
I do not know how to do that
AvatarSufi 5 Fev às 14:35 
Have you tried setting them as mortal via console, Lupo? :) click on them to get their ID's and then set them to mortal(I assume you know how to do this). :D

Least until Araanim fixes the glitch. :)
Araanim  [autor] 4 Fev às 13:53 
Hmm, it's weird that it's just the two. Gamli isn't actually necessary to any of the quests other than the very first monster you kill, idk why he would be essential. I'll take a look.
Il Lupo D'Argento 4 Fev às 13:18 
Believe me, I tried; I lost count of the number of arrows I put in Gamli's head.

And yes, the other captains die.
Araanim  [autor] 4 Fev às 12:41 
@Lupo Do the other captains die? I had that happen as well. I think there's a weird condition where they are flagged as essential by one of the previous quests, but it does not release them from that even when that quest is complete. In my last playthrough it seemed to work alright. I thought they should be "protected", meaning they will go down on their knees, then you can actually kill them when they're down. Try that and see if it works.
Il Lupo D'Argento 4 Fev às 10:55 

I've been playing through the dark side version, and when I reach the final battle, for some reason I'm unable to kill Captain Gamli and the Hunter; they just collapse, and then they get up with full health and keep fighting.
AvatarSufi 29 Jan às 12:26 
It's alright. I really apppreciate it. :D
Araanim  [autor] 29 Jan às 6:17 
@Avater Ah, no. I still need to update the nexus version. Sorry about that. Will do that tonight!
AvatarSufi 28 Jan às 14:00 
Hey :)

When you fixed the soul cairn glitch, did you do the same to the Nexus version? I got the mod from Nexus. :)
Araanim  [autor] 24 Jan às 8:54 
@To anyone else having trouble with quests triggering, I added the quest ids so you can advance the quest if you need to. Also, make sure everything is fully updated (let your skyrim launcher cycle through and update all your mods.) I've been fixing things as people run into problems, so I may have already fixed your problem. Let me know if you have any other problems! I really appreciate all this feedback; it really helps me fix what needs fixing. And thank you enjoying my work! Have fun!
Araanim  [autor] 24 Jan às 8:50 
@TheTopHatKid Did you get a message saying "You get the creepy feeling that you're being watched." when you walk into the tavern? That triggers the quest, and then you will get a letter from the courier. If you don't get that message, then either you haven't beaten the second quest in Here There Be Monsters (called "Hunter of Monsters") or you don't have the Call of Cthulhu mod loaded. Keep in mind this only works in the taverns of Dawnstar, Solitude, or Windhelm.
Araanim  [autor] 24 Jan às 8:38 
@Insane Assylum This is an un-marked quest in Dragonborn. You find the skull and then take it to the ruins of Karstaag Castle. After you battle your way through the ruins you find his skull-less body on his throne and you return the skull, awakening his ghost. It's a pretty awesome quest. I kind of intended this as an end-game quest, so I kind of assumed you had done a lot of this already. I though Karstaag fit the description of the Wendigo pretty well so I figured I'd throw in a reference there to tie it into the skyrim lore more. I guess "Bring me the skull" was a little misleading in that respect. Sorry!
Araanim  [autor] 24 Jan às 8:30 
@Avitus & Baranthius I had that happen too, but then I tried again and it worked? Try walking around on the deck of the Chaoskampf and try again. Or maybe re-load from Leng? I couldn't figure out why it didn't show up for me and then it just worked. I'll see what I can figure out.
Avitus 24 Jan às 1:56 
@ Baranthius Same here. Just after finishing the "Call of Cthulhu" quest, The wheel didn't spawn so I couldn't start the "Shadow over Innsmouth" quest.
Insane Assylum Cherry Paul 23 Jan às 12:10 
Wait, there's a ghost to kill? I just wandered around, found the skull in the wall, and went back, there's a ghost?
Obed Marsh 23 Jan às 11:14 
I second "TheTopHatKid"s request... Can you provide the quest stage or something that we can jumpstart this quest using the console too? I'm having that bug in the previous "Here There Be Monsters" mod where the questline is stuck telling me to kill the giant crab even though it is already dead. So, being able to console jump right into this one would be helpful.
Baranthius 23 Jan às 10:50 
Amazing mod, however a small problem. When I went to travel to Solstheim, the wheel didn't spawn (as in it just wasn't there!) Please Help!!!
Araanim  [autor] 23 Jan às 5:11 
@ Insane Did you actually finish the Karstaag quest and kill Karstaag's ghost?
Insane Assylum Cherry Paul 23 Jan às 0:48 
Two things,
1) this and HTBM are fantastic
2) I have come to a problem. When I talk to the king in Pyandonea after getting him that skull he wanted, he doesn't continue the quest. I've tried everything from reloading to killing/resurrecting him and nothing changes. Is there something that I was supposed to do in between getting the skull and giving it to him that I'm missing?
TheTopHatKid 22 Jan às 11:28 
Hi! This mod looks great, but i was wondering how to start it! I've been in different coastal taverns after beating Here there be monsters, and i cant get it to start. Is there anything i can do like a console command to start it? Thanks -TheTopHatKid
Araanim  [autor] 20 Jan às 6:44 
So I just noticed that on the dark side quest, when Nyarlathotep sends you to Pyandonea, the warp book doesn't appear. I thought this was working but I must have messed something up. Can somebody confirm that it's not appearing and that I'm not just crazy?
AvatarSufi 19 Jan às 17:35 
That's cool. :)

I really do like this mod. Although your Shogoths manage to drop my fps by quite a bit, but I do enjoy the questline. I cannot wait until you add the voices. :D
Araanim  [autor] 18 Jan às 20:14 
So I think I fixed it. Soul Cairn should be fine now (and also some other bad edits that were floating around). Let me know if there are any other problems.
Araanim  [autor] 18 Jan às 10:42 
So, as far as I can tell, I don't actually use anything from Dawnguard, other than a crossbow for the Sea Elves. I *think* I can just remove Dawnguard from the required master files and delete the modified Soul Cairn. I *think*. I'll give that a try as a soon as I can.
Araanim  [autor] 18 Jan às 4:14 
@Swifty It's just random dialogue. The fact that it just flashes means there empty sound file isn't there.
Swifty-Subaki 17 Jan às 22:41 
I have a bit of a bug. The game will often have little, half-second flashes of comments from characters from the mod. Mostly one of the Sea-Elves (cant quite catch his name) saying to prepare to go to war or something. This only happened after I finished the quest by killing Cthulhu.
AvatarSufi 17 Jan às 16:01 
Thank you Araanim. :D Since I began a new file and such, that should work. :D

Now the question being, other than flying(via flying mod)< how does one fix the floorless glitch in soul cairn? :D

Much appreciated.
das_brot_78 17 Jan às 3:31 
how can i start with who do i have to talk
Araanim  [autor] 16 Jan às 19:55 
There is a small hatch on the side of the numidium
AvatarSufi 16 Jan às 0:17 
Hello Araanim. :)

Very interesting mod you have there. :D

Anyway, I am having a problem trying to enter the praenumidium. The quest marker is there but for some reason, the activation key for me to enter does not appear and I swim through that as well.

I tried waiting 24 hours(sleeping actually) and even reloaded a save.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :D
Araanim  [autor] 15 Jan às 19:01 
@Il Lupo Yep. Yes it does. Shit. That must have happened a long time ago and I never noticed. I'll get right on that.
matt 15 Jan às 14:22 
yes exect. that's what i saw
Il Lupo D'Argento 11 Jan às 11:45 
I've discovered a glitch where using this mod causes massive problems with the ground in the Soul Cairn
Araanim  [autor] 11 Jan às 6:01 
@matt Yeah, the apocrypha architecture does kinda have a dark Gungan feel to it, doesn't it.
matt 7 Jan às 16:51 
em i crazy to think of star wars when i see that underwater city???
Araanim  [autor] 5 Jan às 12:41 
@Paddyhammer R'lyeh is (maybe too much so) intended to be a miserable maze. It does eventually connect; I think you have to go right in front of Cthulhu's door to get through to the other branch. I wanted to force people to deal with the horde of worshippers and monsters instead of just avoiding them completely. There's also a few places you can swim and climb out. But yeah, it's kinda supposed to be miserable. :-) I'd like to make a real world map so you can get a better idea of the place, but it turns out that's fairly complicated...

I'm not sure what's up with that one book. I think it might be a warp book that's not connected to anything so it just kinda glows.
Araanim  [autor] 5 Jan às 12:35 
@Paddyhammer You don't *technically* need to have the skull with you, you just need to have done the quest and defeated his ghost. It just checks that the quest is complete when you talk to Orgnum.
Paddyhammer 5 Jan às 10:08 
I made it out alright. It might just be me having a poor sense of direction but during my wandering in R'lyeh I didn't at any point walk across level ground to the second Lurker nest. I tried to map the place out but since it was dark I couldn't really tell but is there a connecting bridge between the two main bodies of bridges? I found that most of the walkways gravitated around the first Lurker nest but the second was more isolated. Also, on the highest walkway, there was a book that was titled "The Necronomicon". This is the book I was referring to in my last comment, the one that doesnt send you to another part of R'lyeh and instead just glows for a second. My current situation is that I need to find where I put Karstaag's skull from when I defeated him but everything seems to be in working order at this point.
Araanim  [autor] 5 Jan às 9:44 
@Paddyhammer Did you make it out of R'lyeh? I added a few little changes to try and highlight the exit book, but I still can't get the marker to show up for some reason. I've made some little changes to try and fix some of the problems you've run into; I should be updating tonight. I also added some player homes to R'lyeh and Pyandonea. Stay tuned!
Araanim  [autor] 31 Dez, 2015 às 20:26 
Theres a bunch of black books but only one of them gets you out of R'lyeh. There should be quest markers for all of the books, but I think the one for the RIGHT book actually isn't showing up for some reason. There are two Lurker "nests" with a lurker and a bunch of eggs. The first book up on top of Cthulhu's pen takes you to the first one, then on the opposite side of the city is a second nest with the book back to Solstheim. I wanted it to be a bit of a puzzle, but maybe I made it too difficult.