Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Chain Há 12 horas 
cthulhu... hmmm... try an argonian body (no tail), with a seeker head, and dragon wings.
h_a_hoeck 13 Jul às 13:51 
do you need the dragon born DLC?
Etemon-sama 9 Jul às 16:15 
Oh, waaaiiiiiit a second....... I know that trapezohedron!!!!!!!
Etemon-sama 9 Jul às 16:12 
Maybe, for a third part, FIGHT NYARLATHOTEP
Molag Bal 9 Jul às 10:02 
BeastLord 4 Jul às 8:30 
I can't find HTBM on the Workshop. Where is it?
Антошка 4 Jul às 0:55 
Just EPIC!
Th3 Whit3 W01f 12 Jun às 11:43 
You Sir Made A Very Good lookalike of the Dreug I Think That's How It's spelled correct me if i'm wrong
Timesplitter 5 Jun às 23:08 
Skyrim Ultimate RPG Experience: All Expansions thanks you for your mod/mods made that have been implemented into the collection. It does require all the Skyrim expansions, but is composed of all the most promising mods ever made for Steam. Make sure to check it out at and don't forget to rate it.
Super Batman 4 Jun às 5:35 
Araanim, just ask Dogtown and he might help you find it :)
King Larros 30 Mai às 0:28 
Araanim  [autor] 29 Mai às 6:44 
@Legofreaks I actually can't find the .NIF file for the Dark Sleeper. I'm using a bunch of his other models, but I can't find the damn Dark Sleeper anywhere in the files. If anyone finds it please let me know.
legofreak96 2 Mai às 5:53 
If I may offer up a suggestion for a "Cthulhu" model, try asking Dogtown1 for permission to use his/her Dark Sleeper. It's included in his/her SkyMoMod 12 mod.
Araanim  [autor] 30 Abr às 6:30 
@Michael - The Child of Dagon race was a fluke. I must not have gotten rid of that. While that's an AWESOME idea, I'm not sure it's all that possible to map a beast form only to one race (I know many have suggested the Werepanther for Khajiiti, but it hasn't been done as far as I know) but a Deep One race would be awesome. I'd like to try to get somewhere with the quest first, but I'll add that to my list :-)
Michael Duggan 29 Abr às 17:12 
As a long-time fan of the Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos, I can't wait to see this mod finished. I'm a bit disappointed by the playable Child of Dagon race as they appear to be identical copies of Nords. It would be nice to have a Waterbreathing racial ability and even greater to have a beast form power that allows them to transform into a lurker from the Dragonborn DLC.
Grey Wind 19 Abr às 16:25 
will this be available on nexus?
Mithrarin 17 Abr às 6:44 
Loved "Here There Be Monsters" (minus a few things that must have clashed with my other 50+ mods to do some wierd things) but it was a good experience overall. If this one is even half as good as the other one it will be great.
Audax Ender 16 Abr às 2:45 
Its a pitty that about the model... Anyways, dont surrender and keep going,this mod is pretty nice and my dovakhin needs a good fight against Cthulhu
Araanim  [autor] 15 Abr às 11:00 
I've divided it into three quests; I'm almost done with a rough version of the first quest. All the monsters and assets are figured out, it's just a matter of putting the quests together. There's a lot of scripting that I haven't figured out, but that can be added later. I'll finish a simpler version first. I still don't have a good Cthulhu model.
Audax Ender 15 Abr às 2:33 
When will this aesome mod be finished?
Cybermonk 28 Mar às 8:06 
This seems awesome!Can't wait to see the Cthulu(:
robinsonpablo20 22 Mar às 18:37 
it's been a long wait... when is the master waking up?
Gozar 22 Mar às 13:41 
how to start quest?
Araanim  [autor] 13 Mar às 10:47 
I've got some tasty monsters in the works, courtesy of some generous modders. No Cthulhu proper as yet, but we're getting there.
ukuma_she 5 Mar às 3:02 
Dagon and Hydrah are the immortal rulers of the deep ones..
Some of the best looking mods require Skyrim DLC. I really wish that they didn't, as it's always a dissapointment.
{MuT/105I}arbiter105 18 Fev às 16:09 
Hold the phone,when was Cthulhu a priest of the outer gods(what Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth are),isnt that more of the role that Nyarlathotep has?
Sorrien 13 Fev às 20:19 
Lovecraft never really attempted to piece together his little pantheon. His stories just happened to fit, and only conflict a little bit
Araanim  [autor] 13 Fev às 20:01 
Yep. Dagon and Mother Hydra are basically super-ancient, massive Deep Ones. The Deep Ones worship Dagon, Hydra, and Cthulhu as a sort of triumvirate godhood. Cthulhu is described as the Priest of the Old Ones, but it's never certain what that means.
Sorrien 13 Fev às 17:53 
Bah, it was the other way around. Dagon serves Cthulhu, and Cthulhu is the priest of the two gods.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Fev às 17:30 
No. Dagon is just a massive fish-man. Cthulhu is High Priest of the Old Ones, i.e. Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth. The BIG guys.
Sorrien 13 Fev às 14:53 
Isn't Cthulhu a priest of Dagon? So it would be harder to kill Dagon than Cthulhu?
Araanim  [autor] 4 Fev às 18:26 
It's decided. Phorcys will be replaced by a giant Lurker. It just makes more sense than a giant troll, and it will fit the story of this mod. Phorcys and Tiamat are Dagon and Mother Hydra, and thus two of the three gods worshipped by the Deep Ones. It's obvious who the third is. By killing the two sea gods in the first quest, you leave only Cthulhu, unchecked, with dominion over the sea. You can guess how well this goes.
joshpsp1 27 Jan às 11:35 
@xXBLIZZARDXx You probably did the same as me and didn't see that this mod REQUIRES the Dragonborn DLC. Without it the game will crash at the Bethesda logo as the mod does not have the required master files to work. You will have to either purchase and download the Dragonborn DLC to be able to use this mod or unsubscribe from this mod.
xXBLIZZARDXx 18 Jan às 11:13 
when i launch the game i crashes
Jera 14 Jan às 19:53 
Godzilla 9 Jan às 2:46 
Wow, I really mean it when I say this, too bad valve runs steam because if bethesda ran steam this would probably be turned into a DLC pack. (And they'd probably make the monsters their own monsters instead of rezizes and reskins)
johnpayne_fdc 8 Jan às 18:04 
Patience is not usually a virtue of mine....but for this I would wait an Aeon! (well...maybe not Quite that long)
Looking forward to this addition immensely!
Nephazim 7 Jan às 1:27 
nice mod------Could you(or somemone else) make make a -Draenei (these are alien creatures in world of warcraft) follower with the -Hammer of naaru as weapon--and also an armor or race that allows the player to look like a Draenei. that would be so awesome............
robinsonpablo20 2 Jan às 16:20 
you get cthulhu, I'll get dragonborn
Dread Lord Azathoth 31 Dez, 2013 às 9:37 
"Needs Dragonborn" NOOOOO!
Tōbecume þīn rīċe 24 Nov, 2013 às 8:32 
how do i start the quest?
Flitcher 23 Nov, 2013 às 8:50 
Your work looks impressive ! I noticed the "child of dagon" race, do you think you could make a power in order to transform into Deep One themselves ?
Leeloo81 17 Nov, 2013 às 15:40 
OMG I cannot wait!
CobyCheese 12 Nov, 2013 às 11:19 
I cannot wait for this
Super Batman 8 Nov, 2013 às 12:18 
Yeah that sound really Awesome! :)
History21 21 Out, 2013 às 12:09 
That is awesome, thank you.
Araanim  [autor] 21 Out, 2013 às 9:59 
@ History21 I'm considering custom weapons & armor for the Deep Ones, modifying the Cultist sets, & a final Cthulhu-esque set (and also possibly a super dwemer hunting exosuit :-) )
cjleo0716 20 Out, 2013 às 18:41 
Araanim... I love you so much for doing this, succeed or fail in the end (all signs point to success), the mere fact youre trying to bring lovecraft to skyrim is absolutely amazing
History21 11 Out, 2013 às 11:45 
Do you think you can do the unique weapon or Armor set?