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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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drynnsoth 15 апр в 22:12 
well let me know when you know! I would like to try the new content.Thanks again
Araanim  [автор] 14 апр в 11:12 
@drynnsoth I may not have fixed that for this update, I can't remember now.
drynnsoth 13 апр в 21:56 
hey thanks for fixing the curse problem! Its no big deal about the character already affected,i got plenty more. Im also excited about the new content! thanks again!
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 10 апр в 15:18 
Ah, alright. Another problem I've been encountering is whenever i pass a certain part of R'yleh, it freezes my game.
Araanim  [автор] 10 апр в 14:33 
Ah! That happens to me occasionally. Something to do with blowing up a mesh that big I guess. I'm not entirely sure how to fix it other than re-creating the mesh. If you reload it usually shows up for me.
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 10 апр в 13:35 
Well, I found the valve, but for whatever reason, the Praenumidium is invisible.
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 10 апр в 12:46 
Do you have an image, or anything like that?
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 10 апр в 12:46 
Yeah, I can't see any valves.
Araanim  [автор] 10 апр в 5:00 

Just uploaded a big update that adds a number of side quests to both the Pleateau of Leng and Pyandonea! Nothing crazy, but enough to flesh out those worlds and give you some fun distractions from the main quest. For Leng, all of the quest come through either Pickman (the leader of the Ghouls) or from the Yellow King himself. In Pyandonea, various Sea Elves will ask for you help with various tasks. You'll have to search a little bit to find them.

I have not gotten a chance to fully test everything yet, so please let me know if you encounter any bugs. Everything is fairly simple so there shouldn't be huge issues, but let me know how things work out. Have fun!

Araanim  [автор] 10 апр в 4:52 
@afadsfgdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf The entrance is on the Numidium's right shoulder. It looks like a normal dwemer valve (supposed to be a hatch, but ya know.)
Araanim  [автор] 10 апр в 4:50 
@Miraak That means the meshes aren't there for those items. That should not happen. Try completely uninstalling the mod and deleting the .ESP and .BSA files, then re-download from Steam. Hopefully that will fix it.
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 9 апр в 11:21 
For the First Numidium, I mean.
afadsfgsdfsdfsdgdsgfdshgf 9 апр в 11:20 
Alright, I can't find the valve, or the COC code. Could someome help?
miraak 8 апр в 13:38 
okay so idk why this is but like allmost every item you have added intough this game like the amulet and the some of the weapons ad some of the armours are all realy big warning signs idk ywhy this is because i have your other mod and both the dlcs and i dont see anything else you require for this mod so if you can please give me some advice id love that :/
Mr.Machina ( ._.) 6 апр в 11:26 
"Damn, this order really wants, a set of account books..."
Araanim  [автор] 5 апр в 10:38 
@drynnsoth I will be updating soon, and will hopefully fix the Curse problem. It's an easy fix; it's just a spell that is added to the Shoggoth's attack. HOWEVER, I don't think changing that will expel the curse if your character is already affected. I think the only way to get rid of that is to use the console to expel all effects.
Araanim  [автор] 5 апр в 10:36 
@Balrog I have had that happen on my own test runs, and I have no idea what causes it. Sometimes it works fine. It must be some weird issue with adding Shouts (maybe you have to let it play the little chanting effect before trying to open the menu?). I would reload at the boat again and see if that happens. You really can't sidestep this, as there are scripts on the shout itself that do important things (which, in retrospect, maybe wasn't the best strategy :-! )
Araanim  [автор] 5 апр в 10:33 
@thn.willis You will travel through Leng solo. After you talk to the King in Yellow, a warp book should appear right beside him (it's triggered by a trigger box, so you might have to walk around a little bit.)
Araanim  [автор] 5 апр в 10:32 
@Squiddy There's a tome called "The Star Spawn". It's sitting right beside him, but as soon as you move the trigger box will move it to your inventory. He doesn't take the Necronomicon.
Squiddy 5 апр в 1:50 
I haven't seen anyone comment on this yet, but is Nylar(notgoingtoattempt) supposed to give you the ancient tome, and take the Necronomicon? The dialouge seems to be implying that, but I didn't get any pop-ups saying that anything was added or removed from my inventory. Also, my character is glowing green (almost like a stamina effect), and when I check my status effects in the Magic menu, there are no negatives.

I'm using the Nexus version, not the Steam Workshop.

Either way, excellent mod. I'm really loving it so far.
thn.willis 4 апр в 18:36 
Is the Hunter supposed to follow you into Leng? I can never get back to Skyrim after talking to The King in Yellow.
Balrog 2 апр в 18:13 
So I'm having another issue. My mission is to awaken Cthullhu and I assume I do this with the Call of Cthulhu shout I just learned. However every time I open up my magic tab, my game crashes. This onlyhappens after learning the shout. How could I fix this and if I can't how would I progress the quest?
drynnsoth 2 апр в 15:45 
just wondering if you (the author) have to update this entire game to fix the moras curse problem, or do u just change things in the creation kit somehow?..anyway dying to play this mod again for 7th time...great mod!
Nocktowl 29 мар в 17:30 
Yes after a couple crashes the save got corrutped and I reloaded before I stumbled across the cultists, Im going to do the quest proper next time to avoid horrible bugs.
Araanim  [автор] 29 мар в 6:55 
@Nocktowl That shouldn't happen. Are you actually doing the quest, or did you just happen to find the cultists? Either way it should move the quest forward when you kill them, and the posse should stop following you. Try this: Go to the camp and either talk to the Hunter (he should be in the cage) and if he's not there, take the Lurker statue off of the bloody stump. That should advance the quest and the posse should stop following.

Really the best option would be to uninstall the mod and start over, as that would reset whatever is messed up.
Nocktowl 28 мар в 22:06 
So I found a cultist camp of sorts in the marsh and cleared it out. However now I am being folowed by a "Posse" the leader of which asks me to lend them my steel, however the doilogue menu comes up with the normal vigilant of standarr options and keeps pulling me back into the diologue menu. Attempts to save or go to a new area are met with a CTD. Any help with this? it has been a very very big pain.
Araanim  [автор] 27 мар в 13:16 
Glad I could help! Let me know if anything else comes up.
Balrog 26 мар в 18:21 
Yes! The quest has finally got back on track. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate your detailed and quick responses. Amazing mod, keep up the great work!
BonePyroShark! 26 мар в 13:31 
But thanks anyways!
BonePyroShark! 26 мар в 13:30 
I just used the coc code for first numidum, and got in, but I saved beforehand so when I left I just loaded the game and went to the valve.
Araanim  [автор] 25 мар в 20:04 
@BonePyroShark There is a valve on the Numidium's right shoulder that is actually a door.
Araanim  [автор] 25 мар в 20:04 

I accidently gave you the wrong cell actually. Oops! But you did kill the monsters and talked to the Hunter. So type "coc DLC2SkaalVillage01" and that should take you to the Skaal village. Now type "setstage cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth 50" and you should be good to go. The quest should say to "talk to the Skaal shaman." You should be good to go from there!

Side note: eventually you WILL use the Chaoskampf to travel to Pyandonea. But in this case you use the lever instead of the valve, which should still be there. Hopefully that still works. Let me know if you run into any more trouble! Sorry about the issues; I'll try to fix that part.
BonePyroShark! 25 мар в 15:41 
or the COC code?
BonePyroShark! 25 мар в 15:40 
does anyone know how to enter the first numidium?
BonePyroShark! 25 мар в 15:40 
Balrog 25 мар в 15:30 
While the quest has not yet got back on track, I have made some good progress. Using that command transported me to the area, and I killed the 2 monsters. Then I set the stage to 30 and talked to the Hunter. Now my objective is to sail for Solstheim. However, the hatch to go into the Chaoskampf is no longer there which I assume is not normal. I should be able to use the code for Solstheim to travel there and then set the stage and continue the quest if I understand this correctly. How would I travel to Solstheim now that I cannot enter the ship for some reason?
Araanim  [автор] 25 мар в 4:19 
But before all that, the Chaoskampf is part of the first Mod, and in the first mod you cannot travel. So, in order to travel, there is a check at the end of "Call of Cthulhu" that disables the valve from the first mod that says "The engines are cold and silent" and enables the valve that actually lets you travel. So, YOUR problem is that the first valve got disabled, but for some god-awful reason the second valve was not enabled. (I'm pretty sure that's done by the same script, so I have no idea how that's even possible...)
Araanim  [автор] 25 мар в 4:19 
The problem is I wanted the interior of the Chaoskampf to be a single cell so it can be used as a player home to store things. However, that means for the ship to "move" that means each location has to link to the same interior cell. To do that, I have multiple doors, and the valves simply turns one off and the other on. But to account for someone traveling to Solstheim by other means, I had to add a check that switches the doors when you come in from the outside, so you dont go in in Solstheim and come out in Dawnstar without actually "traveling."

Araanim  [автор] 25 мар в 4:12 
@Balrog I was afraid of that. I think you almost have to uninstall and reinstall at this point. :-(

One last thing to try. Type "coc cochtbmtwinsattack" and that *should* take you to the right place. It might throw you in the water and you'll have to swim to the ship. You might need to go inside the ship and come back out. Try that.
Balrog 24 мар в 18:30 
I did both commands and they worked, starting the quest and telling me to go above the ship to see what's going on. However, when I go above the ship I'm back in Dawnstar on the Chaoskampf and nothing has changed. The Hunter has 2 new dialogue options, 1 to ask him how he knows so much about monsters and the other to ask him if he's been to Solstheim before. I assume I'm supposed to exit into somewhere else and have different dialogue options? If this is what is supposed to happen then what do I do to continue the quest?
Araanim  [автор] 24 мар в 6:37 
However, if the valve still isn't there then you're gonna run into this again...
Araanim  [автор] 24 мар в 6:36 
Well that should put you at Stage 0, which *should* trigger the valve to appear when you walk into the trigger box. I'm trying to think how else to make this work.

I've got an idea. Go into the ship, stand over by the engine, and type "setstage cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth 5". That should fool it into thinking that you've set sail. Then walk back towards the hatch and it *should* trigger the next stage. If nothing happens, do it again but set the stage to 10.
Balrog 23 мар в 18:56 
Doesn't seem that that did anything either. No error message pops up, it just shows that I entered the command and nothing else.
Araanim  [автор] 23 мар в 18:48 
Oh sorry! It's "cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth"
Balrog 23 мар в 18:25 
Yes, I've been to Leng, talked to the Hunter, and finished the quest. I also tried typing in that command but I recieved the message "Item 'htbm2shadowoverinnsmouth' not found for parameter Quest" and "Compiled script not saved!"
Araanim  [автор] 23 мар в 18:11 
@Balrog Hmmm... So you've finished Call of Cthulhu, correct? You've been to Leng and back, and you've talked to the Hunter and the quest completed? The valve should appear when you walk into the trigger box (which is around the ship.) Try this: Open the console and type "startquest htbm2shadowoverinnsmouth". Then walk around the ship again. It might be that the quest didn't startup for some reason.
Balrog 23 мар в 17:57 
Um... I went back and the valve was there, so I turned it and got the message "The engines are cold and silent." or something like that. Then the valve completely dissapeared and nothing else happened. I've walked all around Dawnstar and came back fast traveled away and back again, and passed in-game time by waiting. Any suggestions to get the valve back (or somehow start the quest another way)?
Araanim  [автор] 23 мар в 5:34 
@Balrog There should be a big dwarven valve with a red wheel right in the middle. It should be there. Try walking all the way away from the ship (into Dawnstar) and walking all the way back a couple times. It may just not have triggered.
Balrog 22 мар в 20:31 
When I go into the Chaoskampf to turn the engines on, I don't see any way to do it. There is a lever but when I activate it it just says "You don't need to switch to reserve fuel." I've read some comments and apparently theres supposed to be wheel to turn the valves? I tried walking around on the deck and loading a previous save but that didn't work. Any suggestions on what to do? Amazing mod so far just sucks that I can't continue with it.
Araanim  [автор] 14 мар в 7:53 
Yeah I had the pointer leading to the whole think, not specifically to the entrance. I can't give you *everything*! :-P I actually considered not having a pointer there at all, but I imagine it would be a nightmare combing the seas for hours to find the damn thing.