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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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spectralSpices 24 ноември в 1:04 следобед 
It keeps telling me the compiled script isn't saved.
Araanim  [автор] 24 ноември в 5:52 сутринта 
oh my bad "startquest cochtbm03theoldone"
spectralSpices 23 ноември в 2:10 следобед 
The command says that the script isn't compiled? It won't accept the quest. Anything else I should be trying? I just typed out what you said without the quotes.
Araanim  [автор] 23 ноември в 3:54 сутринта 
@spectralSpices Try "startquest htbm03theoldone"

@Liefjin That is a bug I've experienced a few times and I have no idea why. The Hunter is supposed to be following you, but instead occasionally Nyarlathotep will start following you. There is absolutely no reason why this would happen; I have tried to figure it out a million times. It's a mystery. All I can say delete the mod and reinstall. Sorry I don't have a better answer than that, but there is literally no reason that should happen.

Also, you need to go to the Chaoskampf and travel to Solstheim with that. The Hunter would tell you that, if he was there...
Liefjin 22 ноември в 6:26 следобед 
I just finished the quest "call of chtulhu" and am supposed to go to solsthiem. 2 problems: 1. I cant fint the hunter anywhere. It didnt start a new quest and I have no idea where to go. 2. This nyarlathotep guy follows me EVERYWHERE and I cant talk to him and he is invincible and I have no idea what to do about it. He just appeared and there was a bit of dialog and he has been following me ever since.
spectralSpices 21 ноември в 4:50 следобед 
Would it be possible to tell me the quest ID? And what stage I would need to be at to trigger Flagg triggering the next bit of the quest? Or even what console commands I would need to use to just make it happen myself
spectralSpices 20 ноември в 2:45 следобед 
It didn't...he still only repeats the lines in response to
"We met two giant creatures out at sea"

And the line right after there.
Araanim  [автор] 20 ноември в 2:10 следобед 
It *should* :-/
spectralSpices 20 ноември в 12:32 следобед 
Thank you! I'm already past that, but it would work for a post-return game save, right?
Araanim  [автор] 20 ноември в 5:45 сутринта 
@SpectralSpices I threw in an extra check that should initiate Quest 3 whenever you appear back on Innsmouth. I'm playing through the quest on a clean computer & save file so I'll be able to see for myself what's wrong, but that theoretically should fix it. Hopefully I'll know tonight.
spectralSpices 17 ноември в 12:56 следобед 
Araanim  [автор] 17 ноември в 12:54 следобед 
Haha thanks. That was originally from Witcher, I think? But I did some major retexturing. Thought the scrolls fit the whole Apocrypha thing pretty well.

In that case something's not working right. I'll take a look at it tonight.
spectralSpices 17 ноември в 12:29 следобед 
I completely finished Shadow, and Hunter finished the quest with that whole thing, but the next quest didn't start. And yeah, I fought the titan shoggoth! It was really well modeled, super fun.
Araanim  [автор] 17 ноември в 8:19 сутринта 
@spectralSpices Also, did you fight the giant Shoggoth? It occurred to me that I set it up so you have to physically swim back to Solstheim and not fast travel (thinking you wouldn't be able to with all the Deep Ones around) but if you fast travel you'll miss it. He spawns out in the water between Tel Mithryn and Innsmouth after you get the Necronomicon and leave Innsmouth.
Araanim  [автор] 17 ноември в 8:16 сутринта 
@spectralSpices No no I wasn't annoyed! Just making sure; a lot of people like to just hunt the monsters without doing the quest. I'll check on the Flagg thing tonight. Did you talk to the Hunter to finish the "Shadow Over Innsmouth" quest? I'm trying to remember how it's triggered, but I think talking to the Hunter finishes that quest and starts the next one, so Flagg's dialogue won't initialize until you completely finish Shadow. I'll have to check on that. I remember having that problem a couple times, but I can't remember why.
spectralSpices 16 ноември в 3:57 следобед 
I've just run into the same problem as 3dhaze. Flaag won't speak to me. He just repeats the lines from when you first met him, and he keeps looping. I can't say anything other than to start telling him about cthulhu's daughters.
spectralSpices 16 ноември в 2:07 следобед 
I did go to delmus, and he's following me about. Sorry if I annoyed ya, oh modly one. I just forgot the location.

Is there supposed to be a quest marker?
Araanim  [автор] 16 ноември в 12:42 следобед 
@3dhaze Do you get the dialogue about the Necronomicon? Or does he not speak at all?
Araanim  [автор] 16 ноември в 12:40 следобед 
@spectralspices He should be right outside of Nchardak. Are you following the actual quest? He won't spawn until you talk to Delmus in Tel Mithryn.
spectralSpices 16 ноември в 11:18 сутринта 
Where the heckie deckie is the ruddy man
3dhaze 14 ноември в 3:22 сутринта 
Okay so everything is working but once i talk to flagg after getting the necronomican nothing happens
Araanim  [автор] 13 ноември в 9:09 следобед 
Whew. Alright, I fixed it. BSA is in full working order. Everything should be fine. (You miiiight want to delete the existing BSA & ESP files and re-download just to be sure, but it should just overwrite them.) As far as I know, there aren't any other major outstanding bugs. Let me know if you find any other problems. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!
Araanim  [автор] 13 ноември в 9:02 сутринта 
So it turns out there is a size limit to BSAs, and beyond that size Skyrim just can't deal with them anymore. So I'm trying to clean out everything I don't need, and hopefully that will get things working.
I Swear She Was Level 18 12 ноември в 12:59 следобед 
I can confirm the Star-Spawn randomly showing up when you fast travel is real but it only happened to me once.
I can't confirm anything else is wrong or that my own problem dissapears after a fresh save because quite frankly I've decided to stop playing Skyrim for awhile until I can learn to stop fucking with my mods and ultimately corrupting my save.
I look forward to actually finishing this mod in the near future though! As this has rapidly become my favorite mod.
Deez nutz 12 ноември в 10:58 сутринта 
Araanim  [автор] 12 ноември в 5:48 сутринта 
So I made a list of all the missing textures & meshes, meticulously added them to the BSA, and tested it on my second computer . . . and they're still missing. Can somebody else confirm that they're still missing with the latest update? I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Also, Deez nutz, it seems the Star-Spawn had a leftover follow script from when they were gargoyles. I removed that.
Deez nutz 11 ноември в 12:47 следобед 
Araanim  [автор] 11 ноември в 10:39 сутринта 
Ten!?!?!? Jaysus. So, every star spawn I added immediately shows up when you fast travel...? That is not supposed to happen. I'll get right on that!
Deez nutz 11 ноември в 10:27 сутринта 
Actualy the star spawns don't follow me about ten of them kept spawning when I fast travel then killing me and my horse. does it have andything to do with level? It happened at level 20.
Araanim  [автор] 11 ноември в 10:22 сутринта 
I just added the little star spawn last night, but I don't know why they follow you. I copied a Gargoyle; I may have accidently copied a gargoyle follower and maybe that's why they're following. Oops. I got a second laptop up and running so I'll play through everything beginning to end and see if I can iron out the rest of the kinks.

I appreciate your apology; I know it can be frustrating as a user when stuff doesn't work. I understand. But please understand how hard this shit is. I started these mods in early 2012 and it's taken this long just to get them where they are. I had to teach myself everything, and I still don't know half of what some people can do, all while graduating college and getting a job and moving twice. I'm trying to polish this up, I really am. It just takes some time.

And please don't hesitate to give me feedback. Feedback from you guys is essential. I can't fix things if I don't know what's broken. Just go easy on me. :-)
Araanim  [автор] 11 ноември в 7:19 сутринта 
Judging by your extensive modding work, Deez nutz, I will definitely take your advice to heart. I've already acknowledged that I have some big problems and am in the process of fixing them.
I Swear She Was Level 18 10 ноември в 9:25 сутринта 
When i talk to Delmus and click the ruddy man dialog it ctd's i assume that isnt normal.
Araanim  [автор] 9 ноември в 6:29 сутринта 
So I finally got a chance to test things and I see now what's wrong. It seems I missed some textures and some models (purple color means no texture, red exclamation point means no model). I will try to fix the BSA this week and make sure everything's together. Sorry for the delay, it's been a hectic month.
MedicMan53 29 октомври в 10:32 сутринта 
I just get big red exclamation points on the ship right at the beginning
Captain Pootis ℐℎℯ Bamf 26 октомври в 1:29 следобед 
Some of the monsters look a bit like CoF or Stalker like
3dhaze 20 октомври в 8:47 следобед 
When i talk to the hunter on his boat after freeing him the game crashes. Is there anyway around this?
SlyThot 20 октомври в 7:47 следобед 
Upon further investigation, I've deduced that it is the Deep Ones weapons that are having the issue, the arrows are the boxes and the weapons are that light purple color.
SlyThot 20 октомври в 7:29 следобед 
As far as the other monsters, I haven't gotten to them yet. This was my first experience with the monsters from this mod.
SlyThot 20 октомври в 7:26 следобед 
I can see the Cultists and the Deep Ones, but I think there is an issue with the weapons and the clothing... The weapons that are there are purple as if there's a layer missing from them and I'm pretty sure the arrows are the red boxes in the picture.
Araanim  [автор] 20 октомври в 6:36 следобед 
@SlyThot So wait, you can see the Deep Ones but not the Cultists? The Cultists should just be normal people, but with custom clothing. Can you see the gold weapons? There must be a missing mesh in there somewhere. Can you see all the other monsters?
SlyThot 20 октомври в 12:59 следобед 
I'm getting a red box as im fighting the deep ones and the cthulhu cultists in Solstheim. I took a screenshot for reference.
Araanim  [автор] 14 октомври в 6:10 сутринта 
Big update! The "join the cult" quest should be fully functional! Give it a try!
Araanim  [автор] 13 октомври в 6:12 сутринта 
So the Dark Side quest is done, I'm making sure the BSA's are complete and I'm gonna upload tonight. Hopefully I can get my other laptop working so I can try to test on a clean save. Stay tuned.
Araanim  [автор] 5 октомври в 7:01 сутринта 
......huh? Really? This shouldn't even touch the soul cairn. Ah geez, I'll take a look at it.
Console_Peasant 3 октомври в 10:55 сутринта 
Hi Araanim, I've found that this mod sort of broke the Coul Cairn. The ground was gone and the game would CTD if Durnehviir shouted. I deactivated this mod and it all went back to normal. I'm hoping to try this mod soon, so I hope it doesn't break anything other Dawnguard or Dragonborn when I re-activate it.
CorusDracos 28 септември в 4:35 следобед 
I've just had this problem too - specifically it happens when I click the "Ceremonies?" dialogue option. Also getting the mysterious red box which might be because of the weapon since that's the only thing that is otherwise invisible. Other than that, loving what I've done so far and also the original.
Araanim  [автор] 23 септември в 8:55 сутринта 
@3dhaze I've had other people have that problem. I have no idea why... I'm looking into it.
3dhaze 22 септември в 9:57 следобед 
When I talk to The Hunter in the cage in morthal the game crashes. Any way around this?
Araanim  [автор] 14 септември в 6:39 следобед 
Workin on it. It's pretty much done, but I seem to have messed up some things in the original quest in the process.
Liam Charbonneau 14 септември в 11:40 сутринта 
Any idea as to the ETA for the Dark Side questline?