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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Echo2403 14 гру о 9:49 
supposed to find some kidnappers in the swamps around morthal but i have been wandering around and cant seem to find anything, can someone help me out?
AppleForZombie 14 гру о 7:56 
AppleForZombie 14 гру о 7:42 
Ok. Thanks. But i already started a new character so well.. I fucked up. Oh well. I guess i'll load the saves again. Thanks again!
Araanim  [автор] 14 гру о 4:39 
@AppleForZombie *sigh* that shouldn't happen. Try this:

open the console, type:
"stopquest htbm01"
"stopquest htbm02"
"stopquest cochtbm1callofcthulhu"
"stopquest cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth"
"stopquest cochtbm3theoldone"

That SHOULD stop all the quests that tag her as essentially. Hopefully that works.
AppleForZombie 12 гру о 10:05 
So,well....Apparently The sea-Bitch (xD) is essential, (also she doesn't attack) so well, i can't continue the CTHULHU questline, because i have to kill her! Great. Do you have some tricks to fix that, or its a coding error? Oh well. I guess i'll do other stuff.
Dude fuck if i know 3 гру о 8:22 
Ah, gotcha
Araanim  [автор] 2 гру о 18:01 
Ah, that's because the voices don't actually initialize until the quest begins.
Dude fuck if i know 1 гру о 17:03 
I did the roles of an Innsmouth citizen, a R'lyeh prisoner, and i did 2 cultist voices. I ask because the Yellow King sailors and Obed marsh all have default voices, and the men of leng and Alhazred doesn't speak at all. i wasn't sure if that was how it was supposed to be. Of course, i'm still pretty early on in the campaign, so idk if that actually changes later or what.
Araanim  [автор] 1 гру о 9:31 
@Dude Yeah which part did you do? I think most of the voices are implemented?
Dude fuck if i know 30 лис о 16:40 
Hey! i know that a while ago you got volunteers to do voice acting for the mod [me included!] and i was just wondering, when will all that be implemented?
Dr Dee 23 лис о 7:57 
i went to falkreath, learned of the amulet, and now i have to meet the hunter in his ship, but he's not there. what should i do?
ebonbane24 22 лис о 7:43 
Thats what did is i disabled a couple big mods and it worked but im stuck on the part after you kill cthulhu now it always crashes do you think disabling more mods will help
Araanim  [автор] 22 лис о 7:15 
I believe the Rlyeh crashes are because I did not do a good job on the navmeshes, so it hits your system pretty hard. If you turn down your settings or turn off some mods it seems to fix it. Part of it is just that there is a lot going on, and I think the Apocrypha architecture is pretty polygon-heavy, so it's just a lot for the system to handle. I need to get in there and clean up the navmeshes, I just haven't yet. Turning down your draw distance seems to help the most, since it's not trying to load the entire city at once.
ebonbane24 21 лис о 21:55 
shaharad,i found a way around it! first do you have the hogwarts mod installed or the phendrix magic world installed?
Shahrazad the Listener 21 лис о 13:39 
Yeah, I'm having the same trouble as ebonbane24. Once I get to a certain point in R'lyeh on the quest to awaken Cthulhu I get an instant CTD, and using the console command "movetoqt" produces even worse results (trapped in a loading screen indefinitely and eventually forced to restart my computer).
kounzodez 14 лис о 17:15 
@Araanim, I need help, I’m at the part awaken Cthulhu and then run away, when I enter the little boat I came in on, it crashes on the load screen!
EnderCreeper303 13 лис о 12:27 
ebonbane24 7 лис о 20:07 
i really need help now on the part where it says find a way to awaken cthulhu when i get to a certain bridge it crashes i have tried flying around to it on both sides on the left a gargoyle roars and it crashes and on the right it freezes
ebonbane24 21 жов о 11:27 
Ok ill try that
Araanim  [автор] 20 жов о 16:22 
Talk to Abdul again, see if he has anything more to say. If not, use the console and just keep advancing the stage by 5 until it says something about the cultists to the north.
Araanim  [автор] 20 жов о 16:21 
So it should be: Activate Numidium>Talk to Hunter>Warn the people of Raven Rock>Abdul will run after you and force greet you>Talk to him and he will tell you about Idhyaa>Idhyaa will appear>kill Idhyaa>Talk to Abdul>He will tell you about cultists to the north
ebonbane24 20 жов о 15:14 
Warn the townspeople of the coming danger ill have to look again
ebonbane24 19 жов о 18:57 
Im stuck again after you kill the bride of cthulhu and talk to abdul the arrow points to mallory's blscksmith shop when you have to warn the towns people
The King Of Frogs 15 жов о 21:34 
My Call of cthulhu experience.
Courier: Ok here's the quest!
Sent to kill khal-kru: Oh a giant netch? This will be the same as the last mod!
Returns to ship: Well that escalated quickly.
Searching morthal: WHERE ARE THESE GUYS!
Chanting: Found them!
Going to leng: Well this got really creepy really fast.
Talking to Hastur: Yeah yeah I killed your dog whatever.
Going back to the arcaneum: Hey dead bodies!
Going to the skall elder in solsthiem: Ok Kill what I am guessing is a giant slaughterfish. Got it.
Fighting the monster: NOT A SLAUGHTERFISH!
Talking to the wierd shoggoth guy: Ok weirdo!
At innsmouth something is gonna go terribly wrong here.
Offers to let me join his cult: Uhh no thanks? "Stabs him"
Going to pyondonea: MAOMER? why are there Maomer in a cthulhu mod?
killing karstaag: Well @$%^ this! "cheats"
Awakening the numidium: Ohh please let there be a robot fight!
In R'lyeh: LAG
Props dude. This is probably the best mod ever.

ebonbane24 12 жов о 22:11 
Ohh, thank you
Araanim  [автор] 10 жов о 4:30 
@ebonbane24 No problem! The Numidium has a small valve/hatch on his right shoulder; that's how you get in.
ebonbane24 5 жов о 18:09 
Thank you i got past that part but now im stuck with getting into the numidium the arrow points to the numidium but it wont let me enter sorry to keep bothering you i love the mod a lot but i jeep running into problems
Araanim  [автор] 3 жов о 16:48 
ebonbane24 2 жов о 19:38 
king orgnum keeps asking me for karstaags skull but i dont know where to find it i already talked the azbul but all he tells me is that karstaag once ruled the northern wastes of solstheim
Araanim  [автор] 2 жов о 7:19 
@Skiesreigndeath Oh really? The word wall thing is weird. I had some trouble with that towards the beginning but it seemed to have worked itself out. I'm glad the rest worked out, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
skiesreigndeath 1 жов о 7:43 
It is done. Superb, considering everything. Honestly, the only real issue I had was that the word wall in R'yleh only gave me one Word and I had to go through the comments to find the fix (searching for the words k1l, l4, t8r), and adding them through the console. There were a few times the quest marker was gone, but it was usually at the end or start of something (like, go to the chaoskampf, return to Flagg, etc), so other than the one about returning to Skyrim, it wasn't a real issue. I loved the scale of Cthulhu. The only other thing is just the pathfinding of the monsters, but I'm sure you're aware. Skyrim is rather wonky like that.
ebonbane24 30 вер о 11:19 
ohh the one with alduin
Araanim  [автор] 30 вер о 5:24 
@ebonbane24 Karstaag is a part of the dragonborn DLC. You just have to complete the vanilla quest as normal.
ebonbane24 29 вер о 23:01 
im now having a problem with pyandonia where you have to kill karstaag but i can't find his skull and the arrow only points to king orgnum so i don't know where to look
Araanim  [автор] 28 вер о 5:48 

Thanks! Have you made it all the way to the end without any other issues? That's . . . a miracle.
skiesreigndeath 27 вер о 17:29 
Thank you. I did eventually wander around enough to get there anyway, and as far as I can tell the Posse Leader isn't still following me. I'm not necessarily opposed to the abscence of markers, makes you think and work a bit harder.
Also had the same problem as ebonbane24, but I probably spent longer trying to figure it out.
All in all, totally blown away by both mods, especially the voice acting. I love the idea, the implimentation, and the environment you created. Something like this (the monsters) is pretty much exactly what Skyrim needs.
ebonbane24 25 вер о 7:59 
Thanks a lot i spent like an hour trying to figure that out
Araanim  [автор] 25 вер о 4:30 

There is supposed to be a marker, but I messed something up and it went away. That's on the list for the next update. The area is pretty far west, almost south-southwest of Solitude. Find the Apprentice Stone and go west-northwest from there; you should find it pretty quickly. I'll fix that as soon as possible.
Araanim  [автор] 25 вер о 4:28 
@ebonebane24 When you finish talking to Hastur a warp book should appear beside him. The Hunter wasn't supposed to be able to follow you into Leng; that was a mistake on my part. The book should take you back to the Arcanaeum.
ebonbane24 24 вер о 23:23 
help i am on the part where you go to the plateau of leng and you have to return to skyrim i don't know what to do because it just points to "the hunter" but there is nothing to dsay to him other than the usual follower dialogue
skiesreigndeath 24 вер о 10:30 
I have a slight, but annoying problem.
I've gotten to the part in the quest where you find the kidnappers North of Morthal. Unsure if it's intentional, but there is no quest marker. I went North, wandered for a bit, and got the notification about being followed.
The posse leader had the dialogue about killing the kidnappers, and the quest updated to kill them all, but there's still no marker, which I recognize may be intentional, and the leader just follows me saying about needing my fire and steel, but just having the regular vigilant dialogue.
I've wandered around the Swamp awhile, but I find no group of kidnappers. My question is, where are they supposed to be? I know I can use console commands to help out, but I'd rather experience the whole thing.
I do have quite a few mods installed, but a vast majority just add items and npcs to the game. The only one I had that changed the environment (the evil mansion - final edition), I left out of the mods loaded.
Lord Arrojacast 28 сер о 15:56 
Ah, ok cool.
Araanim  [автор] 28 сер о 6:24 
@Arrojacast Just the description of moon beasts taken from the original story. I need to shorten it so it's not so small.
Lord Arrojacast 27 сер о 19:17 
What is the description on the summon moon beast spell? It's too small for me to read...
Araanim  [автор] 22 сер о 6:43 
He's supposed to be invulnerable during the quest, but that seems to be an iffy setting in the game. I've had characters who are supposed to be invulnerable die, and ive had characters who aren't supposed to be invulnerable somehow be immortal. It's something weird with how the creation kit does aliases, and i haven't quite figured it all out yet.

If all else fails, you can alway reload an earlier save. It might be wise to start making multiple saves in case something goes wrong.
Araanim  [автор] 22 сер о 6:42 
@Grapest Ape He should have been following you when you found the Amulet. He may have died? He shouldn't be able to die, but I think this happened to somebody else.

He was there when you talked to Bete, right? See if you can find his body (maybe the Leng killed him) and if you can, click on it in the console and type "resurrect."

If you can't find his body, open the console and type "help 'the hunter'". Three separate Hunter ID should come up. Use the FIRST one on the list, I believe. type "player.placeatme ID". That should re-spawn him at your side, and he should continue functioning normally. If talking to him doesn't advance the quest, try spawning the second ID on the list.

Grapest Ape 19 сер о 22:16 
I went to the Hall of the Dead in Falkreath, learned about the amulet and the buried guy, and the quest updated - telling me to return to The Hunter. The quest marker is above his chair on his ship, but he's not there. Waiting, loading, and leaving the area all didn't work. I went back to where I'd found him in that cage near Morthal, and he was there telling me to grab the statue (which I'd done the last time I met him there) and meet him on the ship. And I seem to be stuck here.
strong bad 17 сер о 19:51 
Actually now that I look at it again it partially worked I still have the effect but people don't say the things anymore so I guess it all evens out in the end so yeah
Araanim  [автор] 17 сер о 7:41 
@ninja Sorry then, I'm not sure what else to do... :-( You're not the only one it happened to.
strong bad 16 сер о 23:53 
@arranim unfortunatly it wont work that command only gets rid of active effects in the sense of flame cloaks things like that not ones that are like powers on your charecter so yeah sorry for causing trouble btw