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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Balrog 5 小时以前 
I did both commands and they worked, starting the quest and telling me to go above the ship to see what's going on. However, when I go above the ship I'm back in Dawnstar on the Chaoskampf and nothing has changed. The Hunter has 2 new dialogue options, 1 to ask him how he knows so much about monsters and the other to ask him if he's been to Solstheim before. I assume I'm supposed to exit into somewhere else and have different dialogue options? If this is what is supposed to happen then what do I do to continue the quest?
Araanim  [作者] 17 小时以前 
However, if the valve still isn't there then you're gonna run into this again...
Araanim  [作者] 17 小时以前 
Well that should put you at Stage 0, which *should* trigger the valve to appear when you walk into the trigger box. I'm trying to think how else to make this work.

I've got an idea. Go into the ship, stand over by the engine, and type "setstage cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth 5". That should fool it into thinking that you've set sail. Then walk back towards the hatch and it *should* trigger the next stage. If nothing happens, do it again but set the stage to 10.
Balrog 3月23日下午6:56 
Doesn't seem that that did anything either. No error message pops up, it just shows that I entered the command and nothing else.
Araanim  [作者] 3月23日下午6:48 
Oh sorry! It's "cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth"
Balrog 3月23日下午6:25 
Yes, I've been to Leng, talked to the Hunter, and finished the quest. I also tried typing in that command but I recieved the message "Item 'htbm2shadowoverinnsmouth' not found for parameter Quest" and "Compiled script not saved!"
Araanim  [作者] 3月23日下午6:11 
@Balrog Hmmm... So you've finished Call of Cthulhu, correct? You've been to Leng and back, and you've talked to the Hunter and the quest completed? The valve should appear when you walk into the trigger box (which is around the ship.) Try this: Open the console and type "startquest htbm2shadowoverinnsmouth". Then walk around the ship again. It might be that the quest didn't startup for some reason.
Balrog 3月23日下午5:57 
Um... I went back and the valve was there, so I turned it and got the message "The engines are cold and silent." or something like that. Then the valve completely dissapeared and nothing else happened. I've walked all around Dawnstar and came back fast traveled away and back again, and passed in-game time by waiting. Any suggestions to get the valve back (or somehow start the quest another way)?
Araanim  [作者] 3月23日上午5:34 
@Balrog There should be a big dwarven valve with a red wheel right in the middle. It should be there. Try walking all the way away from the ship (into Dawnstar) and walking all the way back a couple times. It may just not have triggered.
Balrog 3月22日下午8:31 
When I go into the Chaoskampf to turn the engines on, I don't see any way to do it. There is a lever but when I activate it it just says "You don't need to switch to reserve fuel." I've read some comments and apparently theres supposed to be wheel to turn the valves? I tried walking around on the deck and loading a previous save but that didn't work. Any suggestions on what to do? Amazing mod so far just sucks that I can't continue with it.
Araanim  [作者] 3月14日上午7:53 
Yeah I had the pointer leading to the whole think, not specifically to the entrance. I can't give you *everything*! :-P I actually considered not having a pointer there at all, but I imagine it would be a nightmare combing the seas for hours to find the damn thing.
DragoZeroNova 3月13日下午5:24 
I feel so stupid now XD
DragoZeroNova 3月13日下午5:24 
Ah, thank you. It kept leading me to the wrong place
drynnsoth 3月13日下午5:02 
there is a valve on its right shoulder you can use to gain entrance
DragoZeroNova 3月13日下午4:55 
Alright, next issue! (I don't understand why I, of all people, keep having to bother you.) So, now that I need to go find and enter the prenumdithingie (The giant dwarven thing) and I already killed the worm. It tells me to enter the thing, but I can't cause I just sorta float through it, as if the entity doesn't exist. I also have the eye of the kraken in my inventory. Whenever anyone can help, just put some help here please <3
Araanim  [作者] 3月13日上午10:18 
Good to hear! I've actually had him get stuck in a loop where he keeps going in and out of one of the houses in the Skaal Village, but just fast traveling usually fixes that. Who knows; Skyrim is an unpredictable world at best...
DragoZeroNova 3月13日上午8:50 
Thank you for the advice, it all worked out (Although, it was the middle/second one, not the first one. But I got the quest moving for now, so it's A OK :P)
DragoZeroNova 3月13日上午8:40 
Okay, I'll try the command. I know he wasn't killed because he was with me when I talked with Flagg and the crawling chaos quest isn't running, so I'll just go with the command
Araanim  [作者] 3月13日上午8:15 
Hm... He doesn't show up when you fast travel? He should be following you even if he's not your follower. Was he there when you were in R'lyeh? He may have been killed, although he *should* be set to essential.

You could try re-loading from an earlier stage. He may just have gotten stuck somewhere.

If he never shows up, you could try 'help "The Hunter"' to get his ID. There will be a few versions listed; I *think* it would be the first one. Then do 'player.placeatme *ID*' and it will spawn a new version. If the old one shows up you'll have two hunters; just click one and type 'disable.'

By the way, the quest "The Crawling Chaos" isn't also running is it? That would make him not follow you.
DragoZeroNova 3月13日上午7:53 
It's after when it says "read the ancient tome", Then it says "talk to the Hunter" in the quest The Old One
DragoZeroNova 3月13日上午7:51 
It says that after I talked to Flagg and he revealed who he was to talk to the Hunter and now I can't find the hunter
Araanim  [作者] 3月13日上午7:50 
@Drago where in the quest are you?
DragoZeroNova 3月11日上午6:19 
sorry to bother you, but I can't finish the old one. The Hunter, atm is my follower, but I can't find him or get another follower. Whenever I try to find and talk to him in order to finish the quest, it leads me to windpeak inn in dawnstar and whenever I go in, it leads me back out. Do you know why?
drynnsoth 3月3日上午9:29 
thank you so really have a good mod here,just needs a little polish!
Araanim  [作者] 3月3日上午3:38 
@drynnsoth So . . . that is not the effect I expected. I added the spell to the shoggoth so that as it's attacking you it will explode with tentacles. But it seems that it is hitting you, giving you the cloak, and then you having the cloak is why it explodes with tentacles. I'll have to fix that...
drynnsoth 3月3日上午12:17 
So i acquire moras curse while in innsmouth and it stays with me even after i remove the mod,why is it permanant?....bit of a buggy mod but your lovecraft story fused really well with elder scrolls lore..oh,also mi-go get stuck in the iceburgs
Araanim  [作者] 2月28日上午9:31 
Just updated last night. The update greatly expands the Plateau of Leng. This SHOULDN'T affect any of the quests in Leng, but I haven't been able to test that yet. Let me know if there are any problems.

Also tuned up some textures and added an armor set for the Men of Leng. Also fixed some scripting problems people have pointed out. Hopefully everything should be running pretty well. Let me know if you have any issues!

@Semaazaza I looked in the Creation Kit and couldn't find any reason Hermaeus Mora wouldn't appear. Must have been a weird scripting glitch.

@LogicKitty I added a check that unlocks the Chaoskampf after you kill Cthulhu.
Araanim  [作者] 2月26日上午4:35 
@Semaazaza Nope! Just a bit of an easter egg.
semaazaza 2月25日下午10:20 
Thanks a lot.And one more question:is Carter's skull something usefull(maybe quest item) or it is just good reference?
Araanim  [作者] 2月25日下午1:15 
@Semaazaza So there's this problem where if I don't make the Hunter essential, then he could die and you wouldn't be able to finish the light side quest. But if he's essential for the light side quest, you can't kill him during the dark side quest. So there should be a check in there somewhere that completely stops all the previous quests so nothing should be running that would stop you from killing him. But I may have missed something.

Either way, you can technically kill the Numidium without killing the hunter and still finish the quest. But Hermy is probably not talking to you because he's aggro'd by all the enemies around; you pretty much have to kill everyone so he'll chill out. If you wait or fast travel he'll probably calm down and you can talk to him. All you're missing is a bit of dialogue and returning to Solstheim, nothing major.
semaazaza 2月25日上午2:35 
Hey!I have a problem./here goes spoilers/.Then we need to kill hunters in "The Crawling Chaos" line,The Hunter cant be killed.Anyways I just ignored that cos quest anyway says me to talk with Herma Mora.But he tried to kill The Hunter.Then I just disabled The Hunter.But Herma still wouldnt talk with me.Then I skipped this stage with console.Now I ended a quest but I still what to now 3 things.1 Is it important to enable The Hunter now?2 Is there some way to get Hermeus Mora dialogue now?3 Was here some reward that i missed?
Araanim  [作者] 2月24日上午7:17 

I will be uploading an update (hopefully tonight) that expands the Plateau of Leng and makes it much more Mythos-friendly and immersive (and hopefully a little scarier.) At some point I may add some side quests there and in Pyandonea, but I'm kind of losing steam with this whole modding thing. :-P It should make that segment a little more exciting (and challenging.) Hope you enjoy!
The.Mad.Academic 2月23日下午12:38 
As a fan of H.P Lovecraft I have to commend you on this mod. I haven't attempted the quest as of yet, but I'm really impressed that you created this, regardless. I hope you keep up the good work in improving the mod.
Araanim  [作者] 2月22日上午7:08 
@LogicKitty The rowboat will take you back to Solstheim. I realize I didn't make that particularly clear...
LogicKitty 2月20日下午1:02 
I'm stuck in R'lyeh. I defeated Cthulhu, talked with Hermus Mora, talked with Tiamat, talked with the hunter, the sea king and everyone else I can talk to. The below deck on the Chaoskampf is locked and says it requires a key. How do I get back to Skyrim?
DragoZeroNova 2月19日下午4:31 
Thank you
DragoZeroNova 2月19日下午4:30 
Araanim  [作者] 2月19日下午4:12 
@DragoZeroNova Flagg is a Skaal shaman that lives on the outskirts of the village in a little hut.
DragoZeroNova 2月19日下午12:51 
Alright, not to sound whiny, but I can't find a person named Flagg
I took a break from skyrim and now I can't find said person because I can't remember where said person is. Can anyone help me?
Grand Vizier Harbringer 2月5日下午5:42 
Will we get a Skyrim SE port?
Caldizar The Master of Reality 2月5日上午10:21 
ok thanks.
Araanim  [作者] 2月2日下午7:31 
You have to find his skull and return it to his body.
Caldizar The Master of Reality 2月2日下午4:45 
Where is Karstaag?

I've been to his castle. He's not there. And yes I know he's dead.

But seriously. Where is he?
Araanim  [作者] 1月31日上午7:28 
@stefan There's a hatch (a dwemer valve, actually) on his right shoulder.
stefanhenegar 1月30日下午5:18 
hi again, thanks for all the help. New thing though, how do I enter the praenumidium? I swim up to it and through it but nothing happens.
Cai V3.6 1月27日下午1:43 
Okay, I think one of the captains might have been killed during the Cthulu battle.
Araanim  [作者] 1月26日上午10:09 
@Cai Yeahhhh so if Al'hazred, the Captains, or the Hunter die it automatically kicks you into the dark side quest, and then he starts following you. I thought I had that fixed, then it just happened to me last night.
Cai V3.6 1月26日上午8:28 
Okay, the textures appear to be fixed, however, Nyarlothep keeps following me around now, even after the main quest has been finished, and there's no way to stop him doing it.
Araanim  [作者] 1月25日下午5:41 
@stefanhenegar Did you talk to the Yellow King? Once you talk to him a book should appear on his right.
stefanhenegar 1月25日下午5:00 
thanks for the help earlier Araanim. I'm stuck in the plateu now with the none working arrow back to skyrim, how do I "console my way out" so I can continue?