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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Araanim  [autor] 12 Paź - 12:58 
@Oedipus You shoulda waited a month. I'm about to finish up voice acting :-P
Oedipus 12 Paź - 7:06 
@Arannim Ah, right. Thanks a lot pal! This is pretty excellent.
Araanim  [autor] 12 Paź - 4:54 

You have to go talk to Captain Ghoragdag first.
Oedipus 11 Paź - 10:41 
I'm having a bit of a problem early on. I'm at the Windhelm docks to speak to the survivor right after speaking to the captains in Dawnstar. When I talk to the survivor I ask if they've seen the monster and they say "yeah, I've seen him" and then the conversation stops. When I try to talk to them again itn just resets and I can't continue past that line?
Any help would be appreciated, I love Lovecraft and this looks bloody awesome, especially after Here There Be Monsters.
Dakuwan 1 Paź - 19:32 
thank you for taking the time to make this. Not enough people are aware of Lovecraft and the mind melting terror contained therein. For your service, im sure Big C will eat you first when he wakes from his nap.
Chocobroni 27 Sie - 14:41 
Oh never mind, found it by dumb luck
Chocobroni 27 Sie - 14:33 
How I enter the gigant sentinel? It has a quest marker but doest have any command
Araanim  [autor] 21 Sie - 13:05 
Hmm, that happens if the quests don't end properly, and he's still considered essential by another quest. Try this:

stopquest htbm01
stopquest htbm02
stopquest cochtbm1callofcthulhu
stopquest cochtbm2shadowoverinnsmouth
stopquest cochtbm3theoldone

This should make sure none of those quests are running and thus he should not be essential. I've had that bug occasionally and honestly I'm not sure how it happens. Hopefully this works.
GodzillaNerd 19 Sie - 18:45 
So I am at the final battle where I fight all the captains alongside cthulhu. Everyone except captain Gamli is killable. Is there a way to kill captian gamli because when i do he goes into the knocked down position and then gets back up. I even downloaded a no essential npcs mod and it still didn't work please help.
WaiLFin, the Angry Golem 17 Sie - 15:10 
*To Solitude, I mean, and from there to Falkreath. He CAN follow me, if I ask him to, but if I didn't explicitly tell him "follow me" and have him as a follower, he didn't join me automatically, which it seems like you're saying he's supposed to. He followed me all throughout the original HTBM, though! He was real clingy then. The only way to shake him off me during the original questline was to actually ask him to follow me and then tell him to wait, while I go off and kill Phorcys by myself or what have you . Also, yeah, it's possible there's some other buggery afoot around the swamp/cage area, seems like a lot of people are having trouble with the particular area.
I don't know exactly WHAT did it, but whatever it was...well, it did it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
WaiLFin, the Angry Golem 17 Sie - 15:03 
WAIT! I got it. His RefID on the ship after you rescue him doesn't have the "0FXXXXXX" form of the rest of the TCoC entities; instead he retains the "10XXXXXX" prefix like in the original HTBM.
And I fixed it by having him follow me off the ship to Falkreath.
But yeah, great mods! New to Lovecraft, but I love the work you've put into this!
Araanim  [autor] 17 Sie - 14:20 
@Wailfin I don't know what the hell is happening. When you went back to the Chaoskampf and spoke with the Hunter (who should have a shirt on again), he should start following you when you go to Solitude. He's supposed to be right beside you when you talk to Bete. The shirtless prisoner Hunter should disappear the moment you step on the Chaoskampf. Maybe you somehow spoke to the hunter without triggering the triggerbox around the Chaoskampf. Try fast traveling a couple times to see if he starts following you. If not I'd say just restart at killing the cultists. I don't know why it's so screwed up. Sorry!
WaiLFin, the Angry Golem 17 Sie - 13:55 
I freed the Hunter, took the statue, met with The Hunter back on the Chaoskampf, talked to Bete outside the Hall of the Dead, and was then immediately directed to go back and talk to The Hunter back on the Chaoskampf. Upon fast-traveling there, the objective marker pointed to the empty chair The Hunter SHOULD have been in, so I checked, and he was back in the swamp cage in the same shirtless delirious state, even though I had since talked to him and he had recovered from being drugged and clothes back on. Posse leader bugged me like we hadn't killed the cultists already, so I ended up slaughtering her just to shut her up. Tried to talk to the Hunter again; said to meet me on the ship as if I hadn't already, but DID NOT EVEN GO BACK TO THE SHIP LIKE HE DID THE FIRST TIME I TALKED TO HIM IN THE CAGE!
I've got a shirtless, delirious Hunter refusing to leave his cage, and an objective marker pointing to an empty chair. xP
Help? QuestStage? recycleai? (sry character limit)
Araanim  [autor] 17 Sie - 11:59 
@GodzillaNerd Did that all work out for you?
GodzillaNerd 14 Sie - 8:29 
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 19:29 
The monster he wants you to kill is Karstaag, which is a part of vanilla Dragonborn. I wanted to tie the story into the overall plot of the DLC a little more. You have to defeat the ghost of the frost giant Karstaag and then go talk to Flagg again.
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 19:16 
Also I did not know to use the shout several times. I will do that when I get on tomorrow. Also I talked to Flagg, he said kill a monster, but when we finished talking the quest marker was still on him and it wouldn't show where the monster was. I didn't save but I went back to the save where I didn't talk to him yet. I'll try and see if using the shout several times at tel mithryn will work and not keep the marker at Flagg, but I'll have to do it tomorrow.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 19:14 
all three words of the shout*
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 19:13 
Okay well keep going with the quest. Do you have all three words of the quest now? When you get to the next summoning part let me know if it works this time.
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 19:11 
Talk to Flagg
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 19:07 
I don't know how to reverse a quest. HOWEVER you will need the shout several more times, so make sure you have all three words. Let me know when you get to the next "summoning" part and see if it works then. What is your current quest objective so I know where you are right now?
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 19:01 
I learned and unlocked the shout but I already advanced the quest with the command u gave me and when i went to do it nothing happened and the quest didn't fix itself. If theres a way to go back on a quest that would be great but I got to go and I will comment again when I get back on and we can fix it then.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 18:46 
okay now type "player.teachword 270ba1ed"

Then do the same with T8R and L4
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 18:44 
It says the same things as before but under the big words it says this:

WOOP: (00051961) 'K1l'
WOOP: (270B505F) 'K1l'
WOOP: (270BA1ED) 'K1l'

then it says the option and matchstring stuff on the bottom
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 18:27 
K1L not KL1
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 18:25 
---GLOBAL VARIABLES-----------------------
---OTHER FORMS-----------------------
IDLE: VampireBruteAttackL1 (0200D18D)"
usage: help <matchstring> <filter>
filters: 0-all 1-functions, 2-settings, 3-globals, 4- other forms
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 18:18 
what comes up when you type help K1L?
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 18:09 
Keeps on saying "Not found" or something like that
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 18:00 
Okay I got a fix for you! Open console, type "help K1L" Get the id of the LAST one named k1l. Then type "player.teachword ID"

Then type "help T8R" Get the id of the LAST one named t8r. Then type "player.teachword ID"

Then type "help L4" Get the id of the LAST one named l4. Then type "player.teachword ID"

This should add each word of the shout individually. You will still need to activate with a dragon soul, but it shoul work for you. Let me know if that works.
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 17:49 
I did the option where I advanced/skipped the tel mithryn part because I couldn't understand/figure out how to do what u said with the shout words. If there's an easier way to explain it that would be great and I'm sorry that I have probably annoyed you.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 17:46 
I'm trying to find a way to add the words of the shout manually but I sort of copied existing words and that apparently messes things up... Sorry! I'm trying to figure out a fix for you.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 17:36 
Hmmm it should have given you all three words of the shout when you found the word wall...

The only thing I could say is unload and reload the mod? I take it you don't have an earlier save to go back to?

Did you walk around Tel Mithryn and let it update the quest (there's a triggerbox out in front of the mushrooms)? It's always two stages; first you go to the area, it updates, then you use the shout. But yeah you should have gotten all three words I don't know why it wouldn't have given you all three...

Open the console and type "setstage cochtbm4thecrawlingchaos 100" that should advance the quest. You'll just have to pretend you summoned the shoggoth I guess. Doesn't change the fact that you only have one Word though...
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 11:22 
I also tried doing the restart quest command with the quest id you gave in the description. It didn't work. It keeps on saying "Compiled script not saved!".
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 9:46 
Nevermind, the necronomicon is gone from the place I found it, in the underwater city next to innsmouth, and I can't go back to r'yleh. If there's a way to restart the quest were you go to r'yleh that would be my last hope or else i'm screwed.
GodzillaNerd 13 Sie - 9:14 
I only got one word and it was already unlocked. Were there other places in r'yleh to get the words or do I need to go back and go to the place I got the word and see if that works?
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 5:44 
And make sure you've activated all three words with dragon souls.
Araanim  [autor] 13 Sie - 5:43 
@GodzillaNerd Are you holding it down long enough? It has to be the complete three words of the shout. If everyone is running away that sounds like the second word, which is a fear effect. Try holding it down.
GodzillaNerd 12 Sie - 17:53 
So I joined the cult, learned the call shout, and it says go to Tel Mithryn and use the shout to summon the Shoggoth. When I go there and use the shout the Shoggoth doesn't appear and the villagers just run away, leaving it showing no objectives but the quest is still on the quest list and it says use the shout to summon the Shoggoth. I have no idea what is wrong but I really like this mod and I want to still continue with it. Can u help me or tell me how to fix the problem?
wfz52 9 Sie - 18:55 
How do you escape R'yleh?
Araanim  [autor] 8 Sie - 6:22 
@Paradox Doctor It's actually an unmarked quest, so it might be a little harder to figure out, but the castle is the right place. You just gotta stop at Glacial Cave first.
Paradox Doctor 8 Sie - 4:42 
Ah okay, thank you very much
Araanim  [autor] 8 Sie - 4:32 
@Paradox Doctor This is a part of vanilla Dragonborn. There is a cave called "Glacial Cave" on the coast East-Northeast of Castle Karstaag. Start there. :-)
Paradox Doctor 7 Sie - 6:07 
I seem to be a little stuck. I'm hunting Karstaag, but I don't have any mission marker, and can't seem to find any giant Frost Trolls. I even found Castle Karstaag, and found nothing there either. Am I looking in the wrong place?
Paul Stalhrim Heman 3 Sie - 18:38 
Thank you.
Araanim  [autor] 3 Sie - 15:58 
@Senator Paul

You have to go to Solstheim on the Hunter's ship.
Paul Stalhrim Heman 3 Sie - 12:07 
I am in Solsthiem, Now what? I don't know where to go now. some one please help!
Araanim  [autor] 3 Sie - 3:48 
A warp book should appear beside the King in Yellow after you talk to him.
wfz52 2 Sie - 20:04 
I can't figure out how to escape the Plateau of Leng. All there is is an arrow pointing where i started from and the option to search skeletons...even though i don't see any skeletons.
Araanim  [autor] 2 Sie - 8:26 
@Senator Paul :-D I tried real hard to rewrite the mythos to fit the Elder Scrolls. I hope I did both justice.
Paul Stalhrim Heman 2 Sie - 1:47 
You did your homework on this mod. I just read the Mythos of Cthulhu.
I applaud your efforts