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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Zak 2 Sie - 14:13 
I'm enjoying the mod but sometimes the subtitles go zipping by without me clicking on anything.
jamesschieble 27 Lip - 5:56 
this is odd but I am watching a video about the Cthulhu Mythos.
Araanim  [autor] 24 Lip - 5:46 

The quest is finished, Cthulhu is finished! Finally! There's still stuff I'd like to tweak, and I'm sure there will bugs, but for all intents and purposes this is ready to play! Give it a try!

Next week I will start a new game, completely mod-free, and download the mod from Steam to make sure everything's uploaded and working right. (Sometimes you can't tell, since everythings already on your hard drive.) I think I've ironed everything out, but I want to make sure. In the mean time, let me know if you find anything!
Araanim  [autor] 16 Lip - 6:05 
Uploaded a sneak peak of Cthulhu. Not finished, obviously, but pretty cool so far!
Araanim  [autor] 14 Lip - 6:24 
HOLY SHIT I figured out the problem with Cthulhu! Turns out it was some stupid problem with having two different textures on a single mesh (from attaching the eyes to the base mesh, but they still kept their own textures) and that made everything not work. So I got him in the game! I've got some things I need to fix with the rigging and textures, but he is IN THE GAME. This is good. This is very good. I'll let you know when I update!
Araanim  [autor] 13 Lip - 9:00 
Hmmm, that happened a couple times to me too. I think she kinda shuts down if there's enemie nearby, I'm not sure why. Maybe fast-travel then come back or wait. Or just reload and kill all the cultists again. I'll try to figure out why that's happening.
Creature Feature 10 Lip - 12:47 
I figured it out (about 1 1/2 hours ago) but now I can't talk to Tiamat... sorry for asking so much but I raelly want to finish the quest it's very well done. Please Help. Thank you.
Creature Feature 10 Lip - 9:12 
One last question.
How do you activate the giant robot under the sea?
Araanim  [autor] 10 Lip - 8:36 
Hm. It's supposed to appear when you appear back on Innsmouth. I'll look into it.
Creature Feature 9 Lip - 20:34 
NVM i just spawned it in w/ console commands.
Creature Feature 9 Lip - 16:28 
I escaped R'lyeh but the necronomicon won't appear. PLEASE HELP! Awesome mod btw.
Araanim  [autor] 9 Lip - 9:32 
@Level 18 Everything is done but not polished, but I do not have a Cthulhu. He is still just a giant Gargoyle. I haven't done the alternate path where you join the cult and burn the world, so if you're a madman you'll just have to wait. I'll let you know when I get the Sunken One all modeled - i just have to figure out the process. But yes, the main quest is finished and functional. I've played through several times with no major problems. I highly recommend it :-)
Araanim  [autor] 9 Lip - 9:28 
@Swiggity You gotta find the right Necronomicon to take you back. I kinda wanted to force you to wander around in there, but I can understand it being a bit challenging. I'm trying to think of a better way to guide you, without just making it a linear level. Maybe quest markers to ALL the books, and you have to figure out the right one? That's not a bad idea.
Creature Feature 8 Lip - 22:30 
How do you escape R'lyeh?
I Swear She Was Level 18 8 Lip - 14:27 
Is this ready to go or still in production? I can't wait for it to be finish.
Araanim  [autor] 5 Lip - 13:38 
Ah, that's really my fault. The nexus version is not up to date at all. I keep forgetting to updating the Nexus version. I apologize! I'm glad you like the mod.
Console_Peasant 3 Lip - 0:07 
Okay, so I switched over to the Workshop edition of HTBM and retried everything and it works again. Crisis averted, and I get to keep my saves. Keep up the good work and sorry for the comment earlier.
Console_Peasant 2 Lip - 23:47 
@Araanim: This mod broke all of my saves. When I went to load any saves saved after a certain date(I can't remember the date now) they would crash after a couple of seconds. After a lengthy hunt to find which of my mods was doing it I finally found out it was this one. It's a shame, I loved the original Here There Be Monsters and was waiting to try this one since I restarted my main file. I have the nexus version of the original, I'm not sure if you updated HTBM and this requires it to be up to date. It would make sense, and in which case I'll just switch over to the Workshop version of HTBM as the Nexus doesn't auto-update.
Araanim  [autor] 25 Cze - 8:04 
*UPDATE* So I did another big update recently. As far as I can tell everything is working and functioning. Cthulhu is still a Gargoyle, but I think I worked out most of the kinks everywhere else. I haven't done the alternate quest where you actually join the Cult, but I was gonna save that until I got everything else running smoothly. That quest will be much simpler anyway. Please let me know if you encounter any problems so I can keep ironing things out. And please let me know if the monsters are balanced; I beefed them up because they were pretty weak, but I may have made a couple extremely strong. I have to start from square one with Cthulhu. It turns out I went about the rigging all wrong. I found a good tutorial so I'm gonna redo it the right way. Thank you for your continued support. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Space Ace 17 Cze - 22:01 
It's a shame. I know how to 3D model but I don't know how to rig or how to animate, so I'd be fairly useless in that department. Still, it'd be cool to see killer whales or something swimming around wouldn't it? Ahaha
Araanim  [autor] 16 Cze - 12:07 
@Space Ace It's a thought, but the only normal marine animals I've found are the sharks and the Dreughs. I know people have done some different kinds of fish but, like you said, a lot of them are tropical. I haven't seen much else.
Space Ace 15 Cze - 22:39 
would you ever consider making a mod that adds more sea-life that isn't monsters? Like, general fish and sharks and stuff? I know there's one out there already but it seems to focus solely on tropical fish that...well don't exactly fit in skyrim.
Lord Gaben 12 Cze - 14:12 
what are those crab things?
</BTR> 8 Cze - 12:45 
Gonna keep this favourite until it's completed. :)
Axon4000 3 Cze - 22:12 
Just a suggestion for the Cthulhu boss fight: Maybe you could use the tentacle effects that Miraak and the other npcs in Apocrypha like Lurkers and Hermaeus Mora use from the Dragonborn dlc.
Araanim  [autor] 1 Cze - 6:04 
So the main quest is done and working, though very much unpolished. I haven't tested it on a clean save yet but I think it's mostly there. Cthulhu is still a giant Gargoyle, but other than that everything it pretty much figured out. I had some trouble figuring out a word wall, so I did a cheat where you get close and you just learn it (without all the cool wooshy animation and such) but that can come later. Some of the monsters haven't quite been balanced so they might be really easy to kill. A lot of bugs to work out still, but the quest is pretty much done. Give 'er a try!
Eded the Warlock 31 Maj - 15:11 
Alduin vs Cthulhu....
Araanim  [autor] 26 Maj - 7:00 
To start the quest, just walk into any of the taverns in the port towns (Dawnstar, Solitude, Windhelm) and that will trigger the quest. After that you will get a letter.
Eded the Warlock 24 Maj - 15:15 
So, do I need to talk to someone to start a quest? Or do I just go hunting Cthulhu?
Araanim  [autor] 20 Maj - 13:21 
Another update last night, feel free to try it out. Still working on the last battle & Cthulhu, but you can explore the risen city of R'lyeh now. I built it as a copy of the Apocrypha version, only all broken up and muddy (like it was thrust up from the sea floor.) Also added cultist structures; basically human wood structures and tents built around the cyclopean stuff, from the army of cultists moving and setting up in the city. Gives it a cool look, ruined look. Also have the final battle set up with a bunch of warships, you might want to check that out. You'll have a lot of firepower. Also check out Pyandonea, it's shaping up pretty nicely. Just give the quest a try, I *think* it should work all the way to right before the ending. I'm almost there! It seems I'm having some trouble where my creation kit apparently lost all of the default scripts??? Great, right? I'm getting there, though.
RickyHougardy 6 Maj - 11:42 
this mod was working yesterday but today its not and makes me sad. The problem might not be your mod cause im using crossover to play this on mac. The mod did work for mac user till today. It seems that when i open skyrim now it quit instantly when at the main screen.
PraiseDasSun 1 Maj - 5:09 
I can't wait till this is completed, it looks and seems so cool!
Araanim  [autor] 30 Kwi - 6:45 
Just did a big update - no idea if it works or not. I think Rlyeh is going to crash it because Cthulhu isn't figured out right... Feel free to test on your own.
Araanim  [autor] 27 Kwi - 10:20 
I have Cthulhu as a rigged nif, but I can't get him into the creation kit yet; I must have exported him wrong. I think the tutorial I was using is about two years out of date.
Audax Ender 27 Kwi - 6:20 
Thank you a lot, for this and for the excellent work!!! Keep going!
Araanim  [autor] 27 Kwi - 6:03 
Haha, there won't be any pay-to-play here. I did this mod because I wanted to. I will not be charging. I am still working, just need to finish the final battle.
The Prophet Muhammad 25 Kwi - 3:47 
don't remind him that it exists or you'll be paying 5 bucks for it unless you've backed it up into an archive for manual installation later
nocigames 25 Kwi - 0:28 
I was wondering if you are still working on this, because I would really love to play it after I finish your first mod, also the limitations have been lifted here on the workshop, so you have space again ;) anyway your mod seems nice and I'm looking forward to slaying some more monsters
Since you ran out of space an idea is that you could make mulitple mods out of it
hentie 13 Kwi - 15:44 
Based off my favorite book
Ardenstrom 8 Kwi - 16:57 
You bet!
Good luck with getting mod straight!
Araanim  [autor] 8 Kwi - 7:13 
UPDATE: I am so, so close. I've got most of the kinks worked out of the quests, but there's still some stupid bugs I can't quite fix. I've been working on some customs texture work for the Deep One weapon set and some Maormer weapons/armor. The last major hurdle is the final battle at Rl'yeh (I have to completely reconstruct a second "risen" Rl'yeh, because the Creation Kit doesn't let you just copy a Worldspace) so that will take some time. I'm also teaching myself 3ds Max and rigging a Cthulhu model. It will be incredible when it's done, but I gotta power through. I'll try to upload soon so you guys can test some things if you want. I hope you're as excited as I am!
BLUEGAMER 1 Kwi - 18:50 
lol the titels from pirates of the cariabein
Ardenstrom 31 Mar - 6:21 
Please upload the mod fully!
☯Coylie3☯ 23 Mar - 19:20 
Yo! Just thought I'd say that the mod size limit has been removed for Steam Workshop! You can upload the full mod anytime!
ishootnoobs01 20 Mar - 11:12 
idh-yaa is invisible too
ishootnoobs01 20 Mar - 11:10 
the underwater people are invisible for me or something i cant see them
Audax Ender 16 Mar - 7:44 
Thank god it´s back!
Applezig 2 Mar - 22:58 
Araanim  [autor] 2 Mar - 18:49 
Oh shit, the limit is lifted!
Looks like we're back in business.