Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Araanim  [作成者] 6月25日 8時04分 
*UPDATE* So I did another big update recently. As far as I can tell everything is working and functioning. Cthulhu is still a Gargoyle, but I think I worked out most of the kinks everywhere else. I haven't done the alternate quest where you actually join the Cult, but I was gonna save that until I got everything else running smoothly. That quest will be much simpler anyway. Please let me know if you encounter any problems so I can keep ironing things out. And please let me know if the monsters are balanced; I beefed them up because they were pretty weak, but I may have made a couple extremely strong. I have to start from square one with Cthulhu. It turns out I went about the rigging all wrong. I found a good tutorial so I'm gonna redo it the right way. Thank you for your continued support. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Space Ace 6月17日 22時01分 
It's a shame. I know how to 3D model but I don't know how to rig or how to animate, so I'd be fairly useless in that department. Still, it'd be cool to see killer whales or something swimming around wouldn't it? Ahaha
Araanim  [作成者] 6月16日 12時07分 
@Space Ace It's a thought, but the only normal marine animals I've found are the sharks and the Dreughs. I know people have done some different kinds of fish but, like you said, a lot of them are tropical. I haven't seen much else.
Space Ace 6月15日 22時39分 
would you ever consider making a mod that adds more sea-life that isn't monsters? Like, general fish and sharks and stuff? I know there's one out there already but it seems to focus solely on tropical fish that...well don't exactly fit in skyrim.
Lord Gaben 6月12日 14時12分 
what are those crab things?
</BTR> 6月8日 12時45分 
Gonna keep this favourite until it's completed. :)
Axon4000 6月3日 22時12分 
Just a suggestion for the Cthulhu boss fight: Maybe you could use the tentacle effects that Miraak and the other npcs in Apocrypha like Lurkers and Hermaeus Mora use from the Dragonborn dlc.
Araanim  [作成者] 6月1日 6時04分 
So the main quest is done and working, though very much unpolished. I haven't tested it on a clean save yet but I think it's mostly there. Cthulhu is still a giant Gargoyle, but other than that everything it pretty much figured out. I had some trouble figuring out a word wall, so I did a cheat where you get close and you just learn it (without all the cool wooshy animation and such) but that can come later. Some of the monsters haven't quite been balanced so they might be really easy to kill. A lot of bugs to work out still, but the quest is pretty much done. Give 'er a try!
drakevinson 5月31日 15時11分 
Alduin vs Cthulhu....
Araanim  [作成者] 5月26日 7時00分 
To start the quest, just walk into any of the taverns in the port towns (Dawnstar, Solitude, Windhelm) and that will trigger the quest. After that you will get a letter.
drakevinson 5月24日 15時15分 
So, do I need to talk to someone to start a quest? Or do I just go hunting Cthulhu?
Araanim  [作成者] 5月20日 13時21分 
Another update last night, feel free to try it out. Still working on the last battle & Cthulhu, but you can explore the risen city of R'lyeh now. I built it as a copy of the Apocrypha version, only all broken up and muddy (like it was thrust up from the sea floor.) Also added cultist structures; basically human wood structures and tents built around the cyclopean stuff, from the army of cultists moving and setting up in the city. Gives it a cool look, ruined look. Also have the final battle set up with a bunch of warships, you might want to check that out. You'll have a lot of firepower. Also check out Pyandonea, it's shaping up pretty nicely. Just give the quest a try, I *think* it should work all the way to right before the ending. I'm almost there! It seems I'm having some trouble where my creation kit apparently lost all of the default scripts??? Great, right? I'm getting there, though.
RickyHougardy 5月6日 11時42分 
this mod was working yesterday but today its not and makes me sad. The problem might not be your mod cause im using crossover to play this on mac. The mod did work for mac user till today. It seems that when i open skyrim now it quit instantly when at the main screen.
PraiseDasSun 5月1日 5時09分 
I can't wait till this is completed, it looks and seems so cool!
Araanim  [作成者] 4月30日 6時45分 
Just did a big update - no idea if it works or not. I think Rlyeh is going to crash it because Cthulhu isn't figured out right... Feel free to test on your own.
Araanim  [作成者] 4月27日 10時20分 
I have Cthulhu as a rigged nif, but I can't get him into the creation kit yet; I must have exported him wrong. I think the tutorial I was using is about two years out of date.
Audax Ender 4月27日 6時20分 
Thank you a lot, for this and for the excellent work!!! Keep going!
Araanim  [作成者] 4月27日 6時03分 
Haha, there won't be any pay-to-play here. I did this mod because I wanted to. I will not be charging. I am still working, just need to finish the final battle.
Charles Bronson 4月25日 3時47分 
don't remind him that it exists or you'll be paying 5 bucks for it unless you've backed it up into an archive for manual installation later
nocigames 4月25日 0時28分 
I was wondering if you are still working on this, because I would really love to play it after I finish your first mod, also the limitations have been lifted here on the workshop, so you have space again ;) anyway your mod seems nice and I'm looking forward to slaying some more monsters
Russian Engineer☭ (VodkaParty) 4月24日 19時23分 
Since you ran out of space an idea is that you could make mulitple mods out of it
hentie 4月13日 15時44分 
Based off my favorite book
Ardenstrom 4月8日 16時57分 
You bet!
Good luck with getting mod straight!
Araanim  [作成者] 4月8日 7時13分 
UPDATE: I am so, so close. I've got most of the kinks worked out of the quests, but there's still some stupid bugs I can't quite fix. I've been working on some customs texture work for the Deep One weapon set and some Maormer weapons/armor. The last major hurdle is the final battle at Rl'yeh (I have to completely reconstruct a second "risen" Rl'yeh, because the Creation Kit doesn't let you just copy a Worldspace) so that will take some time. I'm also teaching myself 3ds Max and rigging a Cthulhu model. It will be incredible when it's done, but I gotta power through. I'll try to upload soon so you guys can test some things if you want. I hope you're as excited as I am!
BLUEGAMER 4月1日 18時50分 
lol the titels from pirates of the cariabein
Ardenstrom 3月31日 6時21分 
Please upload the mod fully!
☯Coylie3☯ 3月23日 19時20分 
Yo! Just thought I'd say that the mod size limit has been removed for Steam Workshop! You can upload the full mod anytime!
ishootnoobs01 3月20日 11時12分 
idh-yaa is invisible too
ishootnoobs01 3月20日 11時10分 
the underwater people are invisible for me or something i cant see them
Audax Ender 3月16日 7時44分 
Thank god it´s back!
Applezig 3月2日 22時58分 
Araanim  [作成者] 3月2日 18時49分 
Oh shit, the limit is lifted!
Looks like we're back in business.
Araanim  [作成者] 3月2日 10時44分 
I'll let you know when I upload it to the Nexus.
Applezig 3月2日 9時34分 
Araanim  [作成者] 3月2日 9時30分 
**So I've run into a slight hiccup . . . this mod has become too large to upload to the Workshop. So I will not be updating it any further, and will soon release it on Nexus. If possible I will try to strip it down or separate it to fit it on Steam, but right now I guess this mod is officially dead.**
Applezig 2月18日 13時11分 
What's Cthulu's model?
Longrangewolf 2月16日 14時58分 
no, the necromonicoms writer was sang to by insects in the desert
Araanim  [作成者] 2月16日 10時00分 
@todd War of the Insects? (Genocide)
Longrangewolf 2月14日 10時38分 
the insects are singing
Dr.Yiff 2月3日 18時42分 
make a part 2
Darth Gaia 2月2日 0時19分 
there is always the nexus
Araanim  [作成者] 2月1日 13時22分 
So it seems this mod has become too large to upload to Steam... That might be a problem.
Darth Gaia 1月28日 20時31分 
dude i love the idea im gonna try it and report any bugs
Epitri 1月24日 22時11分 
I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft and TES. So, to see the two come together gives me the most peculiar boner. Keep up the good work dude. And if there's anything that I could do to help just let me know.
Araanim  [作成者] 1月24日 6時01分 
@Apolodog - I'm trying to figure that one out. I THINK I may have given the Ruddy Man dragon aspect power, but when he uses it it affects you, not him? I think I fixed it but I'm not sure.
Apolodog 1月23日 21時18分 
I got a pretty annoying issue. During a cool waterwalking fight against the Ruddy Man and his army of 300 dreughs I found myself spawning a huge amount of "dragon spirits" and getting level 1 dragon aspect for free (had 2 words, none unlocked). The problem is, after that a REALLY LOUD sound effect refuses to stop, also the dragon aspect seems permanent. I unlocked a word, used my own and waited for it to normally run out. Now I'm glowing red and the sound effect is still there... help...
Brother_Hank 1月20日 16時00分 
Ill get this later when im sure it will work and not destroy my computer.
Looks great though
Araanim  [作成者] 1月14日 6時41分 
So the first quest works, but I haven't loaded it yet. When I do, you'll be able to experience the first step of the journey. Walking in to any coastal tavern will trigger the quest, and you will get a courier letter soon after. The quest is supposed to not start until after you finish Here There Be Monsters, but right now I'm ignoring that fact until everything's running smoothly. Feel free to test away once I get it updated. 1月7日 10時02分 
Hey is this mod fully functional and all without too many bugs? I LOVE Lovecraft and read the crap out of his works, it looks like you did it to a T dude!
daedric_cat 1月2日 20時31分 
Awesome awesome this brings back old memories