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Here There Be Monsters: Call of Cthulhu
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Araanim  [作成者] 7月19日 10時03分 
@Captainscorpio I don't know what to tell you. I don't know how you managed to get to Leng before starting the quest. After talking to Obed you have to talk to Captain Gamli in Windhelm. That should put you back on track.
Araanim  [作成者] 7月19日 9時56分 
@metalmattmon Try fast traveling to see if he still follows you. If not, go his ship (the one in Solsheim, by the Skaal) and see if he's there. Or he might have gone back to Dawnstar. He should still follow you until you talk to him, though. If not, you might have to load an earlier save. Force dialogues always act a little weird. It's happened to me a few times too.
metalmattmon 7月19日 9時32分 
Hey, I started the dark side quest and the force dialogue from the hunter isn't starting, then the hunter vanished. Can you help me fix this cause it's stopping me doing the quest
White Wolf 7月14日 10時19分 
Models from Witcher 3 :P
captainscorpio 7月11日 15時07分 
I've been wanting to play this for ages. I finally got Dawngard largely for this purpose. Now, I mostly can't get it to run; tried starting a enw game with it installed and everything. (Last game, I played HTBM1 first, this game i did not, but I have both installed.)

I more or less completed "Call ofCthulhu"; I webnt to Leng, killed the big hound, talked to the King in Yellow; he informed me about my having killed Obed Marsh, which I had not done (I had not even opened his Reqest yet).

I opened the note, talked to Obed, I accepted the job,. And that ws t. No way to start the Innsmouth quest. All Obed will tell me is to talk to sailors, but I go to the taverns and ll they'll say to me is "Whachu doon here, Monster Hunter?"

I used console commands to progress to stage 10, and it then tells me "Shdow over Innsmouth started" a tells me to check up on deack, or similar, but I don't know what ship I should be on.

Any ideas how to proceed?
slo mo guy 6月30日 22時24分 
Epic Player M.K FIN 6月30日 0時36分 
where i start the guest
Araanim  [作成者] 6月29日 5時53分 
@Vape You gotta go talk to the High Priest.
P90 6月28日 21時16分 
I cant figure out how to get out of the realm of leng place
Epic Player M.K FIN 6月28日 11時15分 
thish is cool
Nyroc 6月10日 17時34分 
ok I found a way around the summoning freeze... but what do I do after I take down the 4 ships
Araanim  [作成者] 6月10日 17時25分 
@naranjamecanica That happens sometimes I have no idea why. The book is like 8 feet below the shrine. Either load an earlier save and escape from R'lyeh again, or type "tcl" into the console and fly through the ground and grab it. I can't figure out why it does that.
naranjamecanica 6月10日 14時21分 
i can't finish. Necronomicon don't appear. I have the objective and the position were it's supossed it appear, but just see a black smoke. Any help?
Nyroc 6月5日 5時44分 
summon Cthulhu. Nice Cthulhu model as well
Nyroc 6月5日 5時44分 
ok, I know I am commenting too much, and it will probably fix itself after this comment, but every time when I am about to summon, the game always freezes. Please help!
Nyroc 6月4日 17時20分 
ok I just fixed it but now tiamat won't talk
Nyroc 6月4日 16時36分 
ok never mind it just worked but the portal to the elves is gone
Nyroc 6月4日 16時15分 
I am stuck after you defeat karstaag, and... the author should know. (I don't want to spoil a pretty strange part.)
Audax Qui Quaerit 6月3日 10時12分 
The mod is wonderfull. Keep going!
CuccoInferno 6月3日 0時40分 
ok so i walked into the chaoskampf with the strange staute and pursued the dialogue line without killing krakanos first. so now i appear to be stuck in pyandonea. i cant revert to a previous save without losing about 2 hours of playtime. i could use a little help.
Araanim  [作成者] 6月1日 4時13分 
@LindLTailor I appreciate the feedback! Thanks for sticking with it. I'm glad you liked it. Voices are on their way.
LindLTailor 5月31日 16時39分 
- new maps with custom textures
- custom monsters (some of them were terrifing for real)
- new unique characters
- huge monsters and the last epic battle
- interesting quests
-Sometimes it`s really hard to find the rigtht way or action to complete part of the quests (many players and me experienced some problems with finding the hatch in Chaoskampf or finding the Karstaag skull or finding the right Necronomicon)
- The most annoying bugs for this time is talking to Tiamat. (should be fixed somehow, it took many hours to figure out how to make her talk to me. It happend twice)
- Sometimes after you`ve learnt the call of Chtulchu shout the game may crash before you actually able to shout near the gate.(but after a few retries it worked normally)
LindLTailor 5月31日 16時39分 
So, finally I`ve completed the whole quest! Just wanted to leave a quick review about it. It was a great adventure and experience for me! I mean really, such a great atmosphere of R`lyeh.This mod is done with love and I`m grateful to the author for this creation! I really hope, that it will be fixed and voiced. Would be nice to see some letsplays or complete walkthrough on this mod as well as it being voiced. I know there are not so many volunteers to do it, so I just wish luck to complete it. I hope my review will help anyone who`s going to play this mod. And again, thanks Araanim for creating this mod!
LindLTailor 5月31日 14時47分 
@Araanim so, I succeed to talk to Tiamat after attacking her and trying to push her around a bit. Now in R`lyeh I got another problem: right before tha main gate the game crashes (after I learnt the shout of Chtulchu).
Araanim  [作成者] 5月31日 13時33分 
She's supposed to auto-greet you, but sometimes it's doesn't trigger right. Stand a little bit away from her and move around, she should move towards you and start talking. This doesn't always work. Try fast-traveling somewhere else then travel back to that spot. It's a finicky part of the creation kit.
LindLTailor 5月31日 12時19分 
Got a new obstacle. I killed all the cultists and talked with Alzared. Then Tiamat spawned and there was an "e" key to talk to her but nothing happens when I try to speak to her. She stays at one place, doing nothing.
LindLTailor 5月30日 15時41分 
Update: found the hatch, but it was so small that it was hard to notice it. It would be better if it was marked somehow.
Araanim  [作成者] 5月30日 15時16分 
@LindLTailor There's a hatch that takes you inside the ship.
LindLTailor 5月30日 14時38分 
Update: tried to restart from save with plateue. Still the same issue with the ship. I need the console code to activate the engine, `cso I`m just lost for now. Please, I really want to complete this quest.
LindLTailor 5月29日 4時52分 
I can`t find that valve to activate the movement of the Chaoskampf. I looked under the ship and around it but couldn`t find it anywhere. I can`t proceed because of that. I don`t understand what does that mean "below decks". Maybe someone could spare a sreenshot of the valve`s location or something?
christophercnewman 5月28日 19時51分 
For the first mission to kill the giant ice wraith I can't pick up the quest he just complains. Another situation is where when I go to talk to the guy who gives you the first quest for this mod I he won't talk to me. How do I fix this?
Otaku King 5月25日 13時39分 
Oooooooh thank you so much. The marker kept pointing at the orb so I got confused xD
Araanim  [作成者] 5月25日 10時59分 
@Playerinator A warp book should appear right next to the Yellow King after you finish talking to him. Just walk around in front of him it should pop up.
Araanim  [作成者] 5月25日 10時58分 
@Atheneum There is a hatch on the Numidium's right shoulder.
Otaku King 5月22日 10時12分 
I can't get inside the Numidum
Odeon 5月22日 9時48分 
+1 Atheneum
Otaku King 5月22日 9時18分 
can you please make a walkthrough
Odeon 5月21日 19時52分 
SPOILERS: I killed the giant hound in Leng, spoke to the yellow king and now it tells me to leave to skyrim but i dunno how? I followed the marker but it leads me to the beginning with nothing, no doors, no passages...
Araanim  [作成者] 5月10日 19時34分 
@Ark I've had that happen to me too! I don't know why, but occasionally it does that. And it's weird cause the smokey effect for the book is still up on top of the altar, but the actual book is down below it.
Ark125 5月10日 19時18分 
Well I finally figured out that I could just turn on the walk through walls cheat and got it that way as it was below the altar.
Ark125 5月10日 16時33分 
I actually did end up finding it, but now I am back in Solsteim and it says to take the Necrocomicon, but it isn't there, jjust the arrow and a puff of black smoke.
Araanim  [作成者] 5月10日 15時36分 
@Ark One of the necronomicons is supposed to take you back to Solstheim. It's in one of the Lurker nests (the big stadium-like island with a lurker and a bunch of eggs). The correct book should have a beam of light coming out of it. I wanted it to be a maze to some degree, but I realize it might be a little too difficult.

@Caboose Do you have Here There Be Monsters loading before Call of Cthulhu? That sounds like a texture issue. Make sure everything is updated; you might have an old version messing things up.
Caboose 5月10日 4時14分 
Help, Nyarlothotep and all of the sea elves don't have a body and instead is just a giant exclamation mark. Deep one daggers also do the same
Ark125 5月9日 23時04分 
Update: I found the Necrocomicon, but all it does is open and close.
Ark125 5月9日 22時43分 
So I am really enjoying the mod thus far, but I appear to be stuck in R'lyah. Not physically, I just don't know what I am really supposed to do. I have been through several of those books, but I haven't really gotten anywhere. There is that gate, but it says that I need a key. Am I supposed to go through that gate, and if so where is the key? I'm pretty sure I have killed everything, except Cthulu which I did earlier with one hit but then went to an ealier save state. Was I supposed to keep that dragon alive?
Scootz 4月18日 0時44分 
Haha, awesome man. So far no issues.
Araanim  [作成者] 4月17日 19時17分 
@Scootz A little bit of both. Seeing as that song's pretty much about slaughtering every creature on land and see, it seemed extra appropriate. :-) Glad you liked it. Did you run into any other issues?
Scootz 4月17日 3時09分 
Hey man, just going through the quest. Some of it's a little 'iffy' (as in not being spoonfed how to do everything) but it feels a lot like questing in morrowind, no markers no 'do exactly this' and it honestly feels great.
I was only stuck for a while with the whole solstheim thing (didn't know I had to use his boat to do it) but this is just more and more awesome as it goes on.
As for 'Weidemanns heil'. Speak German or just as much of a fan of Rammstein as I am? :D
Araanim  [作成者] 4月8日 6時33分 
So, I've gotten a lot of interest from people wanting to do some voice acting for the mod. This weekend I will transcribe all the dialogue and start posting in the discussions tab. If you're interested, please check it out and decide what characters you want to voice. I'll keep everything on a first-come basis, but if there's a lot of interest in certain characters I guess we can do some kind of auditions? I'm not really expected that many volunteers, but who knows. If you're interested, please check it out! (Message me too, so I can keep track of everyone.) I wasn't even going to try to tackle voice acting for this, but hell if enough people are willing to pitch in then let's do it! Thank you all for your continued interest!
Araanim  [作成者] 4月8日 6時33分 
@nvrfavrdweaknes Have you tried it? I'm pretty sure I never actually check if you have the eye. You don't need it to get INTO the Numidium, you need it once you get inside. If you're just tryin to get inside, there's a hatch above his right shoulder.