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I had a bout of melancholy so I'm allowing a temporary hold on privacy settings.
It's a side effect of only having online friends. So anyone from my Melbourne Uni days / Tafe days / etc wants to drop me a line, then yes, this is me.

Also for some reason my deviantArt account is completely gone, I don't know if that was me.

If I appear inactive, bear with me as I'm trying to catch up with my PSN backlog... r.i.p. my working life.

Also me from before 2010:
Blog deleted tho and no longer active there.

Deleted PSN: https://psnprofiles.com/Sequekhan
Current PSN: https://psnprofiles.com/Seqqeqeth
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My Silver Chocobo taunts enemies by flashing its butt. What more do you need?

FFXIII-2 does a great job of improving upon the gameplay of its predecessor. It is a direct sequel of FFXIII, although the story is radically different. Without giving away too much, there is some divine intervention - the results of which cause damage to the timeline, alters history and allows a select few to use mysterious Time Gates that have appeared throughout the timeline. Serah, with the help of Noel, a boy from the far future, is one such person.

I loved the whole concept of how the story unfolds in this game. Instead of a world map, you get a Time Gate map, seen from outside time, where you can pick and choose places (and times) to go to, based on what gates you have unlocked. Granted, there is going to be some recycled content in terms of maps, but there are quite a few new ones so it doesn't grate on your experience so much. Academia is stunning in terms of its size, and it has probably the largest number of people you are likely to see at one time in a FF title that is not in a cutscene. Naturally, you can expect a framerate hit here.

Valhalla is impressive as well, but sadly only available in the intro scenes, but Augusta Tower and Noel's timezone help give it some variety and new material too.

Enemies are probably going to irritate some folks for its lack of new material, with maybe one or two new creations, and everything else having already existed from FFXIII. There is a notable lack of superbosses as well, unless you include the DLC battles, which partly helps to make up for this.

But some of the best fun to be had with battles comes from the monster capture ability. Serah sometimes gets a monster crystal from defeated monsters, allowing them to be developed like a main character, and also allowing myriad customisation with the help of infusions, where you can feed a monster to one of your other monsters. You can have up to 3 monsters in your paradigm deck, meaning only those ones can be active in any given battle, and only one at a time (to fill out the team of Serah, Noel and a Monster).

I find it weird they use the term 'monster' when most of the time they're just animals. Anyway.

You can get some pretty crazy team combos, such as three different coloured chocobos. Chocobos are great fun, there's yellow, red, green, blue, purple, black, white, gold and silver. With so many different chocobos, you just knew there'd be chocobo racing too right? Some monster skills in combat actually stand for racing abilities when you enter the chocobo into the races, so there's another aspect to building your chocobos, that can be quite profitable too.

With an achievement for filling out your bestiary to 100%, you're going to want to look up some guides to help you out. Monster infusions can be a bit confusing too with abilities having different ranks of importance, and terms like red-locked and yellow-locked abilities, so it's worth looking up some builds too where others have already done the work for you.

Music is on par with other FF titles - I bought the soundtrack, and let me see... I have 36 or so favourites from this game, not the least of which are Worlds Collide, Caius's Theme and Limit Break!, the last of which is kind of death-metally, kind of funny. Typically an area will have music, then monsters appear and the music will elevate into a remix, which is a really neat idea.

Character-wise, sadly there isn't much of Lightning unless you get her crystal from the DLC fight. She'll make an appearance here and there, but Serah is the main protagonist here. There's a few costume alternatives for her and Noel, but not much. There are brief cameos from FFXIII characters - most notably Hope - but the new villain of the story is probably the best part. Voiced by Liam O'Brien, one of my all-time favourite voice actors (who also voiced Kain from FFIV [the voiced version]), he has the sort of voice I wish I had.

You can also play 99% of the game on easy mode if you wish! There is but a single enemy, Raspatil, that requires you to kill it on Normal, but you can change difficulty at any time during the game. A word of warning though too - on easy, there is no loot bonus for battles. On normal, you get a 200% bonus to items and rare items when you 5-star a battle, and even normal mode is pretty easy.

A neat feature is the inclusion of minigames in the form of dimensional rifts. the games take the form of: join the dots (join the crystals of the same colour), collect crystals on a grid of tiles that disappear after you walk on them, and clock puzzles (which aren't nearly as hard as people make them out to be) where you have to land on each direction of the clock to finish the puzzle.

With alternate paradox endings to unlock, funny dialogue choices to make (Serah gushing about Snow being totally cool in the first chapter is utterly hilarious), throwing your moogle to reach hard-to-get-to treasure, messing up the weather in Archylte Steppe, and having your chocobo flash enemies its butt to make them angry, FFXIII-2 has a truckload of things to keep you busy!

* Now played 3 times to completion, PSN / PC / PSN

ps: Give your Giant Cactuar an electric guitar.
pps: Give your Don Tonberry an angel halo.
ppps: Give your flan an afro.
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§єǫuєᴋʜaɴ ⚶ Sep 10 @ 2:44am 
much appreciated, thanks! I might not be here much but a comeback is in the works! Working on my 98th platinum for PSN, once I get my 100th I WILL be back!
❄ Laura Sep 4 @ 5:29pm 
:yetiflower: Have a nice weekend! :kissyou:
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It's dangerous to go alone! ^_^
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congrats! :PypDog: ( I thought you always were x.x )