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I stream every few days on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/noodelicious
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A Short Bio
:albatross: Friend Requests & Impersonators :albatross:
I will not accept your friend request if you do not comment why you added me.
I also will not accept friend requests if the reason is "I just wanted to add you".
I will never send friend requests myself. I do not trade or discuss outside of this account.
But I do have a handful of impersonators. If you were added by me, it is mostly a fake.
If you beg for items from me, I will most likely block you.

:albatross: Let Me Introduce Myself A Little :albatross:
Hi, my name is Ramen . I like long quiet walks, listening to music, staring at the night sky, rainy days, films, games, and stuff like that.
I'm pretty chill unless you are annoying, then I don't want anything to do with you.

I do not RP, no matter how hard you try, I will never RP.

:albatross: Random Trivia About Me :albatross:
AKA: Romin865 | -».•´Noodelicious`•.«- | RamenOmen | RamenOverlord
Birthday: September 1 1997
My favorite games: TF2 (MVM), Overwatch, Undertale, Gunpoint, Portal 2, & Bloons TD5
My favorite music genre: Jazz & Swing
My favorite colors: Aqua, Red, Blue, Purple, Black, & White.
My favorite food: Ramen (What a surprise)
My favorite drink: Vodka and Mint Chocolate

:albatross: Medic Collection :albatross:
I am a Medic main and was a collector. I collected every Medic item in the game including Unusuals, I do not like to have the same effect on more than one hat, miscs are the only exceptions.
I had the biggest Medic collection in all of TF2.
I no longer collect Medic Items
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TF2 Medic Collection
18 9
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My Final Medic Collection
7 2
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Slowly cashing out most of my inv. I am keeping the things that are not listed for sale on MP.TF

:albatross:Trade Offer Link: http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=80843022&token=iCzk3_cr
:albatross:My Backpack.tf Link: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198041108750
:albatross:My Marketplace.tf Link: https://marketplace.tf/shop/noodelicious
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
I am keeping all weapons and taunts. Don't bother trying to buy them.
Notable MVM Drops
:albatross: Aussie Drop List :albatross:
22 Aussies
Scattergun: :armystar::armystar::armystar:
Force-A-Nature: :armystar:
Rocket Launcher: :armystar:
Black Box: :armystar::armystar:
Flame Thrower: :armystar:
Axtinguisher: :armystar::armystar:
Grenade Launcher: :csgox:
Stickybomb Launcher: :armystar:
Eyelander: :armystar:
Minigun: :csgox:
Tomislav: :armystar::armystar:
Frontier Justice: :armystar:
Wrench: :armystar:
Blutsauger: :csgox:
Medi Gun: :csgox:
Sniper Rifle: :armystar::armystar::armystar:
SMG: :armystar:
Ambassador: :armystar:
Knife: :armystar:
Pan: :csgox:

:lyneglow: Two Cities :lyneglow:
Tour 3: Pro KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 14: Pro KS Powerjack
Tour 19: Pro KS Frying Pan
Tour 23: Pro KS Sniper Rifle + Spec KS Grenade Launcher
Tour 32: Pro KS Sniper Rifle
Tour 33: Pro KS Beggars Bazooka
Tour 34: Pro KS Frontier Justice
Tour 36: :armystar: Aussie Tomislav + Pro KS Flamethrower
Tour 48: :armystar: Aussie Tomislav
Tour 53: Pro KS Knife
Tour 60: Pro KS Rocket Launcher
Tour 85: Pro KS Black Rose
Tour 131: Spec KS Rocket Launcher + Pro KS Big Earner
Tour 142: Pro KS Minigun
Tour 157: Pro KS Degreaser
:orionamet:Tour 168 Badge Reset:orionamet:
Tour 1: :armystar: Aussie Wrench + Pro KS Phlogistinator + Spec KS Degreaser + Spec KS Fists + Basic KS Scatter Gun
:orionamet:Tour "178" Badge Reset:orionamet:
Tour 6: :armystar: Aussie Flame Thrower + Spec KS Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 9: :armystar: Aussie Axtinguisher + Pro KS Black Rose
Tour 12: :armystar: Aussie Black Box + Pro KS Bottle
Tour 14: Pro KS Quick Fix
Tour 22: :armystar: Aussie Rocket Launcher + Spec KS Shotgun
Tour 27: :armystar: Aussie Ambassador
Tour 32: :armystar: Aussie Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 56: :armystar: Aussie Scattergun + Spec KS Ambassador
Tour 81: :armystar: Aussie Scattergun
Tour 114: Pro KS Grenade Launcher + Spec KS Knife + Basic KS Medi Gun
Tour 121: :armystar: Australium Force-A-Nature
Tour 126: Pro KS Scattergun + Spec KS Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 132: Pro KS Degreaser + Spec KS Knife
Tour 227: Pro KS Wrench
Tour 229: :armystar: Aussie Eyelander
Tour 259: :armystar: Aussie Frontier Justice + Spec KS Iron Bomber + Spec KS Wrench
Tour 280: :armystar: Aussie Sniper Rifle + Basic KS Medi Gun
Tour 282: Pro KS Knife + Basic KS Iron Bomber
Tour 357: Pro KS Mini Gun + Spec KS Knife
Tour 416: :armystar: Aussie Knife
Tour 437: :armystar: Aussie SMG
Tour: :armystar: Aussie Axetinguisher
Tour 470: :armystar: Aussie Scattergun + Pro KS GRU

:lyneglow: Mecha Engie :lyneglow:
Tour 4: :armystar: Australium Sniper Rifle
Tour 16: Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.II
Tour 26: :armystar: Australium Sniper Rifle

:lyneglow: Gear Grinder :lyneglow:
Tour 5: Diamond Botkiller Scattergun Mk.I
Tour 30: :armystar: Australium Black Box

:lyneglow: Steel Trap :lyneglow:
Tour 1: Gold Botkiller Sniper Rifle Mk.I
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8,130 Hours played
Fun & Painful
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Dumpster Fires of Judgement 2021
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Summer of The Ages 2021
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Hello there.
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The true path of pain
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Ride into sunset With team color variants Feel the aesthetic. -------- Cordial - particle design, promos Vipes - concept, artwork assets
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Status - Pending, Created by - Vipes #FixTF2 and Cordial
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This will only hurt for a moment!
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It will explain how to play Silksong with 5 simple and easy steps to follow.
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All of the enemies in Hollow Knight are kinda bastards, but some are extra bastard. Here's how to kill them and then kill their families.
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Glitch3D Jun 13 @ 10:53am 
Ramen May 25 @ 9:40pm 
I have a ton of impersonators, so if you want to add me for trading, honestly just add me and send me a trade. We can discuss in chat later.
Ramen May 5 @ 4:49am 
lmfao since when does cashing out automatically mean quickselling, I have a life and am patiently selling my stuff. Your greed is irrelevant to me, especially someone with your reputation lmao. Please seek anger management and/or professional help.
medved May 4 @ 7:10pm 
Cashing out > overpricing all the sh*it. Nice logic ape, keep it up .
Ramen Apr 30 @ 10:14pm 
Oh ♥♥♥♥, been a while, hope you're doing good