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Meet The Stats
April 9, 2012
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Festivize Me! Calculator updates, improved war paint support and more
Festivize Me!

Users who have donated $1 or more will be able to use a special name style this month only!!!!

Also, Premium users can now switch between using the Premium name colour or not, and will default to the plain name style by default. Opt-in again by going to your name style settings[].

More importantly:

Improved wear tier and war paint support

Full support for the war paint textures added in the October update. Wear tier and texture name filtering is now available on Classifieds and Premium Search.

The item filter modal has been updated to allow you to select a war paint and multiple wear tiers. Select the new "Texture & Wear" panel to make your choice.

Calculator 2k17

The Calculator has been given a complete makeover, from look-and-feel to functionality.

  • Lists are now more readable at a glance, complete with effect images, paint splotches and quality borders.
  • Item names will appear consistently with how they appear on the rest of the site.
  • War paint and texture wear is now fully supported.
  • Both SCM and community pricing is now shown. Cumulative pricing will fallback to SCM pricing if a community price is not available.

Old lists are incompatible with the new Calculator and won't be found.

Image uploads: where'd my background go?!

Previously, users who wanted to set a profile background had to supply their own image URL. This had a few drawbacks: free image hosts do not like having their bandwidth being used by another site, and sneaky users would use their own servers to log who has viewed their inventory.

We are now hosting images for you. Unfortunately we can't move images over for you, so you'll have to reupload your background from the upload form on the settings page.


  • Certain item attributes weren't being displayed in inventory comparison views, this has been fixed.
  • Private inventories for Dota 2 and CS:GO now give the correct reason for why they could not be displayed.
  • Trying to load a Dota 2/CS:GO inventory with no items will no longer give an incorrect "cannot be retrieved" error.
  • Rarity filters were counting but would not filter correctly; this has been fixed.
  • Added linkage to view a user's inventory.
  • The markdown textbox is now larger by default and no longer resizable in a way that will make it leave the modal.

Item filter modal
  • The "Reset" button has been put back in the item filter modal where appropriate.
  • Class/slot filtering is now using buttons instead of a long checklist.

Inventory item tagging
  • Fixed a regression where editing an existing tag would put the previous contents as a placeholder instead of the textbox for editing.
  • Fixed a regression where the item in the tagging modal would not have a tag triangle.

  • The steamid parameter is now properly retained between searches.
  • Fixed a bug where the last promoted item would not carry its promoted state when relisting.
  • Slot and Class filter crumbs would not be displayed; this has been fixed.
  • Fixed being unable to unwatch items with apostrophes in their names.

  • Fixes for several JavaScript event handlers: Comments on suggestions etc. are now interactive immediately without the need for a page refresh.
  • Improved CSS style consistency for better support on older browsers.
  • Panel styling has been improved for consistency.

Item popovers
  • Fixed a regression where Steam Inventory links in item popovers would not highlight the item.
  • 2016 Festive items will now link to the correct stats page, and 'Festivized' text is now a nice hot pink

  • Tried to stop the Human Cannonball from appearing twice in Unusual pricelists for the umpteenth time

Other news

There has been an effort to rework certain components of into standalone and open-source packages. The following Composer packages have been released this year:

The next set of updates will focus on performance improvements to the Classifieds, a more flexible Buy Order system, and a set of OAuth APIs.

Happy holidays!

-- staff

Secret Santa Deadlines!
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A Suspiciously Slow Scout May 8 @ 2:56pm 
Well I guess thats what it means by "PayPal scam" but like I said I've been out of town for the past week so it HAS to be my little brother
temeeeez May 8 @ 11:23am 
Why are the new festivized weapons unpriced?
Ultim8_Clock May 8 @ 5:15am 
Why is key price going up?
It's 28.22 ref now!
ugh May 7 @ 3:19pm 
@Private Suspicious
yeah sure it was your "little brother"
A Suspiciously Slow Scout May 7 @ 2:38pm 
I got banned from for "Attempting a PayPal scam" or something, and I've been out of town for a week, so I don't know what happened. Also my reputation is -4 now...I don't know if it was my little brother, but is there any way of fixing this? I just don't know what I should do...
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April 9, 2012