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Does the person saying it is me have 17,000+ hours in TF2?
DO NOT add me to file a personal report with Outpost. Please use the proper channels.
DO NOT add me to trade as I DO NOT accept random adds.
If I have any trades open, post there first or you will be ignored. Brother & Sisters is my wifes account.

Here is the rest of my collection:

And Finally, Did I mention not to add me for anything related to trading.
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Toughsox May 7 @ 5:22pm 
Definitely wasn't me, sorry
TriSci Apr 14 @ 8:05pm 
Hey it's Thecityburns. I could have sworn you owned a rare Triboniophorus Tyrannus, am I wrong?
RenegadeSeal Apr 22, 2023 @ 4:05pm 
Hey bud, long time. Hope all is well
Toughsox Dec 5, 2022 @ 3:35pm 
LOL.....oh, how I feel you on that one !!!
Obi Dec 5, 2022 @ 3:34pm 
Same old man.. just older ;)
Toughsox Dec 5, 2022 @ 3:26pm 
Doing just great Brother, sure hope you can say the same. <3