Christmas Island
I do NOT have a discussion account, don't fall for impersonators. I do NOT accept adds unless I recognize you. Use my discord for trading.
Add me on discord and send me a message -> Erik#2641 - TF2 Trading Alert (quicksell discord). - my marketplace

Trade offer are always prioritzed. I will decline most adds unless I recognize you from somewhere. My other info is in the information box down below.

A few important links


Some info

Please be aware that if you comment on my profile, you might get added by an impersonator.
Make sure it is this profile - - that you trade with. I do NOT have a discussions account nor do I currently own a bot.

How to contact:

-Use trade offers (prioritized)
-Add me on steam or discord ... Erik#2641 (if my friendlist is full please use discord and I'll reply ASAP).

I clear out my friendlist from time to time.

A few important links. -> profile -> reputation -> reputation -> shop -> trade offer link.

TF2 Trading Alert Discord.
Feel free to join this discord. It's main goal to help out new/low tier unusual traders and provide a fun place for tf2 traders to chat.

How to avoid getting scammed:

-Do not ever accept middleman services from people you don't know. ALWAYS add middleman from this site: and do not accept other middlemen.
-Don't trade your items to someone else for so called 'glitch checks' or 'duped check'
-Don't trade with impersonator. Copy paste their steam profile link into
-Don't do cash trades unless the buyer goes first and has a good reputation. For cash trades, I recommend as they provide chargeback safety.
-Check hat prices on to avoid getting sharked!

I also will not trade with you if you are:
-A marked scammer.
-A level 0 profile.
-A known scammer but not marked yet.
Troll offers are blocked. Suggestion Squad.

Interested in making suggestions on - Feel free to join our discord.

We will be hosting a random challenge every 2 weeks. If you're inexperienced, that's no issue as there are moderators and coaches around to be able to assist you. There are also prizes for potential winners.

TF2 Trading Advice discord:

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beta Mar 5 @ 12:02pm 
Double and give your inventory to the next person ( MP inv included too )
Random_CashingOut Jan 1 @ 10:39am 
+rep lovely lovely
Whist Oct 11, 2022 @ 5:16am 
This guy is an epic and negotiable trade +rep
hi Aug 26, 2022 @ 8:19am 
Have a nice weekend~!! :HeartPix:
𝐍𝐢𝐜𝐨 Feb 16, 2022 @ 7:28am 
Gimme steam points :frogpepe::gun_noir:
Toma Feb 2, 2022 @ 3:34pm 
+Rep good trader