Andy   Washington, United States
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I am being impersonated left and right. These impersonators will never have an item showcase, and will always have a private inventory and comments.

I accept all adds and keep most people on my friends list.
Unlesss you change your name (I dont know who you are) or you invite me to random groups. No, I don't want to join "Texas Gamers" LOL.

Games I play:

TF2 - trading. I suck at the normal game.
Magic: The Gathering - Limited and Modern.
Hearthstone - 10x Legend player
Mario Kart Wii - Custom Tracks via Wiimfii. (yes you can play online in 2017, google it)

Known impersonators:
+ a bunch more

I am also a black belt price suggestor on backpack.tf, if you need help with suggestions feel free to add me :P
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Send me a trade offer!

Taking offers on 95+ unique unusuals! I consider every offer.
- Adds > Trade offers. You can't negoitate in trade offers, so unless you are offering my b/o adding always works better. I will respond faster to adds than any other trader to trade offers.
- I am always super negotiable.
- I tend to leave up trade offers to keep my options open. Feel free to add me to discuss if your offer gets left up and you want to negociate it further.
- I will accept good offers very fast; if you havn't gotten a response in an hour or two its probably too low (or im asleep zzz)
- If I decline your offer, its too low. Feel free to re-offer with more or add me to discuss.

I now have a trading bot, click here for Quicksell/discounted unusuals! [backpack.tf]
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