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Adam   Shropshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hey! I am a TF2 Trader mostly. I am no pro at TF2 (I just about get equal K:D Ratio) I don't mind if you add me but please say something I hate those people who just stay silent. I like adventure time yes before you ask :glob: :kindofgood: :whatthenuts::wenk::unacceptable::wizardsonlyfools::algebraic::jackedup:
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Backpack.tf Mod - You can ask me about price suggestions, rules etc. I do not know anything about running the site or reports.

20K Trades Done Thank you to each and everyone of you who's used me and my services!

Hey, if you’re viewing my profile to trade, read the rules below:


I will buy practically anything, send an offer and see what happens, I’m always up for a trade and my backpack is always up for sale. I have mobile authentication. Quick, Fast, Easy trades.
Unlike most traders I’ll pay extra for paints (See below) and killstreaks, I will pay extra for parts (1 Scrap per part).
I have lots of +rep on my profile and I'd love it if you guys added to this if you enjoyed trading with me! I even have a +rep from the Legend PiotreX

Terms and Conditions:
- I will be happy to accept any offers as some items are negotiation allowed.
- Be respectful when talking, insulting me or my stuff will not give you a discount.
- Don’t Expect Items to be worth what backpack.tf says as some items haven’t been updated in ages. Especially Skins and Killstreaks
- Overpay is accepted and will be 15% For most items. Good tip is to add me about overpay

If you are selling an item/items
- I am happy to buy practically everything (Obviously depends on inventory value at the time).
- If you’re selling something, be sure to send me an offer as well.
- I will pay less for skins as I don’t use them.
- I always buy in pure metal (Key, Ref, Rec, Scrap, Random Weapon, and Crate).
I am online everyday. I will accept (or decline or counter) your trade within 48 Hours.

Some Useful Links:
Trade Offer:
Backpack.tf Listings:
Backpack.tf Inventory:
TF2 Oupost Profile:
Bazaar.tf Profile:
Scrap.tf Profile:

Happy Trading!! :steamhappy:

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Heads Jan 17 @ 1:50am 
Added for the unus hot scatter gun :)
Perpurple Jan 16 @ 4:04pm 
Astun Jan 16 @ 11:04am 
hey i didnt pay in pure i paid with pmoon brain warming and like 8 keys on top
SG Lamarr Jan 14 @ 9:55am 
hello ma frend, can you trade with me ??
Thatguy Jan 12 @ 10:42am 
Added for a question about a trade
Yewww Jan 12 @ 2:46am 
Hello, added for trade :happy_yeti: