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May 6, 2012

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RECENT ANNOUNCEMENTS : this is the end, my beautiful friend
Bazaar is closing its doors on December 1st, 2018.

Below are our very important milestones until the grand finale(trust us it will be good!).

Tomorrow: Tomorrow I will probably receive my RTJ merch package and that makes me a very happy emu!
September 1st, 2018: The closure of all new trade influx. You will only be able to buy from and withdraw via existing BuyNow trades so make sure you made all of your trades by then!
December 1st, 2018: This date is the complete halt of all activity. All trades will be closed and the forums will go into read-only mode. Is this the end? Maybe!
December 31st, 2018: [Information redacted]

We will of course be posting monthly reminders to mind your buy now trades as come December 1st, all non-claimed items held by our bots go into our giant monopoly of rich fat cats bathing in TF2 items(or maybe not????)
Seriously though, please make sure all your items are withdrawn by December 1st!

Much love, thank you for all the fish and stay tuned for the realest non-corporate shutdown any site ever had. In it for fun, remember that!

Yours truly (and cordially yours),
Buddhapest the buddha-best
Inu the probably not-an-emu Inu is working again
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_panther like a panther Mar 30, 2016 @ 6:10am 
We have decided to disable the comments feature for the public and remove all previous comments as the amount of spam and shady links was just too much for any one to moderate.

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